How to unlock the number skill in Dead Island 2


Dead Island 2’s Neumann Skill Cards constitute the strongest abilities in the game and can only be unlocked during the endgame because they are just that powerful. Additionally, the game only gives us two slots for these abilities which is quite a few compared to other skill card types.

Key takeaways

  • Newman skill cards contain some of the strongest abilities that players can use in the game.
  • The slots required to equip these skill cards are unblocked after defeating players. 21st story mission In Dead Island 2.
  • Once the slots are opened, number cards can be obtained as loot or by killing zombies and bosses in the game.
  • Players can only equip Two-digit skill card At the same time because they are much more powerful.
  • Some of the numeracy skills we currently know about include;
    • Corpse flower Which affects our status effect attacks.
    • Anger Mismanagement Allowing us to stay in an angry mood for longer at the expense of our health.
    • A born survivor Acts like a second life and protects us from the death blow.
    • The Glass Canon Increases our critical hit damage at the cost of our defense.

Important: Newman Skills are not unlocked until players beat the 21st main story mission in the game known as Quest for Truth.

Unlocking Number Skill Cards

Dead Island 2 no
Newman skill cards unlocked (screenshot taken by eXputer)

The game does not allow us to use the number skill card slots until we are done. 21st main story quest. When we beat this story quest, the number skill cards equip slots will be unlocked.

  • During this quest you will encounter Sample Noah, a mutant zombie, and this is probably the only tough fight in the entire mission that players need to find.
  • Once the number skill slots are unlocked, we can get different number skill cards by killing zombies or bosses, and sometimes these cards are also present as loot in the overworld.
Dead Island 2 no
Two skill slots for number cards (photo taken by us)

As we mentioned earlier, there are only two slots for number cards as these skills are very overpowered so make sure to match your playstyle and build. There are a number of different skills in the game but we will discuss the ones we currently know about in the game.

Corpse flower

Mastery of this number increases the effect of the status in the game. When we hit a zombie with a status effect attack, that zombie will turn into a living bomb of the specific status effect used to kill it. After that, the zombie will explode, dealing damage to other nearby zombies with the same status effect.

Anger Mismanagement

Anger mismanagement gives us the choice to stay in an angry mood for longer, but at a high cost. Nevertheless, choosing to use anger for longer is always admirable. When we lose our anger, we can remain in a state of anger if equipped with anger management, but then our health will begin to decline. Basically, the health bar will be used to power up Fury until the health runs low.

A born survivor

Bourne Survivor is basically a last ditch stand and in a sense gives us a second life. When we receive a blow strong enough to knock us out, we will not die. Instead, it will create an explosion using our anger. Then the game will allow us to recover our health by performing different attacks on zombies.

The Glass Canon

In exchange for some of our defense, our critical hit damage is significantly increased if we use the Glass Canon numen skill in game. And if we have low health in Dead Island 2, the damage is increased.


Dead Island 2 is a very fun zombie game to play with friends, and there are six characters you can choose to play with, including Carla and Jacob. There are six different editions of the game that players can purchase, and the game’s release platforms include both old and next-generation consoles. There is a lot of replayability as well as you can experiment with different skills and weapons.

This concludes our guide to Dead Island 2’s Newman skill cards and how you can unlock slots to equip these skills in the game. Of course, these skills include some of the strongest abilities in the game, but they unlock quite late. We hope the guide was helpful in learning everything you need to know about Neumann Skill Cards. Let us know what you think of Dead Island 2 in the comments below!


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