How to Rename a File in Windows If You Don’t Like the Original Name



Did you know you can rename a file in Windows? If you save a file to your computer and don’t like the name, you can rename it.

To rename a file in XP/Vista/7/8/10, that’s it Right-click a file. With the right mouse button and Click on “Rename” on the left.

On Windows 11, once you right-click on a file, you have to click the rename icon at the top of the menu or click “Show more options” to give the old-school menu. . This includes renaming.

Changing the name

Now you can rename the file. Once you’re done, that’s it Press Enter.

Not to overcomplicate things, but I have to mention file extensions. If you have file extensions turned on, at the end of the file, you’ll see a period and then the file extension. For example, if it’s a Word document, you’ll see test.docx

Change the name

If you want to rename the file to something else, such as Recipes, you’ll want to make sure to re-add the file extension if you’ve accidentally deleted it. The file should be called when you are done. recipes.docx.

Changing the name

If it was an extension but you forgot to add it back, you can always right-click, rename it, and turn it back on. This is only if the extension is shown behind the original file name.

Congratulations on the name change!

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