How to get Mythical Bluek in Bluekett


Mythical Blues, the most popular and rare avatars in Bluekett, are valuable assets for players interested in standing out. These elusive bluekets can be obtained through the process of actively participating in games, collecting blueket coins and opening blueket boxes. Here’s a detailed guide to help you keep Mythical Bluek safe:

  1. Participate in bluekett games: To start your journey towards getting the mythical bluek, actively participate in blueket games. You can join games hosted by others or create your own sessions. By doing so, you will not only enjoy the educational and entertainment aspects of the platform but also make progress towards your goal.
  2. Excel in games to earn blueket coins: When you participate in games, your performance determines the number of blueket coins you get. Aim to answer questions correctly, respond promptly and use strategic gameplay to maximize your coin earnings. Over time, your dedication will be rewarded with an increasing balance of Blueket Coins.
  3. Browse the Blueket Marketplace: After collecting a significant number of Blueket Coins, head over to the Blueket Marketplace where you will find various Blueket Boxes available for purchase. These boxes contain blues, with the chance to uncover the coveted Mythical Blue.
  4. Choose your blueket box wisely: Different blueket boxes have different probabilities of getting Mythical bluek. While some boxes offer higher possibilities, they can also be more expensive. Carefully consider your options and decide on the best course of action, considering both the probability and cost of winning at Blueket Coins.
  5. Buy and open blueket boxes: Use your hard-earned Blueket Coins to buy a Blueket Box of your choice. Cross your fingers for the mythical bluek and open the box to reveal the blues inside. Keep in mind that getting a Mythical Bluek isn’t guaranteed and often requires persistence.
  6. Be persistent in your search: Securing the Mythical Bluek will take several attempts, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed right away. Continue to participate in games, collect Blueket Coins and open boxes to increase your chances of unlocking the Mythical Bluek.

Following these steps and showing persistence will increase your chances of getting Mythical Bluek and improving your blueket gaming experience.


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