How to get Moon Breathing in Slayers?


Moon Breathing is a very unique breathing style in Roblox Slayers Unleashed as it has some unique features. You must be a hybrid and level 800+ to get Moon Breathing in Slayer’s Unleashed, as Kokushibou’s level requirement to drop Moon Breathing is now 800+ and his HP 80,000 (previous level requirements were initially 250, then dropped to 150, but both Kokushibou and Yorichi have been buffered since then) .

You must also be a member of the Sugikuni or Tokito clan. The former gives you an 85% chance to get Moon Breathing once you defeat the boss, while the latter gives you a 50% chance to get Moon Breathing. Note that if you reroll your clan to anything other than those two, Moon Breathing will be locked.

The race and clan requirements are all derived from Demon Slayer canon, but the boss himself is a Moon Breathing and Upper Rank One demon, Yorichi Sugiku’s brother, who has the strongest Demon Slayer and Sun Breathing style to ever exist.

Now let’s see how you can get moon breath if you fulfill the above requirements.

Getting the Moon Breathing Guide

You must talk to an NPC, Rock, a Wounded Demon Slayer. Rock’s location is far from the village so you can watch the video below to help you find him. Rac will teleport you to Kokushibo’s location where you can take him down and get Moon Breathing if you meet all the requirements. However, keep in mind that the fight is very difficult and it’s not really meant for level 150.

A must-have skill from your tree seems to be Demon Regen, as it helps counter Kokushibo’s Rage ability, while the Beast and Mist Breathing styles are probably recommended in conjunction with Akaja’s BDA.

Moon’s Breathing Abilities

  • Palace in the evening The user shoots two Solar Dragons at the character closest to their mouse cursor.
  • A nasty moon The user performs several dances at once and hits the nearest enemy.
  • A mirror of misfortune The user throws their sword and calls Slashed from the Sun.
  • Moon Dragon Ringtail The user spins the air and then slashes at the mouse cursor.

The end

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