How to get gold in minecraft legends


Minecraft Legends Gold is a material that many, if not all, players will be familiar with from the original game, but unlike the original title, where you can use it to craft armor or weapons. Players can use gold to build and upgrade better structures. Defense of their castle in Minecraft Legends. So, since gold is such an important material, one must know how to get it in Minecraft Legends.

Key takeaways

  • Players can earn Minecraft Legends Gold by either defeating Pigsto destroy them Basesor raiding and destroying them Gold mines.
  • Players will need to return. Chest Which appears after destroying the Paglin base to get some gold.
  • The best way to get gold is to raid and destroy. Paglan Gold Mines which can be found all over the world. Minecraft Legends.
  • Gold is used to unlock certain structure upgrades that can allow you to expand. Defend your base.
  • In addition, it is also used to obtain Power Tower Structures And awareness The first golem Units

How to get minecraft legends gold

Gold in Minecraft Legends
Gold mine in minecraft legends [Image Taken by eXputer]

Gold requires players to be aggressive rather than sitting back while mining like the original title. There are three ways to get gold in the game.

  • Defeat the Pigeons.
  • Destroying Pagan bases.
  • Raid and destroy Paglan gold mines.

The first method is self-explanatory, kill any pygmy to get gold. However, keep in mind that the chances of gold actually falling from the pig are high. Thin. So it would be better to turn your attention to other methods.

Oh Chest Pigeons will appear whenever you destroy a base, and players can potentially loot chests to get some gold. This is a great and efficient way to get some gold, and if you’re struggling to destroy some structures, don’t forget to use. Cobblestone golems, as they are quite literally made for such things. Speaking of which, consider reading our guide on Minecraft Legends Piglin Outposts as well.

While raiding bases is an effective way to get gold, it’s not as effective as destroying them Paglin Gold Mines. In fact, it is considered the best way to earn gold in the game. Players can find gold mines with the help of a map, as shown in the image below.

Gold in Minecraft Legends
Location of Paglin Gold Mine [Image Credit: eXputer]

What is gold used for?

Gold in Minecraft Legends
raiding gold mines [Image Captured by eXputer]

While we have given a general idea above that it is mainly used for building better structures, allow us to explain a bit more here. Gold is basically Three The main objectives in the game, while the rest can be considered Misc. First, of course, is unlocking upgrades for certain structures. In addition, it is also used

  • Acquisition of power tower structure.
  • Awakening The first golem Units

Players will gain the ability to activate. The first golem And plural Power towers When they kept Wake the First and collected improvements to the power towers. Family of Fate. Previously Golem and Power Tower cost 100 gold.

If you are interested in knowing what these items will do for you. gave The first golem Upgrades will basically increase the power of your troops, while Power tower Upgrades will increase your castle’s defenses.

Players can also use gold to upgrade. Flames of Creation, which would allow them to increase the size of their army. And it is also used for Expert architect And Expert Carpentry Improvements, which will allow you to quickly repair/upgrade your buildings.

In addition to gold, Lapis It is also one of the main resources of the game. So consider reading our guide on how to use and farm Lapis in Minecraft Legends.

wrap up

And that pretty much wraps up our guide. Minecraft Legends GoldUnlike the original Minecraft, where players can easily get gold through mining. Minecraft Legends really brings out the survival aspect of the game just by making it possible to get this important content Raids And looting. So, to make it easier for the player, we have listed all the methods that players can use to earn gold in the game.

As you travel around the world. Minecraft Legends, you are bound to come across multiple miners and bases. At some point, it will become paramount for you to take advantage of the fast travel system. Therefore, one must know how to fast travel in Minecraft Legends.

We hope our guide helped you. If you want to learn about what each edition of the game has to offer, consider reading our comparison guide on all editions of Minecraft Legends. The game is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.


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