How to get gifts in YBA Roblox [2023]


Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure (YBA) dropped. Christmas Update December 15. This update has brought a variety of new ones. presents For players to pick up, which can offer unique Christmas items. However, many players of this game have a surprise How to get gifts at YBA Since this is not easy to achieve, let’s discuss it in more detail.

Key takeaways

  • The gifts in Roblox YBA can be easily spread throughout the map, and the way they spawn is similar to other pickup items such as gold coins.
  • There is give The most effective ways to get gifts with ease and efficiency while attending the Christmas event.
  • The first method involves collecting gifts. Search through Map.
  • Another method involves different winnings. Game modes, such as 1v1 and 2v2, Keeping in mind that each mode offers different luck chance parameters to get them.
  • Also, the second way is more effective Because this method gives you more opportunities to get in-game gifts unlike the previous one.

Important: Gifts are only available during this period. Christmas events. Now that Christmas is over, these gifts may still be unobtainable..

How to get gifts at YBA

Image shows YBA gameplay.
Image shows YBA gameplay (Image credit: eXputer)

So the question remains, “How to get gifts. YBA? Well, there are many ways through which you can acquire these items. But we’ll just talk about it. give The best ways to get these gifts easily. The first is finding a way. Map And getting presents On the run The second way you need to win. Game modes. Every time you win a mini-game, you are awarded a gift.

Method 1: Search by map

Gifts can be spawned anywhere on the map, eg Gold coins are spread all over the map. Remember that these gifts look great. common, is a regular form. They are neither very large, eg extravagance The boxes Nor too small, eg Gold coins. You will be able to recognize them easily if you see them.

That’s all you have to do. Explore the map properly And you will receive these gifts. Note that these items are spread out randomly because they are available in different places for everyone. They may be available as Pickups But anywhere Earth Or anywhere on top of buildings. So, to find them, you need to keep your eyes open all the time.

Second method: Win game mode

Another method involves winning. Game modes. If you win these game modes, gifts will be left for you to earn. If you win 1v1 Game mode, is one 4% opportunity of one Fall will take it 25 matches And 150 minutes To receive a game gift.

If you win 2v2 Game mode, there is one 1% Opportunity to get in-game gifts. It means that it will take. 100 matches to receive a gift. So, 2V2 is very slow. So, go for 1v1 as it is very fast.

  • For casual SBR gaming mode, if you’re into third, there’s one. 5% A chance to win a gift.
  • It means that it will take. 20 matches To receive a gift 100%
  • If you come second, there is one. 10% A chance to get a drop.
  • That means it will take. 10 Match to complete the task of getting the gift 100%.
  • If you are number one. SBR Gaming Modethere is a 15% Opportunity.
  • This indicates that it takes approx 7 matches to receive a gift.

There is also one Competitive SBO gaming mode. To finish number 1, there is one 20% Opportunity. For second position, there is one. 15% Chance, and for No. 3rd Place, there is one 10% Chances of getting a drop.

The best way

gave The first method One of the two methods is more difficult. It requires a lot of gameplay time, and the presets are an absolute grind to find. Also, there is only a 0.5% chance of getting these gifts on the map. So, go for the best option Winning game modes. And in these game modes, go for Competitive SBR Because it gives you more chance to win and requires less time in gameplay.


This marks the end of our guide. There may be other ways to get gifts in the game. However, the two methods discussed above are the best ways to get gifts in the game. Speaking of Roblox YBAthen checking the YBA Skins tier list. During the game will allow players to get some cool aesthetics!

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