How to get Gems in King Legacy (Update 4.5.0 )


Roblox King Legacy One of the best One Piece-inspired games on the platform, designed and developed Venture Lagoons Roblox Group. The game is the second-best one piece game on Roblox, second only to Blacks Fruits. This guide explains how to get the game’s secondary currency and gems in the crucial King Legacy. Gems can be used to spin for Devil Fruit in the game’s Devil Fruit Gacha, buy specific Devil Fruit in stock for Beli and Gems at the Black Market NPC, or unlock the awakened moves of some of the most powerful Swords. King Legacy.

Let’s look at all the available ways to earn gems in King Legacy without much effort.

How to get Gems in King Legacy

Here are all the ways to get gems in the game.

  • King Legacy Codes: Codes are released by developers to celebrate milestones, events and updates. They can only be redeemed once and usually reward players with 1-5 gems. Currently, a special secret code will reward you with 50 gems. Make sure to redeem it!
  • Golden Arena Rides (Easy: 5 Gems, Normal: 15 Gems): In the Golden Arena Raids game mode, you fight in the arena against waves of 30 enemies if you make it to the end. Completing the last wave will reward you with 5 gems on easy and 15 gems on normal. Normal mobs have a 0.5% chance to drop 1 gem upon defeat, while bosses have a 10% chance to drop 1 gem upon defeat.
  • Dragon – Kaidou of the Four Emperors (Yonku no Kaido): The dragon, or Kaido, is the raid boss in King Legacy’s Second Sea. Defeating the dragon gives you 5 gems, $500,000 beli, 5,000,000 EXP, and a 10% chance to get an authentic mace. Keep in mind that you must reach a minimum threshold of dealt damage to receive Raid Boss rewards.
  • King Samurai – Oden: Raid Boss in King Samurai King Legacy Second Sea. Defeating the dragon gives you 5 gems, $500,000 beli, 2,000,000 EXP, a 50% chance to get the Hell Sword, and a 15% chance to get Murasama, one of the best swords in the game. Once again, remember that you must reach a minimum level of damage in order to receive Raid Boss rewards.
  • Legacy Island (Sea King Event): A new one spawns every hour after the defeat of the Sea King on Legacy Island. Defeating the Sea King will open a room on Legacy Island where you’ll find a chest. A chest can reward you with 2-10 Gems, Standard, Triple Katana, or Acrosith depending on its rarity (T1, T2, or T3).
  • Ghost Ships: Ghost ships appear every 1 or 5 hours in King Legacy’s Second Sea. Defeating the Ghost Ship will spawn 3-5 chests underwater under the ship. Opening each chest will reward you with 2+ Gems and a random Devil Fruit. You can also get an eye patch, a pirate necklace, a dragon necklace, or a longevus.
  • Robux: You can also buy gems using Robux from the game shop.

This covers everything you need to know on how to get gems in King Legacy after update 4.

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