How to get Dead Island 2: Landscapers Key


Players will encounter a locked toolbox outside Emma Javent’s mansion that requires the Dead Island 2 Landscapers Key to open. This guide will help you find the Landscaper’s Key and access the valuable loot hidden inside Eddie’s toolbox.

Key takeaways

  • gave Dead Island 2 Landscapers Key In Dead Island 2, a valuable toolbox must be opened outside Emma Jaunt’s mansion.
  • Players must complete Mission 20: The Boardwalk Dead, which involves defeating the strong Bucho the Clown to access the Landscaper’s Key.
  • Upon completion Mission 20players will unlock Butcher Zombies, incl Green Thumb Eddie.
  • To encounter Greenthumb Eddie, players must return to Bel Air and visit Colt Swanson’s mansion.
  • to defeat Green Thumb Eddie Rewards players with the Landscaper’s Key.
  • The Landscaper’s Key unlocks the toolbox near Emma Jaunt’s mansion, giving players access to a powerful Superior Gun.
  • Adequate preparation, including stocking up on medics, ammunition, and powerful weapons, is essential to successfully meeting these challenges.

Important: The reward for opening the toolbox using the Landscapers Key is the Vampiric Machine Pistol.

Requirements for finding a landscaper’s key

In order to find the Landscaper’s Key in Dead Island 2, players must first progress through the game’s story to a certain point. These requirements ensure that players have reached an appropriate level of experience and skill to tackle the challenges associated with finding the key.

The primary requirement to find the Landscaper’s Key is to complete mission 20, called The Boardwalk Dead. This mission is a turning point in the game, as it introduces a new type of zombie enemy called the Butcher.

  • There are butchers. Apex variants Which is a significant threat to players due to their high damage output and ability to regenerate health.
  • Players must make sure they have the right weapons, skills and resources to face the challenging battles against Bucho the Clown and Green Thumb Eddie.
  • It is advisable to stock up on medkits, ammo and powerful weapons before attempting to retrieve the landscaper’s key.
  • In summary, in order to find the Landscaper’s Key in Dead Island 2, players must progress through the game to Mission 20, complete the mission by defeating Bucho the Clown, and complete the challenges fighting Green Thumb Eddie. Must be prepared for.

Defeat Bucho the Clown.

Kill Butcho the Clown Boss Fight Dead Island 2 - Boardwalk Dead
Bucho the Clown Boss Fight

In Dead Island 2 Landscapers’ quest, mission 20, titled The Boardwalk Dead, is an important part of the game’s development and narrative. The mission takes players to the treacherous and zombie-infested Venice Beach area, where they encounter the menacing Bucho the Clown.

  • Bucho the Clown There is a formidable opponent that belongs to the Butcher Apex variant class, making him a more difficult opponent than the standard zombies encountered in the first game.
  • Defeating Buchou requires players to carefully plan their attacks, use their most powerful weapons, and exploit any weaknesses in their behavior.
  • Upon defeating Bucho the Clown, players will unlock butcher zombies in the game world, including Green Thumb Eddie.
  • This achievement is a prerequisite for obtaining the Landscaper’s Key, as players can only obtain the key by defeating Green Thumb Eddie after successfully completing Mission 20: The Boardwalk Dead.

Defeat Green Thumb Eddie.

Encountering Green Thumb Eddie Dead Island 2 Landscaper Key
Encountering a Green Thumb Eddy

Once players have completed Mission 20: The Boardwalk Dead and defeated Bucho the Clown, they can move on to confront and defeat Green Thumb Eddie.

  • After completing mission 20, head to Bel-Air and locate Colt Swanson’s mansion.
    1. This mansion is located in the northwest corner of the Bel Air Zone, where you first start the game.
    2. Use fast travel to get to the location faster. To find Greenthumb Eddie, players must return to Bel-Air and travel to Colt Swanson’s mansion, which is the starting point of the game.
    3. This mansion is located in the northwest corner of the Bel Air zone. Greenthumb Eddie can be found hiding near the pool area of ​​the mansion, ready to engage in battle.
    4. Upon defeating Green Thumb Eddy, he will drop the Landscaper’s Key as a reward.
    5. Players can then take this key and use it to open a locked toolbox near Emma Jaunt’s mansion, giving access to a superior gun and continuing their journey through Dead Island 2. You can further enhance your skills.

Getting a landscaper’s key

After successfully defeating Green Thumb Eddie, players will be able to obtain the highly sought after Landscaper’s Key. This key is dropped by a defeated Butcher zombie as a reward for overcoming a challenging fight. To collect the key, players must approach and interact with Greenthumb Eddie’s lifeless body, looting the landscaper’s key from the corpse.

  • With the Landscaper’s Key in hand, players can now return to the locked toolbox located near Emma Jaunt’s mansion in Bel-Air.
  • This locked container, which initially spawned the quest for the Landscaper’s Key, holds a valuable treasure for players. The superior gun.


Dead Island 2) is the key location of the vampiric machine pistol landscaper.
Vampiric Machine Pistol

What you get is the vampiric machine pistol that can up your zombie killing game!

Final remarks

This wraps up the Dead Island 2 Landscapers key guide where we’ve covered the step-by-step process of getting the key and getting the amazing Vampiric Machine Pistol. Before you go, be sure to read our Dead Island 2 Got Pain Master Keys Location, My Mailman Was a Zombie, and Zombie Type guides.


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