How to get a wetsuit in Sons of Forest


Wearing a wetsuit in Sons of the Forest can significantly increase the player’s swimming speed, which is beneficial when exploring underwater tunnels or swimming in the presence of sharks.

Key highlights

  • Wearing a wetsuit in Sons of the Forest enhances the player. Swimming speedMakes it useful for exploring. Underwater tunnels or Avoid the sharks.
  • To get a wetsuit, players need to get Breathe again And The rope gunwhich are located in caves on the island.
  • The wetsuit is located in a cave. South of the Purple GPS Markers, identified by Three dead soldiers speared on spikes.
  • Players should be careful. Mutant Be in the area when getting a wetsuit.

Getting ready for wetsuit.

Sons of the Forest Sweeping Wetsuit
Changing wetsuits in Sons of Forest – [Image by eXputer]

In order to obtain the Wetsuit, players must first gather some necessary equipment to complete their journey. It includes the following items that need to be acquired:

Players can recover. Breathe again And the rope The gun Day 1 After their plane crashes on the island.

  • Located in a cave near Rebreather. North Beachwhich is relatively short compared to others.
  • The Rasigun is further located in a cave. South On West side of the island.
  • Players can take Torch On the way to Rasigan Cave to improve the visibility inside the cave

The wetsuit location in Sons of the Forest

Dead soldiers three
Three Martyred Soldiers – [Image by eXputer]

Players need to get a rebreather and a rope gun to get the wetsuit, which is located in a cave. South of the Purple GPS Marker. Here’s how to get it:

  • Use GPS to find. Purple GPS marker And use a flashlight for a more accurate view of the Wetsuit Cave.
  • The wetsuit entrance is located in a. Small pondwhich is identified. Three dead soldiers speared on spikes.
  • After entering the cave, take Zip line At a drop-off, which is required. The rope gun.
  • use the Breathe again And Air tank From the inventory Scroll down gave Water to continue.
  • Follow or follow Underwater tunnel To reach an open room where the Wetsuit is located.
  • select A wet suit From Inventory To wear it
  • Be careful with Mutant are present in the area.
  • Players can find their way out by using Shovel To continue forward.

The use of wetsuits in Sons of the Forest

A wetsuit is a valuable item when exploring island waters in Sons of the Forest, and here are some tips on how to use it effectively:

  • The wetsuit helps prevent the athlete from getting wet And coldwhich limits movement and increases fatigue.
  • This eliminates the status effect that restricts movement and can increase fatigue.
  • Wetsuit enables. Fast movement In water, allowing players to avoid dangerous situations such as Shark attacks.
  • When exiting the water, it is important to remove the wetsuit to avoid getting wet. cold And wet Status effect


That’s it in our guide on how to get a wetsuit in Sons of the Forest. Read our guide to the best building ideas and create the perfect home. Additionally, stock up on your food items by finding food bunkers. Also, be sure to lock the doors in the Sons of Forest to keep out outsiders.

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