How to get a bottle filled with water in V Rising


In V Rising, bottles filled with water can be used to create useful potions at your alchemy table. In this guide, we’ll explain how to get watery drinks and V-rising and what their uses are.

How to get a bottle filled with water in V Rising

All you need is an empty glass bottle to get a bottle filled with water in V Rising. During your adventure in Vardoran you will find plenty of glass from humans or at human camps. You can make a craft Empty glass bottle By combining three glasses at your alchemy table.

Once you have an empty glass bottle, add it to your action bar. Now all you need is to find a body of water like a lake, river or well around the game map and go close to it. Click the empty glass bottle action bar button or press the corresponding keyboard button to use the item and fill it with water. You will see a pop-up message saying +1 water-filled bottle. An empty glass bottle is consumed and replaced by a bottle filled with water.

What are water bottles used for?

The three potions you can create at your alchemy table in V Rising require a water-filled bottle as a reagent. Below are their recipes and effects:

potion What’s needed effect
Blood Rose Potion 80 (60)x Blood Rose
1x Bottle filled with water
Restores 5.5% of your maximum health every 1 second for 15 seconds. The healing effect is limited while in combat and breaks when taking damage.
Wrangler’s potion 60 (45)x Fire Blossom
1x Bottle filled with water
Increases your movement speed by 15% when mounted for 1200 seconds.
Potion of Holy Resistance 60 (45)x Mourning Lily
2x cornerstone
1x Bottle filled with water
Increases Holy Resistance rating by 50 for 1800 seconds.

What are empty glass bottles used for?

Empty glass bottles are used in V Rising to store any liquid, primarily water from wells, rivers, and lakes (turning the item into a water-filled bottle) or blood drawn from prisoners (turning the item into a blood potion). The player can drink blood potions to maintain a certain blood type and quality.

How to get empty glass bottles in V Rising?

You can get empty glass vials in your alchemy table using 4 (3)x glass. Glass can be found in places such as Dunley Monastery on the Dunley Farmlands. Glass can also be crafted in a furnace by spending 20 (15)x quartz.


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