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In One Piece Odyssey, some must be equipped. Best accessories For every Straw Hat Pirate member. By having advanced accessories you can overcome many battles in the game. Since players need to fight opponents by using Turn based mechanismSo, you will need to pay close attention to it. Accessories And Abilities. An effective way to get your hands in good shape Accessories is by fusing They together One Piece Odyssey.

Key highlights

  • Players can fuse accessories upon arrival. Chapter 3 In One Piece Odyssey.
  • Can be fused using accessories Robin’s Mystery Craft Machinealso known as Mickey.
  • Players can. Combine different accessories. Along with them statistics To create something powerful for every member of Straw Hat Pirates.
  • There are three different states of fusion; Full, successAnd victory.

How to fuse accessories into a one-piece odyssey?

Base accessories when fusing
A basic accessory selection [Image by eXputer]

To Improve stats and abilities Among your characters in One Piece Odyssey, you can easily. The fuse Definitely Accessories Together these fused accessories high and Better statistics Which can ultimately help take the character to the next level. Before we learn more about the process of fusing accessories, let’s familiarize you with what accessories are.

What are accessories?

If you are a regular gamer who likes to play RPG and MMO games, chances are you are familiar with it. Accessories what If you’re still confused, we’ve got you covered. In the One Piece Odyssey, accessories are a must. Items that you can give to any character (members of the Straw Hat Pirates). These devices will do things increase Their statistics And provide them with all kinds of facilities. Buffs To enhance your skills in battle.

Generally, accessories will promote things like ATK, Def, Courage, speed, HPAnd The technique. Not only that, but certain accessories also provide resistance to the game’s characters, e.g to burn And Freeze resistance. There are also some accessories that apply. frozen And Effects of burning to the opponent. So, you can go with all sorts of combinations for each character in One Piece Odyssey.

Unlocking the fuse machine

A one-piece Odyssey fusing accessory
The fusing machine in One Piece Odyssey [Screenshot by eXputer]

However, to fuse accessories, You will need to reach a certain point in the game. The machine you use to assemble the accessories is called Robin’s Mystery Craft Machine either or Mickey. To unlock Makchi, you will need to complete the first. Second chapter Of One Piece Odyssey. After killing crocodile And moving backwards Wafford, Chapter 3 will begin.

gave The third chapter The title is “Wind Colossus and Dust Rains” During the first cutscene of the chapter, Goodbye leads the Straw Hat Pirates And Lim On a mysterious machine. However, the staff is unable to understand how it works. Fortunately, Lim helps them and eventually takes the lead. Robin Using the ability of your four arms to act as Mickey. After the cutscene, you’ll gain access to it. Equipment fusing machine in all Camp. With that, let’s move on to the next step on how you can add various accessories.

Combination of accessories

A combination of one-piece Odyssey accessories
The process of fusing [Image Credit: eXputer]

Each character has Four slots which can be filled with a unique. Accessories. However, it is best to fuse some accessories in One Piece Odyssey before equipping them. Fusing accessories It will combine the effects of the two accessories in question. As we mentioned earlier, you can fuse accessories using Robin’s Mystery Craft Machine, during which it can be unlocked. Chapter 3.

To access Mickey or Mystery Craft The machine, that’s it Set up a camp In One Piece Odyssey. Then, access the machine, and you’ll see that each Accessories have four slots.. However, not all of them will be unlocked at the start of the game. One or more of these slots will already have a buff, though by fusing another accessory, you can also add additional stats to the empty slots.

In the early stages of the game, you will only be able to use it. 1-2 slots On each accessory. However, as you play through the game and collect more. Cubes (EXP), You’ll eventually unlock more slots for each accessory, which will ultimately allow you to create even stronger fusions in One Piece Odyssey.

To Fuse the two accessories. Together, Work as directed mentioned below:

  1. Toward a Camp fire The location in One Piece Odyssey (represented by “The tent“icon).
  2. Once you start the camp, head towards it. Makchi (Robin’s Craft Machine), Which looks like a robot.
  3. interaction with the device, And Robin will ask you,Do you need accessories?“Select Only”Yes
  4. Now you will enter the menu, where you have to choose one. Basic equipment To start the in-game fusing process.
  5. After twenty devices, the machine will ask you ‘Choose accessories to absorb..’ Make sure you choose a. Highlighted accessories Which means it is eligible for fusion with base accessories.
  6. please confirm. Make your choice and let Mickey do his magic.

This is the whole process of putting the accessories together. However, there is one A few pointers What you should know about First, make sure that Basic accessories It’s your choice One or more free slots available. You will see some locked slots, but they can be. open Later in the game when you get more. EXP.

Victory Level Equipment Fusion
fusing victory [Screenshot by Us]

Once you choose Two accessories To fuse together, there may be tomorrow 3 different results. Here are all the results you can get after successfully combining the two accessories.

  • Full: gave Default state Base will be transferred to accessories.
  • success: 150% of the Default state Base will be transferred to accessories.
  • victory: 200% of the Default state Base will be transferred to accessories.

For example, if you choose a basic accessory and then choose an accessory with it. +100 ATK and get”Fullcombination, Then twenty devices will be found +100 ATK. However, if you “success,“You will fuse. +150 ATK From the same accessory. The same principle applies.”victory“Combination. So, it’s best to get it Victory Fusion, As it will get Most leather. Although, as of now, this is a completely random item and cannot be affected in-game.

Increasing Robin’s fuse skill

In One Piece Odyssey, you can also add. Robin’s fuse skill. Doing so will open up more slots for accessories in the game. Having more slots will make it possible to create much stronger accessory fusions. However, to level up a skill, you have to play first. The fourth chapter of One Piece Odyssey.

Players will also need to collect. Cubes And play through the main missions. After a while, you will have enough cubes. Improve Robin’s fuse skills Which will help you further.

How to equip accessories in One Piece Odyssey?

How to equip accessories
Tools menu [Image Credit: eXputer]

Of course, if you don’t know How to equip an item In the One Piece Odyssey, then there is no point in attaching the accessories together. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our quick guide on how you can craft accessories for each member of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Here are all the steps you need to follow. Use an accessory A Fragment in the Odyssey:

  1. After the game loads and you control a character easily. pause the game.
  2. Once you reach the pause menu, press Rb/R1 To Switch tabs and make your way”Equipment
  3. Here you can. Choose accessories. You want for the character and to equip In this available slot.
  4. You can also press R2/RT or L2/LT To Action to do previous either or Next character.

After equipping the corresponding accessory, you can also check the character’s stats by hovering over your chosen accessory. From here, you can remove all buffs and resistances the member receives. Using this feature, you can easily figure out what is best for straw hat pirates.


So there you have it! Our complete guide to everything you need to know Fusing accessories I One Piece Odyssey. We’ve compiled all the known information along with some important tips that will help you make something. Best Instrument Fusion. Although, it’s important to know that you can only start fusing accessories once you’ve arrived. Chapter 3 in Game

Based on one of the most Popular anime in the world, One Piece Odyssey Ready as one RPG. It has notorious characteristics. straw hat pirates, Which includes some characters. Monkey D. Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, SanjiAnd Nami. If you’ve just started your journey, it’s best to check out our guide first. Fortunately, One Piece Odyssey doesn’t have any difficult levels to hinder your progress. Also, make sure you check out some guides about the outfits and all the memory arcs in the game.

Last but not least, it’s worth knowing before you start the game. How long is One Piece Odyssey?. On the other hand, if you have finished the game, you can also read about it. Secret ending In a little more detail. If you enjoy playing One Piece Odyssey, we recommend you check them out 23 Games like One Piece Odyssey.

Thank you for taking your valuable time to read our guide. For more on One Piece Odyssey, feel free to stay tuned to eXputer!

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