How to Enable Google Chrome’s Incognito Reader Mode Feature


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Several years ago, Google added a reader mode feature to its experimental canary builds. With Reader Mode, you can eliminate clutter and focus more easily on the text. As an advertising company, it’s not surprising that its Chrome web browser doesn’t have reader mode enabled by default, but if you know you can use the feature.

Reader mode in Chrome

To start using Reader mode, press the Chrome URL bar and type chrome://flags to gain Experiments page and then type in that page’s search box. reader And you should see Enable Reader Mode.toggle it. active and then press Relaunch. given below. This feature will work on Mac, Windows, Linux, ChromeOS, Fuchsia, and more. Lacrosse. If you are on Android you can go to Setting > access > Enable. Simple view for web pages.

Reader mode in Chrome

After re-launching the browser, go to a news article and you will see a reader mode icon to the left of the share button in the URL bar, pressing it will remove most page elements except text, images. will , and heading You can press the small A at the top right to change the reader mode settings such as font, background color, and font size. Tapping the Reader Mode button again will return the page to normal.

While this feature can be nice if you need to focus on work and need online text to be free of distractions, you should be aware that Reader Mode can’t offer all the text you’d normally read. See on the web page. This is a common theme in reading mode implementations and there is nothing you can do about it. You may also notice some stylistic issues such as apostrophes not appearing properly.

If you have the Reader Mode extension installed on Chrome, be sure to try the built-in version. Chrome extensions eat up your computer’s memory, even when you’re not actively using them, using this feature as an internal part of Chrome can save you a little memory. .


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