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Sticky Notes

Did you know that Windows 10 and 11 have an app called “Sticky Notes”?

It’s just what it looks like. It’s the software version of those little yellow notes you stick on your computer.

I recently started using them. I don’t use them for any critical missions, but I do use them for various information that I want quick access to.

To open Sticky Notes, click Start and type “Sticky Notes” and then click “Sticky Notes.”

If you have already uninstalled Sticky Notes from your computer.

  • Click Get started. And type. Store And open Microsoft Store.
  • then search for “Sticky Notes“And download and install it.

When you open the application for the first time, it will prompt you to sign in to your Microsoft account. It allows you to sync your sticky notes between PCs and back up your notes in case your computer crashes.

Be aware that if you delete a note or information in a note, from one computer it deletes it from all computers synced with the same Microsoft account.

You can turn off the sign-in box and still use the application, just be aware that any notes you make are not backed up.

Tech Tip Sticky Notes

You can also click the 3 dots on the top right of each one so that each one doesn’t change color, so you can sort them.

Tech Tip Sticky Notes

I would recommend avoiding storing any passwords on sticky notes, but that’s just me.

Happy demonetization!

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