How to Create a Folder in Windows


Folder creation

Windows gives you the ability to create folders to keep your files neat and organized. By default, Windows comes with some pre-built folders to organize your content: Documents, Pictures, Videos, Desktop, and others.

But did you know you can create your own folders to help keep your files organized?

Here’s how to create folders in Windows.

  • Right click. in an empty space within File Explorer
  • Click new
  • Click Folder

New folder

A new empty folder will appear. Now you can name it whatever you want.

New folder

You can also create a folder within a folder, known as a subfolder. You can have as many subfolders as you want. It helps keep your files organized.

For example, you can create a folder for bank and put the name of your bank inside it.

New folder

Then you can create another folder called Statements.

New folder

Within the statement folder you can create a folder for each year.

New folder

It allows you to step into folders to quickly find the document or file you’re looking for.

Happy organizing!

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