How to change or edit a message after sending it in the Outlook 365 app



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Jan 1, 2023 08:16 EST


Sometimes, sending emails too quickly without complete information or proper attachments can have unintended consequences. However, if this is done by mistake, you can try to correct the error by editing the old email and adding all the missing information. Microsoft Outlook supports this feature through its Resend or Recall option. It also has the option to delay the delivery of emails.

Change a message after you send it in the Outlook 365 app.

Before attempting to recall and edit a message in Outlook, remember that both you and the recipient must have Microsoft Outlook email addresses. Second, an email can only be recalled if it has not yet been read or opened by the recipient. Also, this method only works on Windows computers.

  1. To edit or change a message previously sent through Outlook, go to Items sent Double-click the folder and message to open it. Then, go to File menu, located in the upper left corner of The ribbon menu.

    Sent Mail File menu

  2. Press the Next dropdown button. Resend or recall. tile. This option allows you to change or edit the message on behalf of the recipients and then resend it.

    Resend or recall.

  3. From the two options displayed, select Remember this message option

    Remember this message

  4. Oh Remember this message. A pop-up window should appear on your computer screen. Check. Delete unread copies and replace with new message. Hit option Okay fine button, when done.

    Replace with a new message.

  5. This will open the sent message so you can edit it and resend it. As shown in the image above my first message was missing an important attachment. So, I used the recall option to edit it and add an attachment.

    Attachment added.

  6. Press when done. send Button to send email.

So, the next time you make a mistake or send an email with incomplete information, don’t spend time coming up with a creative excuse but the option to recall to edit and make it error-free before the recipient reads it. use

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