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  • A Redditor has leaked a 12-minute long video that is gameplay footage of an early build of Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer.
  • The video features cartoonish graphics and an open world environment.
  • Construction is slated for summer 2020, Laker says. He also contributed concept art for the multiplayer title.
  • Guerrilla Games has been confirmed to be working on a multiplayer project through several indications.

A Redditor revealed a 12-minute-long video of what he says is gameplay footage of the alpha build that has only been announced so far. Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer. The gameplay features a colorful open world cartoonish theme with a wide range of character options. Construction is likely from 2020.

[Very Early in-dev] Horizon Forbidden West leaked multiplayer alpha From horizon

Redditor, which goes by the username. “Burden Wheels” shared the video, and it quickly caught the attention of Horizon fans. The post was deleted by the mods but the video is still there.

The OP has said in the comments that the alpha build is an old one and it’s from summer 2020, which probably means that Horizon Multiplayer is already massively advanced by now.

If you watch the gameplay footage, the art style is more Fortnite-like, and unlike the single-player Horizon games, the multiplayer’s graphics seem to lean more towards a cartoonish style. Within the footage, we see multiple characters and an open world environment. Players are also attacked by a variety of machine-like characters.

The alpha build is for summer 2020, so nothing concrete can be said about how similar the final product will be to the leaked build. However, in the comments section, the leaker shares concept art of the game and says that this is what the final product might look like.

Concept art for Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer
Concept art for Horizon Forbidden West Multiplayer

The leaked build was promoted by a popular gaming personality on Twitter, “Rebus Gaming” Rebs announced the deletion of his tweet and said he had spoken with Laker. He is developing a cheat engine that will allow early multiplayer builds to be loaded into weapons from the game. After that he will share more photos/footage.

Early builds help players see what the game looks like in its early development stages and how advanced it will be later on. This alpha build, however, does not define the final title as games undergo massive changes during development over the years.

Furthermore, this Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer has been confirmed by Guerrilla Games via some job listings.. Along with this multiplayer project, Guerrilla Games has an announced takeover. Horizon Forbidden West’s DLC expansion Coming in April and VR spin off Horizon Call of the Mountain Set to launch alongside PSVR 2 next month.

Some more information about the multiplayer project that we gleaned from the job listings posted by Guerrilla Games is that the game may feature a “deeply complex story” such as Narrative designer Post

The fight will be powerful as well. Lead Combat Designer “Will oversee the development of multiple playable characters, their combat abilities, different types of enemies (machines and humanoids), and multiple combat systems.”

The machine-like characters we’ve seen in gameplay will go through the next level of development as a post. Senior Machine Combat Designer; The developers hope to “design, transform and update the behavior of existing iconic machines. horizon Design to introduce new machines alongside the franchise.

Furthermore, through the means of MP1st, The multiplayer game will be released for PlayStation 5 and PC.. While MP1ST isn’t sure about the details, it may offer support and customization focused on the game world’s existing tribes.

Are you excited about Horizon Forbidden West multiplayer? What do you think of the gameplay footage? Let us know in the comments below.

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