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Tides of Justice is a task-type quest in Horizon Forbidden West, which can be started by talking to them. Krajila I Tides Reach. Apparently, some of Regala’s men raided the Tide’s Reach and escaped into the treacherous waters. Now it’s up to Aloy to help Lowland Tankath and bring the escaped fugitives to justice.

Key takeaways

  • Start the Horizon Forbidden West Tides of Justice task by talking to Craigella in Tides Reach.
    1. After getting a briefing on the situation, go to Sunong, and head to West Of Tides Reach.
    2. After a few sky-highs, players will see a remote island in the middle of the ocean, with a fugitive standing near the shore.
    3. Interact with the fugitive to find out where the rest of the rebels are hiding.
    4. Fly further west, just past. Legacy Landfall, Until some abandoned skyscrapers came into view.
    5. The rest of the rebels are hiding in the tower where the smoke is coming from.
    6. There are three enemies atop the tower: an Elite Brute, a Melee Warrior, and an Archer.
    7. Take out the enemies to complete the task.
  • On completion of the work, receives the alloy. 6500 XP And 1 skill point.
  • The recommended level for this quest is 32.
Important: Wave of Justice can only be completed after obtaining the flying mount Sunwing, which is unlocked upon completing the main quest, “The Wings of the Ten”.

Location of Krajila

Tides Reach
Tides Reach Location [Image by eXputer]

Cragella can be found at the far end of the settlement near the piers, overlooking the sea. After the conversation, she’ll give Aloy a summary of the situation and give you some instructions to follow to find the rebels.

Interactions with Krajila [Image by eXputer]

After the conversation ends, go to Sunong And flight West of Tides Reach until you come across it. A remote island Where a Ferrari can be seen parked near the shore.

Important: Be sure to pick up any resources from the shipwrecks found in the sea on your way for the next objective.

Interaction with Ivvalla and island location

Location of Ivvalla [Image by eXputer]

After docking on the island, talk to the fugitive, Ivvalla, Which will direct you to where the rest of the fugitives are hiding. Avila has left his group due to a moral conflict so leave him there without a fight and head to your next destination.

A remote island
On Ivvalla Island [Image by eXputer]

The rest of the fugitives are hiding. above the tower, Across the sea in the west. Once this interaction is done you will be done with 1/2 of the Justice Forbidden West Side quest.

Location of enemy tower

Enemy Tower
Location of the tower [Image by eXputer]

Get back on your Sunwing, and head west. Follow the objective marker to where the remaining rebels are hiding. After flying across the ocean and a nearby settlement was named. Legacy Landfall, You will find yourself among some abandoned skyscrapers.

Enemy abode
Tower of the Rebels’ hideout [Image by eXputer]

After approaching the location marked above, Aloy will notice smoke coming from one of the towers. Once close, a fugitive will scream and alert the rest of his companions of potential danger. Land at the top of the tower, and prepare yourself for battle.

Confrontation with Rebels

  • At the top of the tower, there will be one Elite Brut A giant hammer wielder, a melee fighter, and a rebel with a mix of both ranged and melee abilities.
    Elite Brut [Image by eXputer]
  • As you land, focus on the Elite Brute. Use your spikes, explosive arrows and bombs to damage his armor, leaving him stunned in the process and vulnerable to other attacks.
  • After you’re done with him, engage the archer and melee warrior.
    to fight
    Fighting the Rebels [Image by eXputer]
  • They will be on it. Upper platform And there won’t be too much risk. Use any weapon of your choice to take them out.
  • On the upper platform is an explosive barrel, which can also be used to deal extra damage to them.


The work is done.
The wave of justice is complete [Image by eXputer]

After the enemies are out, the job will be done, and you will receive 6500 XP and +1 skill point as a reward. You can further scan the tower to eliminate the resources the rebels have gathered there.


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This concludes our guide to Justice Forbidden West. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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