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How to use the Horizon Forbidden West bridge caster is the first thing you learn in the game’s tutorial and remains useful throughout the game’s runtime. It is mainly used for clearing any obstacles, solving puzzles and traversing the environment. Now with the Burning Shores DLC out, its use has been revitalized, as it introduces new ways to how bridgecasters are used in Horizon Forbidden West.

Key takeaways

  • The Pullcaster is one of the main tools acquired as part of the Horizon Forbidden West tutorial.
  • It is used to clear debris, solve puzzles, and even as a hook.
  • Use the following input to extract and use Pullcaster: L2+ Triangle (Hold) → R2 (Hold)
  • Pull caster can be used on items with a blue tint. Clusters of blue metal embedded in them.
  • The pull caster can be used as a grappling hook on yellow objects.
  • Press “X” twice. To use the pull caster as a yellow ledge or near objects (double jump). hook
  • The Burning Shores DLC allows the player to use a pull caster mounted on a snowing to pull various environmental objects. This can be easily done. Tapping “Triangle”. When near a cluster of blue metal.
  • Using focus can make all objects in the environment appear yellow and blue, making it easier for the player to find all objects of interest.

Important: Use your attention frequently to look for any points of interest that the pull caster can be used on.

How to use Horizon Forbidden West Pullcaster?

After clearing the tutorial, you already had a gist of how the bridge caster is used, but in case you forgot, after booting up the game a year later, this is how it goes.

Important: Press L2 to aim, then press Triangle to fire the bridge caster. While holding the buttons, press R2 to use the pull caster.

Obviously, the bridge caster cannot be used everywhere in the environment, and to find points of interest, use your focus. Areas of the environment where it can be used will be colored blue.

Clean up debris

Using focus to reveal blue metal clumps (Image capture: eXputer)

Mastering how to use a bridge caster is extremely important on Horizon Forbidden West, as there will be many instances in the game where a wall will block your way to your destination. While not all walls are destructive, many are. Walls with Clusters of blue metal Embedded in them can be destroyed using a pullcaster.


Bridge Caster
Using a pull caster to clear debris (Image capture: eXputer)
  • Press L2+Triangle (Hold) → R2 (Hold)

The process here is the same as described above. Just get on your bridge caster and aim at the blue metal flags to take them out, destroying the wall in the process.

Grappling hook

Bridge Caster
Using focus to reveal yellow objects (Image capture: eXputer)

Another use of a bridge caster is to cross the environment to reach higher places or to reach other areas of the environment that cannot be reached on foot. gave Grapple points I am dyed yellow color, And using focus helps highlight them. Additionally, any yellow colored grates can also be removed.


Bridge Caster
Pull caster as a grappling hook (Image credit: Xporter)

Using a pull caster as a grappling hook is a little different than using it to clear debris or solve puzzles. Press X to jump near the grapple point, then immediately press X again to use the pull caster as a grappling hook.

Solving puzzles

Solving puzzles
Using a pull caster to solve puzzles (Image credit: eXputer)

Pulling wooden construction bars, wooden boxes, or anything that helps you solve puzzles, the pull caster is your go-to tool. Any environmental object can be drawn using an environment colored blue. Additionally, Burning Shoes also introduces new ways to use the bridge caster, such as using it while it’s on. Sunong To pull out the metal clips.


  • Press L2+Triangle (Hold) → R2 (Hold)
  • Press triangle (on sun wing)

On foot, the use and mechanism of a pull caster is similar, except that instead of clearing debris, you’ll be pulling objects.

However, on the Sunwing, all you need to do is get close to the blue metal cluster. Tap “Triangle”. To use a pull caster.


Burning Shores not only introduces new ways to use old tools, but also new additions like new machines and weapons to an entirely new story and setting. To prepare for your trip to the remains of Los Angeles, be sure to equip yourself with the best bows and armor you can find.

gave Burning Shores DLC It has a base price of $20 and can be started after clearing the main story. To learn more about this, check out our guides DLC requirements and how to start Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores.

This concludes our Horizon Forbidden West how to use bridge caster guide. Let us know your questions in the comments.


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