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Our guide to the Horizon Forbidden West Dreadwing Location covers everything you’ll need to know for yourself when tackling this machine for the first time. It’s a challenging heavyweight machine that can easily kill Aloy if you’re not careful enough. You’ll need its parts to upgrade your weapons and armor, which you can easily miss if you don’t tear them apart earlier in the fight. Nevertheless, if you want to farm Dreadong efficiently, you will need to follow a detailed strategy.

Key takeaways

  • The Horizon Forbidden West’s Dreadwing is one of the deadliest. Heavy weight machines in the game, and its appearance is based on bats.
  • Players can explore Dreadong. give Various locations, one of which is marked by the game’s official site:
    1. The first location is the site marked on the map, which is close to Latopolis Old World Site South of the map in the desert area.
    2. Alternatively, the player can find another dreadnought. West side of the fieldbut caution is advised as they will have to take a Stormbird with him.
  • Players can acquire an array of resources through Dreadnought, as most parts are detachable, but you’ll likely have to focus on getting them. Metal teeth For higher level gear upgrades.
  • There are many attacks Dreadong uses, but most include his wings, spitting acid, as well as his deadly swipe attacks. Shockwave inducing Trembling.

Important: The following Dreadnought guide was based on the normal difficulty version of the fight but the strategies and tactics used here can be applied to all versions of the fight, even on Ultra Hard.

Before starting: You’ll need to complete the Seeds of the Past quest in the first game to unlock and fight against the Dreadong Machine in the open world.

Horrible places in the Horizon Forbidden West

hfw awesome location
1st place (photo taken by us)

As mentioned earlier, you will need to complete the first. Seeds of past missions to access the Dreadnought Machine, but once you do, you should be able to spread it out over the map. As shown in the image above, this is the only officially known site of Dredong on the map, further south in the desert region. This will usually give rise to the normal type.

hfw awesome location
2nd place (photo taken by us)

However, if you feel like you are up for an extra challenge and want to battle against the Apex variant at night, you can visit the location we have marked above. The only problem is that not only will you have to deal with a Dreadong, but also a Stormbird. A fight against both can be chaotic. The location is slightly towards the west. Maa of the field, Where you engage in gladiator battles against machines.

But again, we strongly recommend using the game’s first and only marked site for its loot. Unless you feel confident taking both machines down easily, you’re welcome to skip to this point.

Loot table and parts

We’ve put together an explanatory table for you below, detailing each part of the Dreadnought, as well as which types of items you can drop in which part:

Parts looting Attributes
Body Metal Bite, Metal Shards, Braided Wire, Deadwing Circulator, Large Machine Core, Dreadong Primary Nerve, Volatile Sludge, Machine Muscles, Crystal Braiding, Metal Bone, Bright Brain Stem, Strong Hard Plate No one.
Flash Blinder Braided wire, crystal braiding, reinforced hard plate Detachable: The component can be detached with tear damage.
Metal Fang Dreadwing metal fang Detachable
Metal Bite Pouch Metal bite Explosive: The component explodes when destroyed.
Stamina drain container Volatile sludge Detachable
Spark Spark Chain Reaction: Triggers an elemental explosion if shot with shock damage.
A resource container Blast Paste, Braided Wire, Strong Hard Plate, Large Machine Core, Dreading Primary Nerve, Bright Brain Stem Detachable
Bomb Launcher Usable weapons Detachable
Stealth generator Braided wire, strong hard plate, bright brain stem Detachable
Antenna Braided wire, strong hard plate, dreadnought primary nerve Detachable
Damage to the dampener container Unstable mud, clear water Detachable
Toxic container Volatile sludge Detachable
Radar Braided wire, reinforced hard plate, dead wing circulator Detachable
Clean water canister Clean Water Chain reaction

How to defeat Dreadwing

hfw terrible
Scary information (photo taken by us)
  • Weaknesses: Fire damage
  • Resistance: Frost, shock, and acid damage
  • Override Cauldron: KAPPA overrides

Unlike most battles in the game, Dreadnought can seem intimidating at first glance, but if you’re a seasoned player like me who’s tackling it for the first time through a main story quest, you shouldn’t have any problems. .

Now that we’ve covered the dreadnought location in Horizon Forbidden West, let’s dive deeper and discuss the best loadouts for Aloy and the best strategy to take her down with ease, machine attacks. Start with the important list.

Attack mobilist

hfw terror attacks
Scary Attacks (Photo by eXputer)

Although Dreadong mainly focuses on attacks that move around using his wings to cut you from the air or on the ground, there are a few attacks that you need to focus on avoiding, which are as follows:

  • Wing Slash: While on the ground, the Dreadong will lunge at you and try to slash you with one of its wings.
  • Spin Strike: Dreadong will spin in 360 motion while charging into the air, making a large wind-like AoE attack that can damage you if caught in its radius.
  • Pulse Stamps: The Dreadong will charge at you while constantly stomping on the ground and releasing concussion shocks, which can stun you if you don’t dodge out of it.
  • Acidic saliva: The machine will air out this attack as it will throw acid 2-3 times, so we recommend blocking it in time to avoid this.

While we’ve covered most of the main attacks, during some cases, Dreadong will fly up and throw acid in front of him, so it’s preferable to go to the side during this time. It’s also worth mentioning that this machine will use its cloaking ability to remain invisible for a short period of time, which you can easily block. You can also use Cleansing potions To dodge his AoE screams or blind attacks.

Load out

Afiq Haram Western Loadout
Loadout (Photo by eXputer)

The recommended loadout that we’ve personally used against Dreadong is listed below and shown in the image we’ve provided above:

  • Bolt Blaster: The Blast Forge
  • Hunter Bo: Curse of the Sun
  • Ropecaster: Elite rope caster
  • Armor: Nora Thunder Warrior
  • Increase in bravery: Ranged Master

Except for the Elite Ropecaster (which you can buy from the merchant Thorn Marsh), each of these weapons can be purchased for medals, which are earned by completing battles in The Arena.

You can still use whatever weapons you want, provided they’re somewhat upgraded to take on the Dreadong, but we went with them to effectively kill for farming purposes. Activating the Ranged Master Valor Surge will give our DPS a boost using the Bolt Caster to easily take down the machine.


As you approach the Dreadong, it’s worth bearing in mind that he will use his scanner to instantly detect your location and initiate an encounter. The scan radius covers about 15-20 meters and the scanner has a cooldown of about 20 seconds before pinging again. During this time, you can get a quick peek at the Dreaddong as it sits upside down in its bat-like position to bare its front metal teeth.

Regardless of whether this is your first time attacking a machine in stealth or not, let’s start by saying that you need to strategically use your loadouts effectively.

hfw ropecaster
Using a Ropecaster (Photo by eXputer)
  • Bind it: Start the fight immediately by shooting the ropecaster at the Dreadong, which will activate it on the ground as it is difficult to fight while in the air.
  • The number of ropes you need to fire at him to take him down will depend on how far you’ve upgraded the Ropecaster, but you should have plenty of time to do the next step easily.
hfw metal fangs
Tear off the metal fangs (photo by eXputer)
  • Metal Fangs: You’ll need Dreadong’s Metal Fangs to upgrade most of your weapons and armor. So, as soon as the Dreadong falls to the ground through the rope caster, you should immediately target its metal teeth on its mouth and shoot it, as we have shown in the image above.
  • To reactivate it: The next course of action is how Dreadong will fly again as we’re taking out his metal teeth as a priority, so be prepared to carefully dodge any of his attacks and take him down once again. So use your Ropecaster at the same time.
hfw cooling factor
Freezing Dreadnought (Photo by eXputer)
  • freezing: Once it shuts down again for a short period of time, equip yours. Cursed Bow of the Sun Or one of the best bows with First Elemental Arrows and start firing at the machine to freeze it, which in turn will help increase our damage to take it down in the next phase.
  • We know The cold element One of Dreadong’s resistances, but trust us when we suggest that freezing will greatly help with the damage we use the bolt caster.
Afiq Haram Western Drawing
Fighting a Dreadong (Photo by eXputer)
  • Dismounting the bolt caster: The Bolt Caster is easily one of the best weapons in Horizon Forbidden West, especially if you’re using the Blast Forge, which is essential because its effect is Bolt Ammo.
  • Basically, you need to fire the bolt caster immediately after freezing the Dreadong, and we recommend doing it on its back, where you’ll have multiple Removable parts Which can cause a lot of damage when broken.
  • We highly recommend activation. Increase in bravery To further increase your damage at this point that will easily melt away a Dreadong’s health in seconds.
hfw dreadnought
Destroying the Acid Pouch (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Some other combat tips we can recommend are to use ‘Slide to Dodge Roll’ A technique to give Aloy more immunity frames, which will allow her to easily dodge almost any attack, as well as to have room to breathe out of combat to heal or reload the bolt caster. Will use smoke bombs.
hfw terrible
Dreadong defeated (Image credit copyright: eXputer)
  • Finally, it’s worth mentioning that players can also aim. Acid bag on his front chest which will explode upon taking enough damage, making the Dreadong suspicious of the acid element.

Summary of it

Horizon Forbidden West is easily one of the best open world games with rich combat and stunning photo-realistic graphics that can hook any gamer into their first playthrough. As you can see in the following. Subreddit postDreadwings can be a formidable machine to fight for quite a few players.

If you think you have what it takes to conquer it, you can also easily take down new machines in the game’s Burning Shores expansion. Our review of Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores discussed the many ups and downs of the game as well as the latest changes introduced with DLC and new content that can easily impress fans.

But for now, this concludes our guide to Horizon Forbidden West Dreadwing Locations along with a detailed strategy for defeating it. If you have any other questions about the guide or the game in general, be sure to let us know in the comments below! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!


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