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When you reach the endgame of Horizon Forbidden West, you’ll finally have a choice to make about Regella’s fate. Whether he lives or dies is in your hands, and to make the “right choice” you must know the consequences of both choices.

While there is no real “right choice” in this case, there are subtle changes that can lead to some interesting moments depending on the choices you make. But, you can rest assured knowing that whatever decision you make, you won’t greatly affect the outcome of the narrative or the ending of the game.

Important: are majors. spoilers Next, some are even for endings, ready only if you’ve reached the endgame.

Key takeaways

  • In Horizon Forbidden West, you have a choice to make regarding the fate of Regalla, the main antagonist, which leads to subtle changes in the game but does not affect the outcome of the overall narrative.
  • The two choices are to save Regula or to end her life.
  • Rescuing her allows her to join your fight against Xenthus, but she eventually dies in the final mission.
  • His life ends in earning the wrath of his command, Regula.
  • Regalla’s Wrath is a powerful, very rare sharpshot bow with increased damage for long-range shots, but other, more powerful bows are available later in the game.
  • Choosing between saving or eliminating Regalla depends on your gameplay style and story preferences. Saving her aligns with Aloy’s character and provides a more narrative-driven experience, while ending her life grants access to a unique weapon.
  • For first time players, it is recommended to save Regalla for a rich narrative experience. In a later playthrough or NG+, consider losing your life to experience the gameplay with Regalla’s Wrath.

All regular selections

For the majority of the game, Regula acts as The main antagonist. She appears to do some very cruel things, and the player is led to believe that she is completely evil. But as things unfold, we discover everything that’s really going on behind the scenes, and we discover a lot more about it.

That’s why when we’re faced with the choice to save or end our lives from Horizon Forbidden West Regalla, many players are conflicted and, in fact, even inclined to let him live. It’s worth noting that choosing to live or die will have minor implications, such as a difference in cutscenes or the acquisition of an unusable item. In addition, there are only moral implications worth considering for the two choices.

Save Regula.

Afiq Haram Western Regala Selection
Additional cutscene for saving regula [image by eXputer]

The first choice, which many players can choose, is the option to save Regalah. There is a dialog option to choose to save it. “There’s another fight.” And sure enough, there is another war like; If you choose to save Regula, she will help you fight against him. The Zeniths.

  • Those around you will be quite suspicious of her intentions and loyalties, but Hekru will step up and support her, claiming that Regella is always true to her word.
  • And it turns out that Hacker is right.
  • Regalla will agree to help you fight the Zeniths, as it will be one to die against them. Death of a warrior More than dying in the field.

As you go through the final battle against the Zeniths, Regalla will be part of your entire crew, and there will be several cutscenes including her.

  • However, the final mission of the game, Singularity, would also serve as the final mission for Regalla as she would be killed during the mission, achieving the death of the warrior she had longed for.
  • Regula’s death is inevitable and not tied to your decision.
  • This is why some players may prefer it to anything other than survival, as it has no real benefit.
  • Whether you let him live or kill him on the field, his fate remains the same, only delayed.
  • Additionally, the second option has something solid to offer.

However, many players also argue that saving Regula is the better option because it is more canonical and true to what Aloy would have done in the original story. It’s also a good ending for a character who gained a lot of popularity in the fandom.

End the rule.

It is illegal for the West to end its horizons.
End of Regula [image by eXputer]

The other option you’ll have is to kill Regalla’s life there and then on the field. Doing so would completely put his story out there, and he would no longer be mentioned in the story.

  • You won’t get the last blow.
  • Kotlo Instead he will execute him using his spear.
  • Before you can do anything, Regla will die mid-punishment.
  • The outcome of your decision will have only a small effect, except that it will not appear in the final battle.
  • And since she was going to die there anyway, nothing major would happen.

But, the big difference comes in terms of the rewards you are given. If you choose to end Regula’s life, you will be rewarded. Regula’s Wrath – Regula’s personal bow. And since it belongs to one of the game’s main villains, you can definitely expect it to be quite useful. We will discuss the command in detail to help you gain a better understanding.

Regula’s Wrath

Regula’s Bow of Wrath [screenshot by eXputer]

As mentioned, the upside of killing Regla’s life is getting a chance to get Regla’s Wrath, a command that can only be obtained if you let Regla die.

  • Regula’s Wrath is a highly respected, extremely rare Sharpshot bow.
  • This weapon is known for its exceptional long-range capabilities, as it offers 15% increased damage Since targeting enemies. 30 meters or more.
  • The game’s description of Regula’s Wrath suggests that it was once Regula’s favorite pastime.

Players can increase the bow’s performance by adding weapon coil slots, thereby upgrading its damage, handling and other attributes. Many experienced players prefer to upgrade the firing rate of the bow.

  • Regalla’s Wrath is impressively powerful, capable of wiping out some smaller machines in a single shot.
  • This power is especially evident in the early game stages.

However, as players progress through Horizon Forbidden West, they will discover an even stronger Sharpshot bow that outlasts Regala’s Wrath.

  • One such example is To forgeta legendary sharpshot bow that can be exchanged. 80 Arena Medals And surpasses Regula’s wrath in every way.
  • Additionally, in the new Game+ mode, players can get The fall of Ariyoanother legendary sharpshot bow with high performance.

Even so, Regal’s Wrath is a valuable weapon for players who favor long-range combat strategies. The bow’s ability to deal extra damage to distant targets is a significant advantage. Able to obliterate enemies from a distance, Regula’s Wrath can also be upgraded to increase its overall power.

When faced with the decision to kill or save Regalla, you should consider their gameplay style and story preferences. The weapon’s power and utility make it a highly sought after prize. However, it’s important to remember that other Sharpshot Bows will eventually outstrip Regla’s Wrath.

What should you choose?

Regula Choices Horizon Forbidden West
Choice [image by us]

Now that we’ve discussed the consequences of each decision, we can finally discuss which decision is best for you.

  • If you want to stay true to Aloy’s character and want the best narrative experience, saving Regalla is the most obvious choice.
  • Although he will not be forgiven for what he has done, he will have a chance to partially redeem himself.
  • Her final act of trying to help Aloy as much as possible could line up with things we get to learn about her later on. Furthermore, Aloy’s own morals would also lead him to save Regula rather than die.

On the other hand, if you are looking for the best gameplay experience and want to explore every item the game has to offer, then choosing to kill Regula is your best option.

  • This is because the only way to earn Regula’s wrath is to end his life.
  • The bow is not common and definitely provides interesting mechanics that are worth exploring.
  • But the only thing worth noting is that there are definitely better bows out there that can replace Regula’s Wrath.

But, depending on whether you’re playing for the first time or not, we have some recommendations.

  • If you are playing for the first time, we recommend that you choose Regalla to survive so that you can fully enjoy the amazing story that Horizon Forbidden West has to offer.
  • However, if you’re playing again, or know you’ll be going through NG+, we recommend that you finish Regula the first time, giving you plenty of time to soak in Regula’s wrath. Will also get. And on your second playthrough, let him live.
  • That way, you get the best of both worlds.


Horizon Forbidden West Regalla Choice puts you in an important choice regarding its fate Regula, the main antagonist. The decision to save or end his life affects the game’s narrative and gameplay experiences. Saving Regula aligns with Aloy’s character and allows her to join the fight against Xenthus, while ending her life grants access to the powerful Regula’s Bow of Wrath. First-time players are advised to save Regula for a rich narrative experience, while later playthroughs or NG+ can focus on earning unique weapons by ending their lives. Ultimately, the choice depends on the player’s preferences and gameplay style.

In addition to just diving into NG+ with Regula’s bow, you can also choose to use it in the Burning Shoes DLC. It has a new map and many new machines to offer. To get started, you can read our How to Start Burning Shows guide to get a better idea of ​​everything.


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