Honkai Star Reel: Yukong Character Guide


Yukong Honkai is an NPC in Star Reel, and she appears as the helm master of the Xianzhou Alliance. Skyfaring Commission. This confederation is actually an ancient civilization where Yukong plays an important role as the helm master and leader. Lufo.

Key takeaways

  • Yukong is one of the most important. NPCs In Honkai Star Reel.
  • He is one of them. Helm Masters In Xianzhou Alliance.
  • The NPC is in charge. Skyfaring Commission.
  • He is an English voice actor. Don M. Bennett.
  • Along with the rest of the Xianzhou Alliance, his mission is to destroy everyone. Abominations of abundance.
  • Yukong, with him Commission, Works in unison to end any planet-destroying threat.
  • He is one of the most important helm masters and leaders. Lufo Commission, Along with Fu Xuan, who is the helm master of the Divination Commission.
  • Yukong is one. Four star Characters with titles like harmony And fictitious.

Yukong Honkai Star Rail

Although she doesn’t play a major role in Hankai Star Reel yet and isn’t available as a playable character, the Four Star Leader has one of the best designs among the others. NPCs He is a voice actor. Don M. Bennett.

Honkai Star Rail Yukong
Yukong [Image captured by eXputer]

Also known as Yukong. Star Fox Lady With titles like harmony And fictitious.

Xianzhou Alliance

Yukong Honkai Star Rail is one of them. Lufo K Helm Masters Skyfaring Commission In the Xianzhou alliance.

Commission of the Yukong [Image by eXputer]

These ships are sent into space with a mission to retrieve a miracle elixir of morality. This civilization has many commissions, fleets, armies and flagships.

  • Yukong is one of the leaders of the Luofou Commission, along with Fu Xuan, who leads it. Deviation Commission.
  • In the Xianzhou Alliance, you will also find the most powerful army known as the. Cloud Nights, Works under the guidance of Hunting
  • The main goal of the Yukong and Xianzhou alliance is to patrol the world and get rid of everything. Abominations of abundance While there is peace throughout the world.
  • Like other commissions, the Yukong is adamant about being abolished. Corruption of the Undead And getting rid of any threat that could potentially destroy their planet.
  • His personality is considered stern and serious, but outside of work he can be seen engaging in conversation with his colleagues.

Summary of it

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