Honkai Star Reel: Who’s the Thief? [Treasure Questline]


Honkai Star Rail Features tons of companion missions that are considered side quests for acquired characters. One such quest is for Hook, which will be featured in the Old Foreman’s Treasure quest line, during which players must also find it. Honkai Star Reel Who is the Thief?.

Important: Trailblazers must be level 16 to access the Old Foreman’s Treasure quest line.

Key takeaways

  • to search Thief Old Foreman’s Treasure is a stretch of coastline, where Fursman’s detector is lost, and players need to find out who stole it.
  • Talk to Julian. By heading to the Great Mine, Joe will trigger the start of a quest and ask you to find the hook.
  • the fork It can be found by taking the Space Anchor to the Overlook, heading up, and finding it near a Vagrant Camp.
  • Go to Natasha’s clinic for a checkup. Freshman, Which is surrounded by Vagrants, and a battle ensues.
  • After the health checkup, the players are asked what happened. Fursman vein detector.
  • after the Talking to Huck. Outside the clinic, the hunt begins.
  • A conversation with Sweeta “Treasure” reveals the possibility of four suspects stealing.
  • to cook The first is the suspect, trapped between two tents behind the campfire, and he denies it and blames it on the helper.
  • gave Another suspect There is the tailor, who is quiet but honest. Therefore, he is not a suspect.
  • gave The third suspect Helper, who is very carefree and innocent.
  • gave The ultimate suspect He is the businessman, who at first refuses to answer but finally does and is not even a suspect.
  • After that, a conversation with Sampo reveals that the cook is a thief, and the quest ends.

Starting the search for the Old Foreman’s treasure

First, to find out who is who. Honkai Star Reel Who is the Thief? Even so, quests need to be triggered, which can be triggered by going to the Missions tab, and the first objective is Underworld and conversed with Julian there. Trailblazers must be Trailblazer level 16 to access this.

Map location
Map Location (Image Credit Exploder)
  1. Take the teleport to the bottom left, and then that’s it head down. Julian will stand next to Alina.
  2. After you finish the conversation with him, you will be told to go to My great To find the hook.
  3. from where Julian and Alina Stand, open the map, and navigate to My great.
  4. If you already have the teleport on the purple marker unlocked, great, but chances are you won’t. So at Viewpoint to ignore can also be taken.
  5. From the teleport point, pan right and start moving upwards, ignoring the robot that tries to ambush you, and instead continue deeper into the mine and this time Keep walking until you reach a small area with some tents. the fork Stands right back with a freshman and two defenders.
Talking to Julian
Talking to Julian (Image Credit Exporter)
Ignore the map location.
Overlook Map Location (image credit calculator)

Talking to Hook

Natasha's Clinic
Natasha’s Clinic (Image Credit Executor)

After the cutscene is triggered, Freshmen The two can be seen being blamed and bullied by the Vagrants, and Hook tries to stand up for her. If you try to interrupt the conversation, the Vagrants become angry, and a fight ensues.

gave war For the start of Honkai Star Reel Who is the Thief? questline It’s not all that difficult since it’s just two weak men who can defy starter characters.

Huck to worry
(Image credit: Exporter)

After the battle ends, Huck seems very worried about Fursman, as he takes quite a beating, and both MC and Huck have to try to convince the house. Head to Natasha’s clinic. to have his health examined; Otherwise, it can be negative.

Fersman is being cornered
Fursman Banging Cornered (Image Credit Explosor)
  1. From here, open the map, look for the space anchor just above Natasha’s clinic, which is located on her side. Bottom left of the Great Mine, and teleport there.
  2. From the space anchor, go inside a building where the quest is pointing.

Asking Natasha about Fursman’s condition

After she reaches the clinic, Fursman can be seen sitting in a chair while Natasha tries to check her wounds.

Natasha is asking about Fursman.
Natasha Asks About Fursman (Image Credit Exploder)

Chat with Natasha.and she will mildly argue with Hook about the fact that she was the one who caused the trouble and that she was the one who made Fursman contract with the 2 vagrants who fought earlier.

Giving an ultimatum
Giving an ultimatum (image credit exporter)

Interrogation of Fursman

After Fersman feels better, you can see Plot line about Honkai Star Reel Who is the Thief? being prepared.

Inquiries about Fursman
Inquiries about Fursman (Image Credit Exporter)
Selling it to Antonia
Selling it to Antonia (Image credit Exporter)
Losing the detector
Losing the Explorer (Image credit Explorer)
  • As Steele (the female MC) looks at Huck, it looks like Huck wants to talk us out of it. Clinic.

Interact with the hook

After this conversation, you need to Head outside the clinic, leave Freesman alone and talk instead. the fork.

Map location
Map Location (Image Credit Exploder)

the fork Will wait outside the main entrance of the clinic and stand a few feet away. A street lamp or lantern. After a conversation with him, you find out that he is on a mission. Get back the rig detector, And she will do anything to get him back for her father.

Hook on his mission
Hook On Its Mission (Image Credit Exporter)
  1. After that, you can take the Space Anchor, which is located at stray shelter, Where you need to head to the Great Mine and meet Hook once again.
  2. Chatting with her, she introduces us. Sweetaand she confirms that the vein detector was indeed stolen.
Sweeta (image credit Expo

She goes on to say that when she returned to the mine, the detector was missing, and after searching all around the shelter, it was nowhere to be found. However, Sweeta was a curmudgeon. 4 people Which may be the key Honkai Star Reel Who is the Thief? The quest.

Interrogation of four suspects

From here, the Four suspects Wanderers will be scattered around the sanctuary, and you will investigate them all.

Kick standing
Kick Standing (Image Credit Exploder)
  • gave The first suspect The vagrant is standing on the right side of the shelter, and he will be standing between two tents behind a small campfire.
  • Name of the accused. to cook, And as he greets you, Hook immediately goes to talk and asks him if he stole his father’s detector.
  • Cook calls Huck a brat and asks him how dare he label him as one. Thiefand that someone needs to teach him some lessons about good manners, and that he is a sincere and decent man and would never do such a shameful thing.
Cook being crazy
Cook Being Crazy (Image Credit Xpressor)
  • Next, you can start the investigation by asking Cook questions about what he did when the crime happened if he knew about Mr. Fursman and his opinion.
  • On Asking the first questionhe says he is a cook and was shopping for ingredients at the time of the crime (good rhyme).
Helpful there
The Helper Out There (Image Credit Exploder)
  • When asked that He looked at the detectorhe tries to derail the situation by saying that finding “a helper over there” might be the clue. Honkai Star is a rail thief. From when Cook saw him enter Fursman’s tent and come out with a box in his hands.

Another suspect

as far as Another suspect Concerned, you can go for it. The tailorwho stands a few feet away from Cook.

Suspect 2
Suspect 2 (Image Credit Exploder)
  • While The tailor Her behavior here seems most suspicious, when asked what she was doing during the crime scene, she is honest and says that she was leaving the place and didn’t feel anything.
  • the fork Confirms suspicions. and agrees that he is not a thief.

The third accused

gave The third suspect Space stands to the right of Taylor with an anchor. He is the one helperAnd that too can be interrogated.

Suspect 3
Suspect 3 (Image Credit Exploder)
  • The helper seems too nervous to lie and protect himself if he has committed the crime, as when asked about his actions during the crime scene, he Says he went out for fresh air. And then immediately freaks out and says it’s a lame alibi but at least it’s true.

Suspect four

Last but not least, the The fourth suspect The helper stands a few feet away, and Hook immediately begins interrogating him with the necessary questions.

  • Merchant Gets angry at the thought of being accused, and the first dialogue option has an option to call him suspicious.
Suspect 4
Suspect 4 (Image Credit Exploder)
  • At first he keeps his mouth shut and doesn’t answer any questions, but then he asks what? can be a bargain, And he will honestly tell you what he knows.
  • After he asks if he saw the detector, he comes clean and says. The cook is a thief. And that he won’t lie because he values ​​his reputation more than anything else.

Thief’s Choice

From here, the hook takes us back to camp, and there are a total of 4 options you can sift through.

Thief's Choice
Thief’s Choice (Image Credit Exploder)
  • Reply Honkai Star Reel Who is the Thief? May be a cook, helper, tradesman or tailor, or may be assisted by the hook himself.
Gathering clues
Collecting Clues (Image credit extractor)
  • If the wrong option is chosen, such as helpful, Hook interrogates the suspect again and concludes that they are not thieves and another round of interrogation must be conducted.
  • After that, you’ll need to run around to collect items Packaging label and other clues that will lead you to the culprit.


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