Honkai Star Reel: How to Get the Relics [All Methods]


I tried equipping different sets of relics for my characters in Honkai Star Reel, and it provided some unique bonuses. Honkai Star Relics have various rarities between 1-5 stars. 5-star relaxations will provide the best bonuses, so they should be preferred. With that said, I decided to put together a complete guide. How to get relics in Honkai Star Reel For players who are having a hard time with their farming.

This is the title of the box.

  • Residues play an important role in enhancing character. loss, Health, and others statistics
  • Getting residual in the early stages of Honkai Star Rail A bit difficult, so players should get EXP as fast as possible.
  • Upgrading Less rare artifacts It’s a waste of resources, so don’t upgrade less than that. 4-star residue.
  • The best way to get Relics is through Domains.
  • You may get some good signs. Weekly BossAs they fall. 5 star relic too
  • I Honkai Star Rail, It is possible to change Important stat of the remainder.
  • Operation Briefing Returns the complete set of residues if certain conditions are met.

Before starting: I suggest not farming for relics right away because you won’t get many rares right away. I first reached higher levels in Honkai Star Rail because it made it easier for me to get high rarity artifacts. Thus, I saved Trailblaze Power and spent them on Relics, which complemented my characters.

What are the relics in Honkai Star Reel?

Relics of Honkai Star Rail
The remainder

Relics are used to reach the full potential of a particular character. They are in the form of head, hands, body, feet, neck and subject. are as follows A set of relics is available in Honkai Star Trail..

  • Band of Sizzling Thunder
  • Champion of Streetwise Boxing
  • Eagle of the Twilight Line
  • Firesmith of Lava Forging
  • Genius of brilliant stars
  • Wuthering the Snow Guard
  • Predator of the snowy forest.
  • Knight of Purity Palace
  • Wandering Cloud Passerby
  • Musketeer of wild wheat
  • Shooting Meteor Thief
  • Westlander of the Banditry Desert
  • Space Sailing Station
  • Ageless fleet
  • Talio: Kingdom of Bandits
  • Obviously Vonwacq

Now, let’s look at how to get the relics in the Honkai Star Rail.

Obtaining remains from exploration

Honkai Star Rail Chest

First, I got some less rare relics from the chest, but as mentioned earlier in the How to Get Relics in the Honkai Star Rail Guide, they aren’t really upgradeable. So I went ahead and Puzzle chest encountered And very chest, Which probably dropped the 4-start relaxation and other stuff.

Earning Residue from Special Currency Redeem Reward

Honkai Star Rail special currency reward
Special currency reward

This may not be the most ideal way to farm relics, but it’s one of the ways I farmed relics in the early stages. So, I got it 4-star residue For my characters. You can get them by completing quests and simple world quests. You won’t be able to get them right away, because when the points are accumulated, you’ll have to visit the merchant to claim the rewards. Rewards will include 4-star relaxation and many other useful content.

Trailblaze Level Rewards

Honkai Star Rail Trailblaze Level Rewards
Trailblaze Level Rewards

The first 20 levels of Trail Blaze Won’t be of much use as I’ve only got low level traces from it. However, levels after 20 are rewarding, and I found some high rarity artifacts that were worth upgrading. As you reach level 20, the rewards get better, so be sure to grind some.

Rewards from Operation Briefing

Honkai Star Rail Operations Briefing
Operation Briefing

This is one of the best ways to get leftovers. Honkai Star Rail. After completing Operation Briefing, I received something massive Trail Blaze Exp, And completing the third, fifth and seventh parts gave me a complete set of some relics. Thus, I progressed very quickly. What’s more, I also got the artifacts I wanted for my characters.

Preparing your leftovers

Honkai Star Reel Omni Synthesizer
The Omni Synthesizer

Another way to answer the How to get Relics in Honkai Star Rails question is to craft your Relics with custom stats, which is pretty cool. But for that I had to reach out Balance level 3. After reaching level 3, I unlocked a new feature. The Omni Synthesizer. This unique feature will allow you to create your own leftovers, so you’re ready to grind. If you’re not familiar with equilibrium levels, you can check out our Honkai Star Rail Equilibrium Level Guide.

Now the custom part isn’t exactly what you’re thinking. Relics will be generated with completely random stats, and may not be what you want. But using finite object, Self modeling resinI can change the main status of the relic.

Echoes of War (Weekly Bosses)

Honkai Star Reel Echo of War
Echoes of war

I also got some good signs. Echoes of war. It’s like weekly bosses, and you get some useful relics. Domain’s primary rewards are not relics, as the main drops are materials used to upgrade a character’s marks. However, among these unique materials, you can also find artifacts that can be good for your characters. The domain can only be tested. Three times per weekSo make sure to farm this domain every week.

How to get Relics in Honkai Impact from Simulated Universe

Honkai Star Reel Artificial Universe
A simulated universe

Still, I needed to raise the balance level to get better results from the simulated universe. The higher the level difficulty, the higher the awards. In every world A simulated universe Will offer a different relic set.

As the difficulty increased, I got it. 5 star relic set. You can also get them by clearing the world for the first time or defeating certain boss enemies. Prizes may be redeemed. 40 Trailblazer Power. Additionally, if a player has difficulty defeating a boss, they don’t need to worry about rewards as they can still redeem them from previous enemies.

Residual domain

Honkai Star Rail Cavern of Corrosion
Corrosion Cave

This is the best way ever. How to get relics in Honkai Star Reel. I got a lot of nice artifact sets Corrosion Cave, but you shouldn’t be farming domains just yet. First, you must reach a high balance level, and then when the difficulty increases, you will get more rewards and more rarities. Value of prizes 40 Trailblazer Powerand the domain can be unlocked through a simple search.

You can do it right away to get the domain. 4-piece desirable set The character you’re central to, but I’d suggest waiting until you reach a higher balance level, as I did.


Finally, you should use Relax on your characters as they are with them. They will be able to perform to their full potential. So I drafted the guide. How to get Relics in Honkai Impact. Follow the guide, and hopefully, you’ll be able to find some great relics for your characters. You should also take a look at our Honkai Star Rail Best Team Comps guide.

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