Honkai Star Reel: How to Get Kafka


Honkai: Star Rail allows players to control Kafka, a character with a 5-star rating. Kafka is one of the early heroes that players can use in the game. She is very calm and cool, can kill enemies with her lightning element, and is possessed by it. Limited time banners.

Key takeaways

  • Kafka is one. 5 star characters in Honkai Star Reelwhich is known for its lightning element and debuffing abilities.
  • To obtain Kafka, players must collect in-game currency. Wait for it to be featured in the banner for a limited time..
  • Makes an important contribution to Kafka’s story and is a valuable addition to any team structure, especially for beginners.
  • Honkai: Star Rail’s gacha system revolves around banners that offer discounts and higher chances of obtaining certain characters.
  • Upgrading Kafka requires various Ascension content, including Voidranger: Reaver drops, ShapeshifterElectric staff of, and credit.
  • Kafka’s basic attack and skills deal Lightning DMG to enemies, providing additional debuffing effects with his ultimate and talents.
  • Technique No Mercy Instantly attacks enemies with a 100% base chance to stun them.

How to Unlock Kafka

To obtain Honkai: Star Rail’s Kafka, players must go through the standard procedure of obtaining any 5-star character—using the title’s gacha system called warping.

however, Kafka is not currently available in version 1.0 and cannot be accessed through the Beginner Warp or Standard Warp banners.

  • Kafka’s banner has not yet been released, but players can obtain it through special events that offer it as a reward.
  • It is recommended to view and attend limited time events to increase your chances of getting Kafka.

How to use Kafka

How to get Kafka Honkai Star Reel ATK intro fight scene
Intro fight scene

Honkai: Star Rail’s Kafka follows the Nihility Path, which means she excels at debuffing enemies. She is capable of inflicting Dam Overtime (DoT) effects on enemies, which can significantly increase her team’s overall damage output by multiplying the damage dealt by any other DoTs in effect.

  • His lightning element also makes him an excellent damage dealer, allowing for greater versatility in party composition and the ability to take on a wider range of enemies.
  • As a result, Kafka is a valuable addition to any Honkai: Star Rail team formation, especially for players who are just learning. A turn-based RPG Mechanics
  • She’s not limited to just putting DoTs on enemies, as she can also deal plenty of damage herself, making her a powerful asset on any team.
  • By integrating Kafka into a party and using his combat skills, players can effectively defeat enemies and increase their team’s performance in battles.

Waiting for Kafka

Despite the prologue and his importance to the story, there is no confirmation as to when or if Honkai: Starreel’s Kafka will get his own banner. Fans have been eager to roll for him, but he is currently not part of any banners.

  • The current event banner features Seele, and the next one is expected to feature Jing Yuan.
  • Speculation points to Kafka finally receiving his own banner as a 5-star character, but it is uncertain when that will happen.
  • Depending on the character there may be events that will offer this as a reward, so it is important for players to keep an eye out for limited time events and participate in them to increase their chances of getting Kafka. .

Banners in Honkai: Star Rail

Banners are an integral part of Honkai: Star Reel’s gacha system, and work in other popular gacha games such as Genshin Impact. Banners These are special events in which players can roll for new or higher value characters, and they cycle in and out with limited time windows.

  • Honkai: In Star Reel, banners are called warps, and there are two different types of warps: departure/stellar warps and character-specific event warps.
  • Players need to collect in-game currency, such as Star Rail Passes or Special Passes, to make wishes on the banners.
  • These currencies can be earned through daily login bonuses, completing quests and missions, and participating in events.

The Departure/Stellar Warp

The Departure/Stellar Warp banner is the title’s introductory banner, and it offers a special discount for players just starting out. The Stellar Warp Banner is sometimes called “Standard” Features a wide range of banners and characters that players can roll for.

Character specific

On the other hand, character-related event warps Highlight a particular character with a higher chance of getting them. When players roll on a banner, they wish to be randomly assigned a character or item.

How to upgrade Kafka

Equalizing Kafka Level 80, players will need to collect various Ascension materials. These include Voidranger: Reaver drops, Shape Shifter’s Lightning Staff, credits, and EXP items such as Traveler’s Guides, Adventure Logs, and Travel Encounters.

  • To max out all of Kafka’s skills, players will need Voidranger: Reaver drops, Calyx drops, Echo of War drops, and credits.
  • Wildanger will be required to activate all of Kafka’s trace content: River Drops, Calyx Drops, Echo of War Drops, Credits, and Misc. Obsidian items.
  • Players must collect all of these materials to unlock and maximize Kafka’s full potential in Honkai Star Reel.

Kafka’s mastery

How to get Kafka Honkai Star Reel Caressing Moonlight
Affectionate Moonlight Attack

At a basic level, Kafka’s basic attack is known as the midnight tumult. This attack deals lightning damage equal to 50% of its ATK to a single targeted enemy. Known as one of Kafka’s talents. “Lover of the moon,” Deals lightning damage to a single target enemy equal to 80% of its ATK. In addition, it also deals Lightning damage equal to 30% of its ATK to any enemies adjacent to the main target.

  1. If the targeted enemy is under a Damage Overtime (DoT) effect, all active DoTs on that enemy will immediately deal damage equal to 80% of their initial damage.
  2. Kafka’s Ultimate Ability, Twilight Trilldeals Lightning damage to all enemies, equal to 48% of its ATK.
  3. Any enemies hit by this attack have a 100% chance of being stunned, causing them to instantly take damage equal to 80% of their current damage.
  4. When an enemy is stunned, the condition lasts for two turns.
  5. During this time, the affected enemy takes Lightning damage (DoT) equal to 75% of Kafka’s ATK at the start of each turn. The energy cost for this skill is 120.
  6. A skill called “gentle but cruel” belonging to Kafka in Hankai: Star Reel is activated when one of Kafka’s allies attacks an enemy using basic ATK.
  7. Kafka can immediately perform a follow-up attack that deals lightning damage to the same enemy.
  8. When an enemy is affected by the Shocked condition, they take Lightning damage (DoT) equal to 50% of Kafka’s ATK at the start of each turn.


I hope you have learned from this guide. How to get Kafka Honkai Star Rail? All you can do to get Kafka is wait because you can’t get it right now, sadly. Dear Kafka and Honkai: Consider reading the Plot and All Elements Guides to learn more about Star Rail!

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