Honkai Star Rail Triple Verification Door [Guide]


gave Hertia Space Station There is a unique and secure door called a triple authentication door, which ensures an extra level of protection compared to standard doors. As the name “Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication” implies, this particular door requires three separate authentication methods to be granted access.

The door opening process requires the combined use of three separate entry cards. Without the presence of all three cards, the door will remain firmly locked, protecting the contents or areas behind it. This complex security measure is designed to provide enhanced security and ensure that only authorized personnel of the space station can enter.

Triple authentication door Honkai Star rail
Secure door with triple authentication [Image credits: eXputer]

This is the title of the box.

  • The Triple Verification Gate is located at the Hertia Space Station. base zone.
  • To unlock the corridor leading to the door, complete the ‘The road to recovery‘ Side Coast by talking to Arlan and Ibrahim.
  • Three authentication cards are required to open the door:
    1. The first card can be found in a treasure chest after defeating Blaze Out of Space During ‘The road to recovery‘ Quest
    2. The second card can be obtained by talking to the man with the luxurious hair. Master Control Zone After completing ‘The road to recovery‘ Quest
    3. The third card is obtained by solving a puzzle. Storage zone.
  • Inside the gate of triple verification, I will face an uphill battle against a group. The Wildangers.
  • Rewards for completing the challenge include “Map of Seventeen“Success and one 4-star Who says light”The seriousness of breakfast“Which is particularly effective for path-offs. Perception letters

Important: The character names and related data provided here are based on European servers. If you are playing on a different server, names or other details may conflict.

Triple authentication gate detection in Honkai Star Rail

Location of triple verification gateway
The location of the triple verification gateway [Image by eXputer]

The triple authentication gate in the Honkai Star Rail is located in the Hertia space station base zone. Engaging with the door controller will prompt a friendly system, which will inform players that they must first obtain three authentication cards to gain access.

It’s worth noting that, at first, the corridor leading to the triple authentication door may seem inaccessible. Some players, including myself, initially had difficulty determining how to approach the corridor, though opening the door itself proved relatively less challenging.

Road to Honkai Star Reel Revival side quest

A path to recovery
Look for these NPCs for the Road to Revival mission. [image by eXputer]

To successfully unlock the corridor and gain access to the secrets behind the triple authentication door, I had to ‘The road to recovery‘ side search. For this, follow these steps:

  • Start by visiting Arlan, Which can be found on the Hartia space station. Master Control Zone. This will activate the chat. ‘The Way of Being’ The quest
  • Next, make your way base zone. Just outside the right corridor, I met a purple-robed researcher. Ibrahim.
  • Start a conversation with a researcher to learn about a problem that occurs within the corridor and how I can help solve it.
  • Entering the corridor, I found one Void Ranger Finally waiting.
  • Entered the back room. Void RangerI encountered one. Blaze Out of Space Ready for battle?
  • Engage in combat and defeat Blaze Out of Space Claiming a treasure trove of rewards.
  • After winning the battle, go back to the researcher and talk to him to upgrade him. ‘The Way of Being’ The quest

At this point, I had enough access to the Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication door, but I encourage you to complete your search for peace of mind.

Open the door

To discover the secrets hidden behind the door of triple authentication, it is not enough to just look for it. As an avid explorer, I must first embark on a quest to collect three confirmation cards from the Hertia space station’s vast expanses. Only after collecting these precious cards will I finally be allowed to uncover the mystery hidden within the sealed door.

While playing Honkai Star Rail, I’ve noticed that interacting with the controller located just outside the triple verification door gives some hints. However, these indicators can be quite confusing and do not offer a straightforward solution to room access. Here is the detailed way to get each of these three cards.

First card

The starting card you’re looking for can be discovered inside a treasure chest once you’ve successfully defeated the monstrous. Blaze Out of Space. This thrilling encounter takes place near the end of the exciting competition. The road to recovery side search.

As mentioned earlier, to start this exciting mission, you will have to engage in a conversation with him. Arlan I Master Control Zone. After that, start chatting with Ibrahim I base zoneWhich will then give you access to the right corridor.

As you navigate your way through this straight corridor, you’ll eventually reach a showdown with an awesome boss, Blaze Out of Space. Once you manage to conquer this challenging opponent, you will be awarded the first card, which is required to unlock the Honkai Star Rail Triple Authentication door.

the second

How to get another verification card
Obtaining a second verification card [image by eXputer]

Another card can be obtained by engaging in a friendly conversation with the player. A man with luxuriant hair. It can occur in men master control zone, Conveniently near the teleportation zone. A distinguishing feature that helps you identify him is his stylish bob haircut.

However, it’s important to note that it only appears after you’ve completed it. The road to recovery QUEST So, be sure to complete this quest before finding this one.

Be prepared to exercise some patience when looking for that charming character. He will only present you with a second confirmation card after you chat with him a total of five times. While this may seem a bit redundant, remember that persistence pays off, and engaging in these conversations will ultimately get you closer to your goal.

Third Verification Card

Getting the third card
Obtaining a third verification card [image by us]

Getting a third card to unlock the triple verification gate can be quite difficult. In the storage zone, you will find a special room with a puzzle that must be solved to get the card. I have outlined the steps below while maintaining the essential details.

  1. Start by going to Storage zone On the first floor using the lift.
  2. Locate the large container-like area on the map and unlock the gate using the controller.
  3. To tackle the puzzle, I started by going left and bypassing the Orange Bridge, where I encountered some enemies to defeat.
  4. As I progressed, I made sure to interact with every controller I saw and face the enemies that stood in our way. I kept an eye out for the controller hidden behind the boxes and found it easily.
  5. After reaching the final controller, I activated the blue bridge, which took me directly to the special room.
Obtaining a third verification card
Submission of third verification card [image by us]

Once I got to the room, I saw a key card outside, glowing like other collectibles in the Honkai Star Reel. Now grab the confirmation card, and don’t forget to claim the treasure inside the room.

Upon successfully collecting all three required cards, the Trailblazer will be notified with a message indicating that they must make their way. usual place. It can be found in the northern part of the place base zone And indeed there is a triple authentication gate.

Inside the triple verification door

Inside the third confirmation room
Inside the third confirmation room [image by us]

After overcoming the challenges of unlocking the corridor and collecting all three cards, I was filled with anticipation about the treasures that awaited me inside the room. Imagine my surprise when, instead of glittering treasures, I was greeted by a strong group. Voidrangers!

These opponents proved to be quite the challenge, forcing me to retreat during my first encounter. Be prepared, because this battle consists of a two-stage group fight, with each stage presenting its own unique challenges.


Exclusive item in triple verification zone
A special item in the Triple Verification Gateway[imagecredits:eXputer[imagecredits:eXputer[[تصویریکریڈٹ:ایکسپوٹر[[imagecredits:eXputer[

Once you’ve successfully dealt with the opponents, feel free to explore the room and discover the various rewards that await you. There are a few important things to note:

  • Scattered around the room are a collection of notes and books, including a letter from Asta. These items will grant you success. “Map of Seventeen.”
  • At the back of the room is a large tall rare chest.

Upon opening the chest, you will receive one. 4-Starlight Cone Called “Seriously for breakfast.” This light cone is especially effective when equipped with a path. Perception Characters offer the following benefits:

  • A constant 12% damage increase Up to the character who runs it.
  • An additional 8 percent increase I ATK For each enemy you defeat.

It’s worth noting that you’ll get more copies of this light cone as you progress through the main story scenario. With this in mind, you may want to consider Super imposing It further enhances its effects to make your character more powerful.


Honkai Star Rail has proven to be an engaging addition to the Honkai series, offering an engaging plot and an extensive cast of characters that will keep players engaged. With so many DPS characters and a large number of great characters to choose from, players can strategically balance the level for a more rewarding and engaging experience.

By carefully crafting team compositions and utilizing each character’s unique abilities, players can explore the vast universe of Honkai Star Reel, overcome challenges, and ultimately find their way behind the triple authentication door and into the world. can unlock the mysteries beyond.


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