Honkai Star Rail Tier List: All Characters Ranked


Honkai Star Rail contains 24 characters in version 1.0. Most characters are very easy to play, master and main but there are many that do not offer enough value. That is why our Honkai Star Rail tier list is a definitive guide for Gacha players who want to have the best Trailblazers in their team & avoid the underperforming ones.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 24 characters in Honkai Star Rail and I have ranked the complete roster based on my experience, and how they perform overall in the current meta.
  • Here is a breakdown of the 10 best Honkai Star Rail characters in the game:
    1. Gepard: A valiant captain with excellent tanking abilities, high DEF, and impressive crowd control through freezing capabilities.
    2. Seele: A resilient member of Wildfire, excelling in single-target Quantum DMG and stealth abilities.
    3. Bronya: A powerful Wind element Concard providing significant buffs, dispelling debuffs, and granting immediate action to allies.
    4. Yanqing: A formidable Ice element Assassin, specializing in high single-target damage and freezing enemies.
    5. Tingyun: A charismatic Foxian girl with exceptional support skills, including ATK boosting and Energy regeneration for allies.
    6. Bailu: A vital Lightning element character providing strong single-target healing and ally revival capabilities.
    7. Jing Yuan: A powerful Lightning element AOE attacker, summoning the Lightning-Lord for devastating follow-up attacks.
    8. Welt: A wise former Anti-Entropy Sovereign with excellent crowd control, high Imaginary damage output, and synergy with Slowed enemies.
    9. Himeko: A daring scientist with high Fire DMG output and versatile talents, excelling in crowd control and energy regeneration.
    10. Clara: A fearsome attacker specializing in single-target damage, utilizing counterattacks and damage reduction through Svarog’s abilities.  

Here is our Honkai Star Rail Tier List Breakdown:

  1. S+ Tier: Top-tier Trailblazers excelling in DPS, healing, support, or AoE, with minimal drawbacks and exceptional performance.
  2. S-Tier: Excellent Trailblazers slightly below S+ Tier, still providing great gameplay experience and worth mastering.
  3. A-Tier: Balanced and versatile Trailblazers with a steeper learning curve, delivering solid performance once mastered.
  4. B-Tier: Trailblazers with notable drawbacks, awaiting potential buffs in future updates to improve their standing.
  5. C-Tier: Currently underperforming Trailblazers, not recommended for investment until future patches bring improvements.

Comparison Table

Character Names HP DEF ATK SPD TAUNT
Gepard 1397 654 543 92 150
Seele 931 363 640 115 75
Bronya 1241 533 582 99 100
Yanqing 892 679 679 109 75
Tingyun 846 396 529 112 100
Bailu 1319 485 562 98 100
Jing Yuan 1164 485 698 99 75
Welt 1125 509 620 102 100
Himeko 1047 436 756 96 75
Clara 1241 485 737 90 125
Natasha 1164 507 476 98 100
Trailblazer [Fire] 1241 606 601 95 150
Asta 1023 463 511 106 100
Sushang 917 418 564 107 75
Dan Heng 882 396 546 110 75
Pela 987 463 546 105 100
Arlan 1199 330 599 102 125
March 7th 1058 573 511 101 150
Hook 1340 352 617 94 125
Qingque 1023 441 652 98 75
Herta 952 396 582 100 75
Serval 917 374 652 104 75
Sampo 1023 396 617 102 100
Trailblazer [Physical] 1203 460 620 100 125

All Honkai Star Rail Characters comparison:

Tier List At A Glance

Tier Ranking Character Names
S+ Tier Gepard, Seele, Bronya, Yanqing, Tingyun, Bailu, Jing Yuan, Welt
S-Tier Himeko, Clara, Natasha, Trailblazer [Fire], Asta
A-Tier Sushang, Dan Heng, Pela, Arlan
B-Tier March 7th, Hook, Qingque, Herta
C-Tier Serval, Sampo, Trailblazer [Physical]

S+ Tier

Honka Star Rail S+Tier List

The S+ ranking Honkai Star Rail Tier List Trailblazers are the absolute best in the game right now. Be it a DPS, healer, support, or AoE main that you want to play these characters that I have listed below are perfect for you. They do not have serious drawbacks, and even if they have a few, the good features of S+Tier characters outweigh their shortcomings. 


Gepard, the honorable captain of the Silvermane Guards, hails from the prestigious Gepard family. He valiantly defends the frost-laden city of Belobog, ensuring the safety and tranquility of its citizens despite the relentless winter.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1397
DEF 654
ATK 543
SPD 92


  • Excellent tank and shield provider for the team
  • High DEF and freeze capabilities for crowd control
  • Impressive Ice DMG output
  • Unyielding Will talent offers a second chance in battle
  • Boosts team’s Effect RES through Eidolon
  • Synergizes well with various team compositions


  • Limited damage output compared to other characters
  • Slow SPD, potentially impacting turn order
  • Freeze ability is not guaranteed
  • Reliant on specific Light Cones and Relics for optimal performance

Best Usage Of Gepard

The ideal playstyle for Gepard is as a sturdy tank and shield generator. With his impressive DEF stats and abilities, Gepard excels at drawing enemy attention and protecting his teammates from harm. His freezing capabilities allow for effective crowd control, creating opportunities for allies to strike unimpeded. To maximize Gepard’s potential, players should focus on boosting his DEF and Ice DMG through Light Cones and Relics, while pairing him with strong support and DPS characters to balance the team’s offensive output.


Seele, a courageous member of Wildfire, hails from the dangerous Underworld of Belobog. Her experiences growing up have made her resilient and self-reliant.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 931
DEF 363
ATK 640
SPD 115


  • High single-target Quantum DMG
  • Gains SPD and enters buffed state, increasing damage output
  • Stealth ability makes her difficult to detect by enemies
  • Energy regeneration upon defeating an enemy
  • Receives an extra action and increased DMG upon defeating an enemy
  • Various abilities to improve CRIT Rate and DMG


  • Lacks crowd control or AoE damage capabilities
  • Highly dependent on the buffed state for increased damage
  • Relies on defeating enemies to maximize potential
  • Vulnerable to enemies with Quantum resistance
  • Limited utility in team compositions
  • Requires specific team compositions to maximize effectiveness

Best Usage Of Seele

For the best playstyle, Seele should be utilized as a main DPS character, focusing on single-target Quantum damage. Players should capitalize on her speed and buffed state to quickly eliminate enemies one by one. Building a team that complements her abilities and provides buffs, additional turns, and healing is essential to maximize her potential. Pairing Seele with characters like Bronya, Asta, and Bailu can create a powerful and agile team composition that enhances Seele’s damage output while providing necessary support and healing.


Bronya is a powerful Wind element Concard in Honkai Star Rail, known for her supportive capabilities. Her role revolves around bolstering her team’s strength with various buffs and assisting in quick action.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1241
DEF 533
ATK 582
SPD 99


  1. Provides substantial ATK and CRIT DMG boosts to the team.
  2. Dispels debuffs from allies and grants them immediate action.
  3. Increases overall team performance.
  4. Contributes to team agility with Advanced Forward talent.
  5. Eidolon abilities further enhance her supportive skills.
  6. Flexible in various team compositions.


  1. Limited direct damage output.
  2. Support-focused, may not contribute as much to DPS.
  3. Reliant on synergy with other characters to maximize potential.

Best Usage Of Bronya

The best playstyle for Bronya revolves around utilizing her as a powerful support character. Pair her with a strong main DPS, such as Jing Yuan, to maximize the team’s damage output. Also, include Pela for debuffing enemies and Bailu for healing and revival capabilities. Focus on using Bronya’s abilities strategically, dispelling debuffs, and granting additional turns to your teammates when necessary. Additionally, ensure that her buffs are consistently applied to maximize the potential of your entire team.


Yanqing, a formidable Ice element character in Honkai Star Rail, serves as an Assassin in the game. Specializing in single-target damage, Yanqing’s skill set enables him to swiftly eliminate his enemies with precision and power.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 892
DEF 412
ATK 679
SPD 109


  • High single-target damage output
  • Increased CRIT rate and CRIT damage
  • Empathic Sword Link makes him less likely to be targeted
  • Ability to freeze enemies, immobilizing them
  • Effective against targets with Ice weakness
  • Buffs duration increases when defeating an enemy during the Ultimate


  • Reliant on Empathic Sword Link, which disappears when receiving damage
  • Less effective against enemies without Ice weakness
  • Requires specific team compositions to maximize potential

Best Usage Of Yanqing

For the best playstyle, utilize Yanqing as the main damage dealer, focusing on single-target elimination. Prioritize activating and maintaining Empathic Sword Link to maximize his CRIT rate and CRIT damage. Build a team with characters that can support Yanqing, either by increasing his ATK, providing energy, or enhancing his Ice damage capabilities.

Position a tank-type character in your team to draw enemy fire, ensuring that Yanqing’s Empathic Sword Link remains active for as long as possible. This way, Yanqing can capitalize on his skills and maximize damage output, effectively dispatching enemies with his powerful Ice attacks.


Tingyun, a charismatic Foxian girl, serves as the Head Representative of the Whistling Flames, a merchant guild recognized by the Sky-Faring Commission. Her enchanting storytelling abilities have made Xianzhou trade fairs famous across the galaxy.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 846
DEF 396
ATK 529
SPD 112


  1. Exceptional support character
  2. Increases allies’ ATK
  3. Regenerates Energy for target ally
  4. Speed boost to allies after using her Ultimate
  5. Ability to persuade opponents, potentially avoiding conflict
  6. Versatile playstyle options


  1. Not a strong damage dealer
  2. Lacks crowd control abilities
  3. Relies on a well-rounded team for maximum effectiveness
  4. Energy regeneration limited to targeted allies
  5. Can be overshadowed by other support characters

Best Usage of Tingyun

Tingyun is best played as a versatile support character, focusing on enhancing her teammates’ abilities and ensuring that the team operates efficiently. She should prioritize increasing allies’ ATK and regenerating Energy for target allies. Tingyun’s unique persuasive abilities can help avoid unnecessary conflict, which can be especially beneficial in delicate situations.

While she may not excel as a damage dealer, her ability to boost the team’s overall performance makes her a valuable asset in any team composition. Pairing Tingyun with a strong main DPS character and a healer can create a balanced and effective team.


Bailu, a Lightning element character in Honkai Star Rail, serves as the Abundance, providing crucial healing and support to her team to maintain their health.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1319
ATK 562
DEF 485
SPD 98


  • Strong single-target healing capabilities
  • Can revive a downed ally (once per battle)
  • Provides Invigoration buff to allies
  • Increases ally’s max HP temporarily through healing
  • Boosts Outgoing Healing after using Ultimate
  • Reduces damage taken for Invigorated characters


  • Limited to reviving only one downed ally per battle
  • Outgoing Healing reduces after each heal
  • Requires high SPD for optimal performance

Best Usage Of Bailu

For the best playstyle with Bailu, focus on maximizing her healing and support abilities. Equip her with relics that increase healing, HP%, and SPD, such as the Passerby of Wandering Cloud and Sprightly Vonwacq sets. In a team composition, pair Bailu with characters like Jing Yuan (AOE Main DPS), Bronya (Buff), and Pela (Debuff).

This will create a balanced team that can deal high damage, apply debuffs to enemies, and receive buffs to improve overall performance, all while keeping their health sustained through Bailu’s healing capabilities. Ensure that Bailu’s SPD is high enough to quickly provide support when needed and to trigger additional effects, such as advanced forward action upon entering battle.

Jing Yuan

Jing Yuan, a powerful Lightning element character in Honkai Star Rail, excels as an AOE attacker. As the Erudition, he summons the Lightning-Lord to perform follow-up attacks and deal devastating damage to enemies and their adjacent targets.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1164
DEF 485
ATK 698
SPD 99


  • Strong AOE damage output
  • Lightning-Lord’s attacks scale with Jing Yuan’s ATK
  • Command Talisman increases Lightning-Lord’s attack count
  • Synergizes well with Lightning DMG and CRIT Rate boosts
  • Eidolons improve abilities and energy regeneration


  • Dependent on Lightning-Lord for maximum damage potential
  • Loses effectiveness if knocked down or affected by Crowd Control debuff
  • Requires careful management of attack counts and SPD
  • May be challenging for new players to maximize potential
  • Reliant on specific team compositions for optimal performance

Best Usae Of Jing Yuan

For the best playstyle, Jing Yuan should be played as a main AOE DPS, focusing on maximizing the Lightning-Lord’s attack count and taking advantage of debuffs provided by teammates like Pela. Pair Jing Yuan with supportive characters like Bronya for ATK% and additional turn buffs, Pela for defense debuffs, and Bailu for healing and revival capabilities.

Utilize Jing Yuan’s ultimate and skill abilities to continuously increase the attack count and damage output of the Lightning-Lord, while managing his energy and attack count effectively to unleash devastating AOE attacks on enemies.


Welt, the former Anti-Entropy Sovereign, is a wise and sophisticated character in Honkai Star Rail. After embarking on a new journey through a space portal, he encounters new challenges and allies along the way.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1125
DEF 509
ATK 620
SPD 102


  1. Excellent crowd control with Imprisonment effect from Ultimate Skill.
  2. High Imaginary damage output from skills.
  3. Synergizes well with Slowed enemies through his Talent.
  4. Can reduce enemy’s SPD with his Skill.
  5. Multiple enhancements from his Eidolons.
  6. Flexible character that can fit into different team compositions.


  1. Ultimate Skill requires a high energy cost.
  2. Limited to single target damage for Basic Attack and Skill.
  3. Dependent on debuffs for maximum damage potential.
  4. May struggle in battles where enemies resist crowd control effects.

Best Usage Of Welt

The best playstyle for Welt is as a Sub DPS, focusing on utilizing his crowd control capabilities and high Imaginary damage output. He excels in battles where he can synergize with teammates who can slow down enemies, allowing him to deal additional damage through his Time Distortion Talent.

It is crucial to manage his energy for his Ultimate Skill, Synthetic Black Hole, to maximize the Imprisonment effect and delay enemy actions. Pairing him with a team that can support his energy needs and enhance his debuffs is essential for maximizing his potential. Overall, Welt’s versatility and powerful crowd control make him an excellent addition to any team composition.


Honka Star Rail S-Tier List

All the S-ranking characters that I have listed below are amazing ones in the Honkai Star Rail tier list. However, they are not top-tier like the Trailblazers I have mentioned in our S+Tier. Still, if you’re currently playing with any characters from S-tier, then I recommend you continue and learn to master them. They will never let you down.  


Himeko, a daring scientist in Honkai Star Rail, embarked on an interstellar journey after repairing the Astral Express, a train she discovered in her childhood. Her goal is to find companions to join her on the Trailblaze path as they explore the vast universe together.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1047
DEF 436
ATK 756
SPD 96


  • High Fire DMG output
  • Effective crowd control with AoE abilities
  • Energy regeneration with Ultimate skill
  • Versatile Talents for various playstyles
  • Burning Zone from Technique increases enemy Fire DMG vulnerability
  • Effective in breaking enemy Weakness


  • Dependent on Charge stacks for maximum potential
  • Relies on specific team compositions to maximize her potential
  • Limited by Energy cost for some abilities
  • Performance may decrease if enemies are resistant to Fire DMG

Best Usage of Himeko

For the best playstyle, Himeko should be used as a main DPS focusing on dealing Fire DMG to enemies. Players should prioritize breaking enemy Weakness and managing Charge stacks to maximize her potential. Pairing her with supports that enhance Fire DMG, provide Energy regeneration, or debuff enemies with reduced defenses will ensure optimal performance.

Utilizing Himeko’s Technique to create Burning Zones will increase the team’s overall damage output, and synergizing her skills with other characters will lead to efficient enemy crowd control and a powerful team dynamic.


Clara, a Physical element character in Honkai Star Rail, specializes in single-target attacks as the Destruction. Her explosive damage output makes her a fearsome attacker on the battlefield.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1241
DEF 485
ATK 737
SPD 90


  1. High single-target damage potential
  2. Counterattack capabilities through Svarog’s Mark of Counter
  3. Damage reduction and survivability enhancement with Svarog’s protection
  4. Ultimate ability increases chances of being targeted, drawing enemy attention away from allies
  5. Enhanced counterattacks when allies are attacked
  6. Can remove debuffs when attacked


  1. Limited AoE damage
  2. Relies heavily on Svarog’s protection and counterattacks
  3. Can struggle against enemies with high mobility or evasion
  4. Energy cost for Ultimate is relatively high
  5. Vulnerable to crowd control debuffs
  6. Requires specific team composition for optimal performance

Best Usage of Clara

The best playstyle for Clara involves utilizing her as the main DPS character, focusing on her single-target damage capabilities. Ensuring her protection through Svarog’s abilities is crucial to maximizing her potential. Pair Clara with a tank like March 7th to provide shields and counterattacks, a support like Pela to lower enemy defenses, and a healer like Natasha to keep her health topped up. This team composition will allow Clara to efficiently deal high damage while maintaining her survivability, enabling her to dominate the battlefield.


Natasha, a compassionate healer in Honkai Star Rail, excels at keeping her team alive through challenging battles. Her proficiency in healing wounded allies and providing continuous support makes her an invaluable asset in any team composition.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1164
DEF 507
ATK 476
SPD 98


  • Exceptional healing capabilities
  • Removes debuffs from allies
  • Boosts Outgoing Healing when healing low HP allies
  • Weakening effect on enemies
  • Increases Energy Regeneration Rate
  • Offers team-wide healing with her Ultimate


  • Lacks direct damage abilities
  • Reliant on teammates for damage output
  • Limited crowd control options
  • Vulnerable to high-damage enemies
  • Performance dependent on proper team composition
  • May struggle against enemies with healing reduction or immunity effects

Best Usage of Natasha

To maximize Natasha’s potential, it is best to play her as a dedicated healer in a team with strong damage dealers and support characters. Position her behind the front line to ensure she can consistently heal allies, cleanse debuffs, and debilitate enemies with her weakening abilities.

Pairing her with characters that can increase team survivability, such as those with high defense or crowd control, will further enhance her effectiveness. Utilize her Ultimate strategically to heal the entire team and maintain a strong presence on the battlefield.

Trailblazer [Fire]

In Honkai Star Rail, the Trailblazer (Fire) is a formidable tank character that excels at protecting allies and controlling the battlefield. With their powerful shield-generating abilities and fire-based attacks, this Trailblazer is a force to be reckoned with.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1241
DEF 606
ATK 601
SPD 95


  • High defense and damage reduction
  • Ability to generate shields for allies
  • Taunts enemies to focus on them, protecting the team
  • Fire damage for added versatility
  • Enhanced Basic ATK can hit multiple targets
  • Strong synergy with various Eidolons


  • Lower damage output compared to other characters
  • Energy cost of Ultimate can be high
  • Requires proper management of Magma Will stacks for optimal performance
  • Less effective against enemies with high fire resistance

Best Usage Of Trailblazer (Fire)

To maximize the potential of Trailblazer (Fire), a playstyle that focuses on utilizing their tanking abilities and support skills is recommended. Players should prioritize building up Magma Will stacks to enhance their basic attacks, while strategically using their skills to generate shields and taunt enemies.

In addition, equipping the right Light Cones, Relics, and Eidolons can greatly enhance their survivability and utility in battle. Pairing Trailblazer (Fire) with a high-damage main DPS and supportive characters will create a balanced and powerful team capable of tackling various challenges.


Asta, a fiery character in Honkai Star Rail, serves as the Harmony and takes on the role of a Buffer. With her unique skills, she supports her teammates by applying various buffs to enhance their performance in battle.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1023
DEF 463
ATK 511
SPD 106


  1. Boosts teammates’ ATK with Charging stacks.
  2. Increases SPD of all allies through her Ultimate.
  3. Can inflict Burn on enemies with Basic ATK.
  4. Enhances allies’ Fire DMG when on the field.
  5. Gains Charging stacks by hitting different enemies.
  6. Reduces Charging stacks loss with higher Eidolon levels.


  1. Loses Charging stacks at the beginning of each turn.
  2. Requires proper team coordination for maximum effectiveness.
  3. Buffs may not be as impactful without sufficient Charging stacks.
  4. Limited to buffing Fire element characters.
  5. Relies on RNG for her Eidolon abilities.
  6. Vulnerable when Charging stacks are low.

Best Usage of Asta

To maximize Asta’s potential, it is best to play her as a support character, focusing on her ability to buff teammates’ ATK and SPD. Keep her on the field to enhance allies’ Fire DMG and ensure she hits different enemies to gain Charging stacks.

Strategically use her Ultimate to increase the team’s SPD while managing her Charging stacks, allowing her to provide constant support. Asta works exceptionally well in Fire-focused team composition, amplifying their damage output and utility. Pair her with strong DPS characters and healers to create a well-rounded team that can tackle various challenges in the game.


Honka Star Rail A-Tier List

If you’re looking for Trailblazers that are not super OP, but balanced in every aspect, then our A-ranking Honkai Star Rail tier list characters are the perfect fit for it. These characters do have a steep learning curve but once you get the hang of it and learned how to properly utilize these Trailblazers, you’d not have much difficulty in playing Honkai Star Rail using A-tier characters. 


Sushang, a formidable Physical element character in Honkai Star Rail, excels at dealing with massive single-target damage, making her indispensable during fast-paced battles. Her prowess in exploiting Weakness Break and accumulating “Sword Stance” allows her to inflict even greater damage on her foes.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 917
DEF 418
ATK 564
SPD 107


  • Exceptional single-target damage
  • Can capitalize on Weakness Break for increased damage output
  • Accumulates “Sword Stance” to boost damage potential
  • Strong synergy with support characters
  • Versatile in various team compositions


  • Lacks AOE damage capabilities
  • Reliant on specific team compositions for optimal performance
  • May struggle in battles with multiple enemies
  • May be overshadowed by characters with higher burst damage

Best Usage of Sushang

The ideal playstyle for Sushang focuses on maximizing her single-target damage capabilities. Position her as the main DPS in the team, ensuring that she can fully utilize her skills to exploit Weakness Break and accumulate “Sword Stance.” Pair her with support characters like Bronya and Tingyun to enhance her performance, and include a healer like Natasha to maintain the team’s health. By optimizing her role and synergizing with her teammates, Sushang will become a formidable force on the battlefield.

Dan Heng

Dan Heng, a Wind element character in Honkai Star Rail, excels as an Assassin within the Hunt class. Specializing in single-target damage, he boasts a range of skills and abilities that can cripple enemies and enhance his own performance on the battlefield.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 882
DEF 396
ATK 546
SPD 110


  • Strong single-target damage
  • Ability to reduce enemy SPD on CRIT hits
  • Ultimate skill damage increases against Slowed enemies
  • Talents that boost Wind RES PEN and ATK
  • Traces and Eidolons that further enhance his performance
  • Light Cones that support his role as a DPS character


  • Limited crowd control capabilities
  • Potentially less effective against multiple enemies
  • Reliant on CRIT hits for optimal performance
  • May require specific team compositions for maximum effectiveness
  • Requires careful resource management to optimize his build
  • Dependent on his own and teammates’ abilities for optimal results

Best Usage Of Dan Heng

Dan Heng’s best playstyle revolves around his role as a Main DPS character, focusing on single-target damage output. To maximize his potential, Dan Heng should be played as a strategic Assassin, utilizing his skill to reduce the enemy’s SPD upon a critical hit and capitalizing on his Ultimate skill when the target’s SPD is lowered.

Pairing Dan Heng with characters that can provide support, crowd control, or healing, such as Welt, Asta, and Bailu, will help ensure a well-rounded team composition that takes full advantage of his abilities and strengths. Additionally, investing in gear and upgrades that boost his CRIT rate, Wind DMG, and ATK will further enhance his lethality on the battlefield.


Pela, a formidable Ice element Nihility character in Honkai Star Rail, excels at weakening enemies and enhancing her team’s performance. As a debuffer, she specializes in impairing opponents, paving the way for a more seamless victory.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 987
DEF 463
ATK 546
SPD 105


  • Strong Ice element damage dealer
  • Impressive debuffing abilities
  • Effective at removing enemy buffs
  • Synergizes well with other characters
  • Restores Energy when attacking debuffed enemies
  • Increases allies’ Effect Hit Rate


  • May be dependent on specific team compositions
  • Limited to debuffing playstyle
  • Potentially less effective against Ice-resistant enemies
  • Energy restoration reliant on attacking debuffed enemies
  • Requires strategic timing of abilities
  • Might not excel as a standalone damage dealer

Best Usage of Pela

Pela is best played as a debuff-centric support character. Her primary role is to impair enemies, making them vulnerable to her team’s onslaught. In addition to her potent debuffing capabilities, she contributes by removing enemy buffs and increasing allies’ Effect Hit Rate.

To maximize Pela’s potential, pair her with characters who can capitalize on the debuffs she applies. This includes those with high damage output or abilities that exploit debuffed enemies. Properly timing Pela’s abilities to coincide with her teammates’ attacks will ensure optimal damage and an efficient battle strategy.


Arlan is a formidable Lightning element character in Honkai Star Rail, known as the Destruction. They thrive in the frontlines and are most effective when fighting solo, unleashing devastating attacks on their enemies.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1199
DEF 330
ATK 599
SPD 102


  • High damage output with Lightning abilities
  • Gains damage boosts as HP decreases
  • Possesses self-sustaining abilities
  • Can dispel debuffs with Eidolon Level 2
  • Survives fatal blows with Eidolon Level 4
  • Deals increased Ultimate damage when HP is below 50%


  • Skills consume a portion of Arlan’s HP
  • Dependent on low HP for maximum damage output
  • Risky playstyle due to HP management
  • Limited team synergy

Best Usage Of Arlan

The best playstyle for Arlan involves managing their health effectively to maximize damage output while ensuring their survival. Players should take advantage of Arlan’s unique abilities that benefit from lower HP levels, such as Pain and Anger and Self-Sacrifice.

Utilizing Eidolon abilities like Breaking Free and Turn the Tables can help mitigate the risks associated with their playstyle. Although Arlan works best as a solo fighter, pairing them with support characters like Tingyun and Natasha can provide additional assistance in managing Arlan’s health and boosting their damage potential.


Honka Star Rail B-Tier List

As much as I love the higher-ranking Trailblazers, it’s sad to see the Honkai Star Rail tier list B-listers not delivering optimal performance as higher ones. That is because they have drawbacks that are overshadowed by the good features following Trailblazers have. I believe the next in-game patch update may provide necessary buffs and some of the B-tier characters could jump into the A-tier list. 

March 7th

March 7th is a charming and resourceful young girl who seeks to uncover the mysteries of her past. With her camera in hand, she travels on the Astral Express, eager to capture moments that might help her regain her lost memories.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1058
DEF 573
ATK 511
SPD 101


  • Versatile support with shields and crowd control
  • Can freeze enemies, disabling them for a turn
  • Counterattacks when shielded ally is attacked
  • Enhances team survivability with her shields
  • Can remove debuffs from target


  • Reliant on her shields for effectiveness
  • Limited offensive capabilities
  • Requires a team built around her playstyle
  • Susceptible to dispels and crowd control
  • May struggle against enemies resistant to ice damage

Best Usage Of March 7th

The ideal playstyle for March 7th is as a support and tank character. She excels at providing shields for her allies based on her own defense, significantly enhancing their survivability. With her ability to freeze enemies and counterattack when a shielded ally is attacked, she contributes to crowd control and damage output.

Pairing her with a main DPS like Clara, a support character like Pela, and a healer like Natasha, will create a well-rounded team that can withstand and control enemy attacks while dealing consistent damage.


In Honkai Star Rail, Hook is a powerful Fire element character known as The Destruction. She specializes in dealing massive damage to enemies through her attacking skills and ultimate abilities, making her a valuable team DPS member.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1340
DEF 352
ATK 617
SPD 94


  • High damage output with Fire element attacks
  • Abilities to inflict Burn on enemies, increasing overall damage
  • Energy regeneration through Talent, enhancing skill usage
  • Strong Ultimate ability that targets single enemies and enhances the next Skill
  • Versatile build options with various Light Cones and Relics
  • Synergizes well with teammates that support and enhance DPS roles


  • Reliance on Burn effects for optimal damage, which may be resisted by some enemies
  • Requires precise positioning and targeting for maximum damage potential
  • May be overshadowed by other characters in specific team compositions

Best Usage of Hook

The best playstyle for Hook revolves around maximizing her Burn and Fire damage output. To achieve this, players should focus on strategically positioning her to target enemies vulnerable to Burn, while also utilizing her skills and ultimate abilities effectively.

Pairing Hook with support characters that can enhance her ATK or lower enemy defenses, such as Bronya and Pela, and a healer like Bailu can create a well-rounded team that optimizes Hook’s damage-dealing potential. It’s crucial to invest in Light Cones, Eidolons, and Relics that boost her Fire damage, ATK, and CRIT stats to fully unleash Hook’s devastating capabilities.


Qingque, a Diviner in Honkai Star Rail, is known for her laid-back attitude and tile-playing prowess. As a member of the Divination Commission, she uses her unique abilities to deal Quantum damage to enemies and support her allies.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1023
DEF 441
ATK 652
SPD 98


  • High Quantum damage output
  • Versatile support capabilities with jade tiles
  • Passive ability increases damage when holding 4 identical jade tiles
  • Can hold up to 4 tiles and draw 1 at the start of an ally’s turn
  • Ultimate ability deals AoE damage and changes all jade tiles to Fish suit


  • Reliant on RNG to obtain 4 identical jade tiles
  • Cannot use Skill while in “Hidden Hand” state
  • Limited healing capabilities
  • May struggle against enemies resistant to Quantum damage

Best Usage of Qingque

To get the most out of Qingque, focus on a playstyle that capitalizes on her Quantum damage and support abilities. Build a team with a mix of damage dealers, healers, and supports to complement Qingque’s strengths. Ensure Qingque is equipped with Light Cones and Relics that boost her ATK, CRIT, and Quantum damage. The key is to draw and maintain 4 identical jade tiles to maximize her damage output and utilize her Ultimate ability strategically to change all current jade tiles to the Fish suit, which will benefit the entire team.


Herta, a Quantum element character in Honkai Star Rail, is an Erudition capable of dealing massive AoE damage to multiple targets. With her ice-based attacks, she excels in controlling the battlefield and taking down enemies with ease.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 952
DEF 396
ATK 582
SPD 100


  • Excellent multi-target, AoE damage
  • Ice-based attacks effective against various enemies
  • Strong follow-up attacks when enemy HP is below 50%
  • Increased ATK after using Technique
  • Resistant to Crowd Control debuffs
  • Synergizes well with other characters for team composition


  • Reliant on specific team compositions to maximize potential
  • Requires high energy cost for her Ultimate ability
  • May struggle against enemies resistant to Ice DMG

Best Usage of Herta

The best playstyle for Herta is as a Sub DPS, focusing on her AoE damage capabilities. Use her skills strategically to control the battlefield and weaken enemies with her powerful ice-based attacks. When enemies’ HP falls below 50%, Herta’s follow-up attacks deal even more damage, making her a formidable force against weakened opponents.

To maximize Herta’s potential, pair her with characters like Jing Yuan (Main DPS), Tingyun (Support), and Bailu (Healer) to create a balanced team that can handle various challenges. Overall, Herta’s versatility and powerful AoE damage make her a valuable addition to any team.


Honka Star Rail C-Tier

In the current state of Honkai Star Rail, I do not recommend players invest too much time mastering the C-tier characters. They’re really bad in the current version of the game and maybe a future patch could bring a better change to the C-category characters of Honkai Star Rail tier list.


Serval is a formidable Lightning-element character in Honkai Star Rail, known for her AOE attacks and ability to spread Shock among enemies. As the Erudition, she excels at dealing massive damage to multiple targets simultaneously.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 917
DEF 374
ATK 652
SPD 104


  • Strong AOE Lightning damage
  • High chance to apply Shock, amplifying her damage
  • Impressive synergy with her Eidolons, enhancing her abilities
  • Energy regeneration through certain Eidolon skills
  • Can increase her damage against Shocked enemies
  • Versatile with various Light Cone and Relic combinations


  • Reliant on Shock for maximum damage potential
  • May require specific team compositions for optimal performance
  • Vulnerable to enemies resistant to Lightning or with high Effect RES
  • Consumes a significant amount of Energy for her Ultimate ability
  • Potentially outclassed by other characters in single-target situations

Best Playstyle of Serval

The best playstyle for Serval is to focus on her AOE capabilities and Shock application. Build her with Light Cones and Relics that enhance her Lightning damage, ATK, and Effect Hit Rate. Surround her with supportive characters who can provide Energy regeneration, damage amplification, and shield or healing capabilities. Utilize her skills strategically, spreading Shock among enemies and capitalizing on her powerful AOE attacks to deal devastating damage.


In Honkai Star Rail, Sampo is a Wind element character known for her prowess as a team De-Buffer. As a Nihility, she excels at impairing enemies through her skill set, including her ultimate ability which attaches debuffs to opponents.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1023
DEF 396
ATK 617
SPD 102


  • Strong De-Buffer, impairing enemies effectively
  • Wind element, which can synergize with certain team compositions
  • Capable of applying Wind Shear for damage-over-time effects
  • Can inflict Blind status with her technique, providing tactical advantages
  • Bounce effect on her skill allows for multiple enemy hits
  • Gains energy regeneration from her skill traces


  • Limited to Wind element, which may not be optimal for all situations
  • Relies on debuffs for optimal damage output
  • Requires careful management of Wind Shear stacks
  • May be less effective against enemies resistant to debuffs or impairments
  • Energy cost of her ultimate ability can be high
  • Needs specific team compositions to maximize her potential

Best Usage Of Sampo

The ideal playstyle for Sampo revolves around her ability to debuff and impair enemies, working best as a Sub DPS in a team. Players should focus on managing and stacking Wind Shear effects on enemies, taking advantage of Sampo’s Bounce ability to hit multiple targets. Pairing Sampo with characters that can capitalize on debuffs, such as Kafka, will maximize her potential.

Additionally, having a healer like Luocha in the team will ensure her survivability. Utilizing her Blind technique strategically can provide openings for your team to attack without detection, granting them an edge in battle.

Trailblazer [Physical]

In Honkai Star Rail, the Trailblazer (Physical) is a formidable character known for their prowess in dealing physical damage. As a versatile combatant, they specialize in executing powerful single-target and AoE attacks with impressive abilities.

Character Stats

Stat Value
HP 1203
DEF 460
ATK 620
SPD 100


  • High single-target and AoE physical damage
  • Ability to inflict Weakness Break, increasing damage output
  • Healing capabilities for allies through techniques
  • Energy regeneration benefits from Eidolon abilities
  • Strong stacking ATK and DEF buffs from talents and traces


  • Reliance on breaking enemy Weakness for optimal damage
  • Energy management can be challenging
  • Requires specific team compositions for maximum effectiveness
  • Limited crowd control capabilities
  • Best performance requires high investment in gear and upgrades

Best Usage Of Trailblazer (Physical)

To maximize the potential of Trailblazer (Physical), adopt an aggressive playstyle focusing on exploiting enemy Weaknesses. Build the character with high ATK, CRIT Rate, and physical damage percentage to optimize damage output.

Position them as the main DPS in your team, supported by a tank to absorb damage, a healer to maintain team health, and a versatile support character to enhance the Trailblazer’s offensive capabilities. This playstyle ensures the Trailblazer (Physical) can deal consistent damage while the team sustains and supports them throughout the battle.

Honkai Star Rail Tier List Criteria

As a seasoned Gacha game player, my experience has honed my ability to identify and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of various characters in Honkai Star Rail. Drawing upon my vast knowledge of the genre and my familiarity with different gameplay mechanics, I have been able to create a comprehensive tier list that accurately reflects each character’s potential and impact on the game’s meta.

This tier list reflects my personal knowledge about the game and a few tier-ranking suggestions by eXputer’s staff writers. 

Final Remarks

This brings us to the end of our Honkai Star Rail tier list. If you’re new to the game then you must read our Honkai Star Rail Gift Codes, and get free goodies as soon as possible. Other than that, Gacha players will find our
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