Honkai Star Rail Effect Hit Rate [Explained]


The battle system of Honkai Star Reel may seem simple to many gamers but believe me, it is not. gave Turn-based combat The system in Honkai Star Reel may seem simple, but in reality, it required me to pay more attention to team comps, each character’s stats, and how to implement strategies in battle. Also, there is a unique stat known. Impact hit rate, which is used in combat. This stat is not that easy to understand, so I decided to make a detailed guide on it. Honkai Star Rail Effect Hit Rate.

Key takeaways

  • Only characters of The path to activity Can apply debuffs via effect hit rate.
  • Effect Hit Rate is used to apply debuffs to an enemy. RES, SPDand more in Honkai Star Reel.
  • The effect can be increased by hit rate The remainder And the light Cone.
  • The effect hit rate does not guarantee to debuff the enemy.
  • You can guarantee to debuff the enemy by increasing the effect hit rate by more than 100%.

The path to activity

Before understanding what Effect Hit Rate does, you should know what Nihility Path is, as I did. You may already know that the letters of The Path of Intention Can destroy enemies. Although Nihility Path characters can drown enemies, it’s not that likely to happen. Debuffs can reduce enemy resistance, speed, and apply some other effects.

Welt skills

As you can see above, the Welt skill can debuff enemies, and it has 61% to apply the debuff. The debuff will increase the target’s SPD by 15% for 2 turns.

Impact hit rate

With debuffs, I was able to win more quickly, but had less chance of applying the debuff. But when it comes to effect hit rate. This effect is a stat that increased my character’s chance to debuff an enemy, which made me defeat the enemy even faster.

Most skills have a low base chance to debuff the enemy, so you’ll need to focus more on increasing the character’s rate of effect. I used Light cone and residue To increase my character’s effect hit rate so they can apply debuffs more often. Also, a 100% effect hit rate doesn’t mean your character will apply a debuff to the enemy.

Light cones to increase impact hit rate

You should keep in mind that all enemies have one. 20% effect RES They are not weak against an element. If your ice character with a 100% effect hit rate is applying debuffs to enemies strong against ice, that debuff is not guaranteed to apply. So it can reduce the consistency of your characters to apply debuffs more often, which can be a disadvantage for you.

However, I found a solution to this as I increased the effect hit rate to over 100%, Which guaranteed my characters to drown the enemies.. But you should consider a balanced build and not focus too much on effect hit rate.

Impact Hit Rate vs Crate Rate – What’s the difference?

Impact hit rate and crit rate are two completely different things. Impact Hit rate, as discussed earlier, slows down enemies and gives you a chance to take advantage of combat. Meanwhile, the crit rate allows you to land something. On the basis of the important major achievements of the enemies on your Crit DMG.

Final remarks

That’s almost everything you’ll ever want to know. Honkai Star Reel Hit Impact Rate. While it’s important to constantly debuff a character, you should also manage other stats. While you’re at it, check out our guide to the best DPS characters in Honkai Star Rail and learn about their pros and cons. Additionally, check out the Light Cones guide, as it also helps with debuffing.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Best Team Composition Guide, as there you will find the best team compositions that will help you win battles. With that, hopefully, you’ll have fun playing Honkai Star Rail while debuffing enemies using Effect Hit Rate.

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