Honkai Star Rail: Best Light Cones For Each Path


Honkai Star Rail’s best Light Cones are the absolute peak attachments you can get for your in-game characters. These cones act as enhancements and you can usually find them via world exploration, challenges, quests, or progressing the story. And as for the benefits, they can drastically increase your’s characters attributes like strength, recovery, and general overall quality, while also adding unique skills to your special attacks.

Key Takeaways

  • There are roughly over 60 unique Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail, each exclusive to a specific Path.
  • Light Cones act as attachments that improve character stats like ATK, DEF, and HP. SPD, and Crit Rate, while also adding some unique special abilities, also known as Superimposition.
  • The best Light Cones for each Path in Honkai Star Rail goes as follows:
    1. Harmony
      • But the Battle Isn’t Over
      • Memories of the Past
    2. Erudition
      • Before Dawn
      • Night of the Milky Way
    3. Destruction
      • On the Fall of Aeon
      • Something Irreplaceable
    4. Hunt
      • In the Night
      • Sleep like the Dead
    5. Nihility
    6. Abundance
      • Time Waits for No One
      • Echoes of the Coffin
    7. Preservation
      • Textures of Memory
      • Moment of Victory
  • Upgrading a Light Cone improves its base stat figures as well as its Superimposition ability.
  • After obtaining a Light Cone, players can equip it by simply heading into their Characters’ Menu via the Shortcut Wheel, going to the Light Cones’ tab of their character, and selecting from a list of available items.

Honkai Star Rail Best Light Cones

There are more than 60 Light Cones in Honkai Star Rail, each with its abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and preferred classes. While the base stats of these Cones may vary, their Superimposition ability is what truly shows if the attachment is game-changing or not.

Important: it’s worth noting that each cone’s compatibility depends on the character’s path, which is essentially your class in Honkai Star Rail.

The Harmony

Harmony Path characters focus on applying buffs to both themselves and their allies. This includes adding certain passive and active enhancements that either have an immediate effect or set themselves up for the next round. As such, the Light Cones for this class will highlight that aspect and give your team unique powerups mid-combat.

But The Battle Isn’t Over

  • When it comes to applying buffs to yourself and your teammates, nothing does it better than this Light Cone.
  • This item, once equipped, increases your Energy Regeneration Rate by a respectable 10%.
  • Apart from that, you also recover 1 Skill Point after using your Ultimate on an ally, but this ability is limited to occur once every 2 Ultimate uses.
  • Also, after you use your Skill, your next ally to attack will get a further +30% DMG for a single turn.
  • So with all the cards laid on the table, this attachment heavily focuses on teamwork and ensuring that the wearer stays alive to give and receive buffs throughout the battle continuously.
harmony light cone honkai star rail
But the Battle Isnt Over Light Cone (Screenshot by eXputer)

Memories Of The Past

  • Memories of the Past is a powerful 4-Star Light Cone that increases your Break efficiency by 28%.
  • Furthermore, all of your attacks can now regenerate 4 Energy, but this ability only activates once per turn.
  • Upgrading this Light Cone adds +7% Break Damage and +1 Energy recovery upon every attack.
  • So, all things considered, Memories of the Past is extremely useful for supporting characters kept for efficiently dealing Break damage.

The Erudition

The Erudition Path has one of the largest groups of characters in its class. As such, it’s likely you’ll be having at least 1 or 2 of them on your team. The attacks used in this path primarily deal with AoE damage, so the effectiveness of the Light Cones depends on hitting multiple targets simultaneously or ensuring that each attack hits several intended targets.

Before Dawn

  • While this 4-Star Light Cone is generally considered niche since characters rarely have follow-ups, it is extremely useful for those who do.
  • It increases the wearer’s Crit DMG by 32% which goes up to 64% once fully upgraded.
  • Furthermore, your Skill/Ultimate DMG boosts by 20%, which you can also upgrade to 40%.
  • After the wearer uses their Skill or Ultimate, an ability called Somnus Corpus is activated.
  • And once you do a follow-up attack, this ability is triggered, and your next attack’s DMG increases by 48%.
before dawn cone
Before Dawn Light Cone (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Night Of The Milky Way

  • If you find yourself in a long, multi-phase fight against fodder enemies and bosses, this is the best attachment for the arena.
  • Depending on how many enemies are on the field, your ATK increases by 9%, which further stacks up five times.
  • However, this Light Cone shines when you pair it alongside a team focused on depleting an enemy’s Toughness meter.
  • Fully draining the Toughness meter automatically initiates the enemy’s Weakness Break, a debuff that lets you do significantly more damage to that enemy.
  • And once someone is inflicted with that Break, the wearer’s damage further increases by 30% during that turn.
  • Overall, Night Of The Milky Way’s base stats can raise your damage output by a whopping 39% in a perfect scenario, allowing you to melt through enemy HP easily.
night on the milky way honkai star rail
Night on the Milky Way Light Cone (Image Captured by eXputer)

The Destruction

If you’ve been playing Genshin or any gacha games, you’ll likely refer to this Path as the DPS class. Destruction characters have the highest damage potency of any other character in Honkai Star Rail. Thus, their compatible Light Cones highlight that offensive aspect and make your HP-melting forerunners even more powerful.

On The Fall Of Aeon

  • For DPS characters looking to boost their damage numbers by a considerable margin, this 5-Star Light Cone will easily do the trick.
  • On the Fall of an Aeon is primarily focused on damage output, increasing your ATK stat by 8% per turn and stacking up to 4 times.
  • Additionally, if you inflict a Break on an enemy, the ATK further increases by 12% for the next two turns.
  • As seen, this is a great choice for DPS characters that cause Break damage.
  • On top of that, you can also pair this Light Cone with a Harmony character using Memories of the Past or other Light Cones that also encourage Break Damage.
on the fall of aeon cone
On The Fall of Aeon Light Cone (Image by eXputer)

Something Irreplaceable

  • If you have a DPS character that’s clearly the highlight of your team, you’ll want to pair them up with this attachment.
  • “Something Irreplaceable” is an extremely powerful 5-Star Light Cone that increases the wearer’s ATK by 24%.
  • When the wearer defeats an enemy or takes damage, this Light Cone also lets them restore 8% of their total ATK as health.
  • And moreover, you’ll also do 24% more DMG until the next turn.
  • With a minimum damage boost guarantee of 48% with some additional HP recovery, nothing screams offense-based more than this attachment, which you can pair up with your star character and swoop enemies off the battlefield.
honkai star rail light cone for destruction
Something Irreplaceable Light Cone (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

The Hunt

The Hunt is another Path where characters in this class are mainly considered DPS. However, unlike Destruction, The Hunt prioritizes Crit DMG and Crit Rate, 2 attributes that can let your character do considerably more damage per turn. And given those feature sets, The Hunt’s Light Cones are the best in Honkai Star Rail for improving your Crit attributes.

In The Night

  • In The Night is a great offense-based attachment for raising a character’s overall Crit Ratio, as this 5-Star Cone increases your Crit rate by 18%.
  • This incentive is further complimented by the +12% Crit DMG boost from the Light Cone, which you can stack up to 6 times.
  • On top of that, for every 10 SPD above the character’s standard 100, your normal and skill attacks deal 6% more damage.
  • So if you have any SPD-increasing Light Cones like Adversarial, consider using that with this attachment.
honkai light cone
In The Night Light Cone (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Sleep Like The Dead

  • “Sleep like the Dead” is another 5-Star increases the wearer’s Crit DMG by 30%, going up to 50% with a full upgrade.
  • If the wearer’s base and/or skill attack does not make a Crit attack in the current round, your chances of getting the next turn are significantly increased, with a +36% Crit Rate, also peaking at 60% once you push it to Level 5.
  • Whilst this effect only occurs once per 3 turns, this Light Cone is generally a great alternative to the aforementioned attachment and the top choice for characters with an extremely damage-heavy Crit Attack.
sleep like the dead cone honkai star rail
Sleep like the Dead Light Cone (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The Nihility

Unlike the previous Paths, Nihility doesn’t necessarily focus on strengthening your team. Instead, players in this class are expected to debuff enemy attacks and reduce their overall lethality. So with the debuff aspect in play, you should expect their Light Cones to promote passive abilities.

In The Name Of The World

  • If your team is exclusively reliant on debuffs, this is one of Honkai Star Rail’s best Light Cones for that play style.
  • In the Name of the World is quite a niche for a 5-Star item but still works extremely well with debuff-focused teams.
  • When an enemy is debuffed, the character with this Light Cone gets a +24% ATK boost.
  • And when using their Skill, the wearer’s Effect Hit Rate also gets a +18% boost, with the attack itself doing 24% more damage.
  • As seen, this is a strong Light Cone you can apply on Nihility supports, generally reducing the overall difficulty of fights as soon as the enemy gets debuffed.
Honkai Star Rail light cone for nihility
In the Name of the World Light Cone (Image Source: eXputer)

The Abundance

Characters with the Abundance Path mainly serve as healers and support characters in Honkai Star Rail. Therefore, the Light Cones for this path should either exclusively amplify their role or add quality buffs to make them even more powerful as an individual character.

Time Waits For No One

  • This is easily one of the best attachments in Honkai Star Rail for raising your HP, as the Light Cone’s wearer gets a +18% boost to their max HP as well as a +12% increase to their outgoing healing.
  • On the other hand, this item can indirectly improve your damage output based on your healing ability.
  • Once you heal an ally, Honkai Star Rail records the amount of healing you did, and when the opponent launches an attack in their turn, a random enemy who was previously attacked takes additional DMG equal to 36% of the recorded healing.
  • However, this ability also triggers once per round, so you can’t spam or stack it up.
  • So for this to effectively work, you should use the Time Waits For No One Light Cones alongside items and attachments that improve your outgoing healing.
healer light cone
Time Waits for No One Light Cone (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Echoes Of The Coffin

  • Echoes of the Coffin is a 5-Star Light Cones that initially increases your ATK by 20%.
  • Additionally, after using your ultimate attack, all the members in your party gain +16 SPD for the next turn.
  • As a recovery bonus, you also gain +5 Energy for each target of your attacks.
  • However, this bonus is capped to an extent since you can recover Energy three times at maximum with chained attacks.
  • With each upgrade to this attachment, you’ll receive a +4% ATK and +4 SPD boost.
  • This light cone is a great choice for characters heavily reliant on their ultimate, as well as for those characters that act as supports and buff their team members.
  • Furthermore, it’s an ideal choice for Abundance characters since it can also give them enough attack power to be offensive, improving their versatility.
  • As such, if you do plan to use this Light Cone, make sure you’re always on the character’s offensive front.

The Preservation

Characters from the Preservation Path are another form of support characters that improve the durability of both themselves and their allies. And as you’ll see, the items and attachments, including Light Cones, from this class showcase and strengthen those factors.

Textures Of Memory

  • This Light Cone increased the wearer’s Effect resistance by 8%.
  • Additionally, If an attacker deals damage to the wearer while the wearer does not have an active shield, the wearer’s armor will activate a shield worth 16% of their total HP for the next 2 turns, although this effect only applies once per 3 turns.
  • Furthermore, If the wearer has an active shield, it reduces the damage they receive by 12%, effectively increasing their HP.
  • While still considered somewhat niche, this Light Cone is a healthy choice if you have an open slot and your character is in need of health more than damage output.

Moment Of Victory

  • Moment of Victory is the only 5-Star Light Cone on this list and one of the only items in Honkai Star Rail that directly increases DEF.
  • This Light Cone increases your DEF as well as your Effect Hit Rate by 24%, both of which go up to 40% each once you’ve upgraded the item to Level 5.
  • But that’s not all, as the wearer also gets an additional +24% DEF after being attacked, and this effect lasts until the wearer’s turn.
  • So in conclusion, if you feel like one of your characters’ HP isn’t tanky enough, Moment of Victory will certainly bring it up to par.
preservation light cone honkai star rail
Moment of Victory Light Cone (Image Source: eXputer)

Final Remarks

That wraps up our guide on Honkai Star Rail’s best Light Cones for making your team even more reliable. As always, the grind for these 4 and 5-Star items is a challenging task, but the payoff is certainly worth it. And depending on your path, you can try several combinations to see which one suits you the most. Light Cones are a new concept in MiHoyo’s catalog so that you can learn more about the community’s sentiment toward them in this Subreddit Post.

Check out our Honkai Star Rail Character Ranking to match your best Light Cones with the right teammates. Besides that, use your discovered attachments to easily take out mobs like the Warp Trotters and gain exciting rewards. And for learning more about Honkai Star Rail’s mechanics, here’s a guide on Star Rail’s all Elements.


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