Hogwarts Legacy is already live on Twitch through multiple streamers.


Highlights of the story

  • Many streamers are currently playing Hogwarts Legacy on Twitch, which has led to a plethora of new spoiler-filled details.
  • However, the developers have been quick to take action against the leakers. Despite this, some streamers still remain online.
  • Streamers have been playing the game since the beginning, and one of the streams has amassed nearly 400 viewers.
  • The leaks include a leaked video of the game map, various quests and character interactions, spell names, and an in-depth look at the character editor.

As Hogwarts Legacy draws closer to its long-awaited launch, a number of leaks have started to emerge from various parts of the web. For example, many streamers have already obtained a copy of the game a week before its early access. In other words, the game has gone live on the Twitch platform multiple times today.

A number of streamers have finally started popping up today, suggesting that multiple copies of the game have allegedly leaked ahead of its official release. One of the streamers Named gzuz1909. Playing Hogwarts Legacy without ban for more than 2 hours.

The game is being streamed in English, and the gameplay currently features quests with NPCs. Cutscenes also include multiple responses to choose from when interacting with NPCs.

Hogwarts Legacy’s 2-hour long stream leaks essential gameplay and story moments.

The streamer looked at all the spell names available in the menu. Hence, the live stream featured various eye-catching spells and prominent character interactions, leading to some interesting comments from viewers. However, we will not reveal this search details and other details to ensure that there is no error.

About 400 viewers are currently enjoying the spoiler-filled gameplay live. However, considering the other Lakers, the streak could be taken down soon. Another streamer Named “sagittarius_r”. Was able to play Hogwarts Legacy in German for a good while before logging off to “relax” after a good session.

The gameplay included spoiler-filled moments that also revealed the menu, various non-playable characters, a detailed look at the character editor, and other interesting details that have been all the talk of the gaming world.

The streamer in question has not yet been banned at the time of writing. He also noted that the stream “may return after2h.” Regardless, this is only possible if the leaker goes unnoticed for long periods of time, which is unlikely considering the Hogwarts Legacy team’s quick action behind the scenes.

Another leaker reportedly managed to stream the game on Twitch for 2 hours straight before the ban hammer hit the profile. According to eyewitnesses, the now-disappearing stream included an assortment of interesting details.

A Twitter user managed to save 44 seconds. Hogwarts Legacy map video Before Warner Bros. stopped the entire series leaking the map.

Viewers are not sure how these streamers got a copy of Hogwarts Legacy. The leading theory suggests that it was employees of retail stores who were able to access the game. However, the ban will be lifted next Monday. Another unconfirmed speculation notes that the game was mistakenly shipped to many people early.

This is certainly not the first leak that the Hogwarts legacy has suffered. For example, the game’s artbook was leaked online a few weeks ago, containing new details on the map, characters, and more.

Overall, much of the game may be leaked before its expected release, and it will become more difficult for developers to take action as more leakers appear on Twitch and other platforms. Check out our take on the Hogwarts Legacy preview in a new video below:

What are your thoughts on Hogwarts Legacy reportedly getting into the hands of various streamers on the Twitch platform? Do you think the game will continue to receive leaks in a few days before it is finally released? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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