Hitman players on Stadia will be able to transfer their progress to other platforms.



With the impending shutdown of game streaming service Google Stadia, independent game developer IO Interactive Explained how Stadia players can make their transfers. Hitman – The World of Murder Development on other platforms.

IO Interactive is working on a Stadia Progression Carryover tool, which enables players to carry their campaign progress, XP, challenge status, item unlocks, skill levels, and achievements from Stadia to any platform. Hitman 3 Available, including Epic and Steam on PC, Xbox and PlayStation.

The company is working to make the tool available at least a week before Stadia takes its last breath on January 18, 2023. However, players can get ready as soon as possible by linking their Stadia account to their IOI account. To create an IOI account, launch Hitman – The World of Murder On Stadia, go to the “IOI Account” section, enter your email address and follow the instructions. You can also visit the IOI account website and check if the correct Stadia account is listed under your ‘Linked Accounts’.

IO Interactive warns that if you don’t link your Stadia account to an IOI account before January 18, it will be impossible to transfer your game progress. The deadline to start the transition is February 17, 2023 at 9:00 AM UTC.

Some exclusive items that launched on Stadia, such as the Sunset Rubber Duck, Orange Pinstripe Briefcase, and White Sunset Suit will not be part of the Stadia Progression Carryover. IO Interactive, however, plans to release them to all players in a future patch.

Back in October, Ubisoft announced that those who purchased Ubisoft titles on Stadia would be able to transfer them to their PCs. The CD is also in Project Red. It detailed how Stadia players can transfer their files to PC..


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