Hiko Valorant Settings: Setup, Controls, Crosshair [2023]


gave Famous pro CS:GO player Heiko is now playing Valorant professionally as a part. Team 100 Thieves. As with everyone else Competitive sportsmany players prefer to follow the professionals. Settings in the gameEven in Valorant. So, for those who want to follow Hiku, here is a guide for them. Heku’s Heroic Settings.

Key highlights

  • Hiko Another is a professional CS: Go The player who is now Professionally Play brave.
  • Hi-key restrictions
    • Go left shift.
    • Crouch left control
    • Mouse wheel jump down.
    • Use ObjectF.
    • Ultimate X
    • Hico crosshair setting
    • Outlines on
    • Outline Opacity 1
    • Outline thickness 1
    • Center dot off
    • DPI (dots per inch) 1600
    • Sensitivity 0.360
    • Scope Sensitivity Multiplier 1
    • Polling rate 1000 Hz
    • Multi-threaded rendering on
    • Resolution 1680×1050
    • Aspect ratio 16:10
    • Display Mode Full Screen
    • Material quality medium
  • They are included in this guide. Equipment That Hiko uses

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Hiko Valorant settings

Heiko is playing in a tournament.
Hiko’s latest game settings for Valorant.

Valorant’s growing popularity in the competitive gaming scene has introduced us to many new professional players such as Hiko, Wardell, and many more. Apart from new players, many CS:GO veterans have now started to migrate from CS:GO to Valorant, and Hiko is one of them. His playstyle includes stealth and solo site play. Which often leaves him in crazy clutch situations like 1v5. Known for his machine-like reflexes, Heiko is one of the best CS:GO/Valorant players.

Now for players who wish to play as Hiko, here is a detailed guide on his settings in Valorant. We hope this helps you. We’ve also covered keybindings, video, crosshairs, and mouse settings to use while playing casual and competitive modes in Shroud and Scream Valorant. Apart from copying the settings of professional players, you should also have the best Valorant settings when playing the game on PC.

Hiko basic key constraints

Key limitations of Hiku include basic movements such as walking, bending and using abilities. Together these are the foundations of a player’s personalized settings that define their unique play style. The basic key restrictions of Hiko are given in the table below. Note the differences between your settings and his setup and see if you can make any improvements to your setup.

Name of the setting Binding of Hico
Walk Left shift
Crouch Left control
jump Mouse wheel down
Use the object. F
The Ultimate x
Use \ equipped ability 1 C
Use the ability 2 Question
Use the ability 3 E
Equip basic weapons. 1
Equip secondary weapons. 2
Equip melee weapons. 3
Equip the spike. 4

Hico crosshair setting

When it comes to first-person shooter games, the style of your crosshairs matters. Nothing is more important and personal to a player’s settings than the crosshairs. Also, check Subroza Valorant Settings: Cruiser, Controls, Display for a reasonable comparison.

The type of crosshair that works for you may depend on your playstyle and instincts. You may prefer circle crosshairs or dot crosshairs. However, if your playing styles are similar, there is a high chance that your crosshair selection will be similar. Heiko’s crosshair perfectly complements his play style. Now that Valorant allows you to save up to ten crosshair settings simultaneously, it means you can experiment with different crosshairs as much as you want. Aside from having the best crosshairs in the game, you should also master the best Valorant tips to win more matches. Here are Hiko’s crosshair settings for you to try and see if it feels comfortable.

Name of the setting Hico crosshair setting
The color of the crosshairs green
sketch On
Outline Opacity 1
Outline thickness 1
Center dot Close
Center dot thickness
Show inner lines. On
Inner line opacity 1
Inner line length 3
Inner line thickness 2
Internal line offset 5
Show outer lines. Close
Outer line opacity/length/thickness/offset (-, -, -, -)
Movement disorders. Close
Correcting the error Close
Firing error. Close

Note that these settings correspond to Hiko’s latest crosshairs, as seen in his streams. You will not see any settings in the Center Dot and Outlines section in the table above. These are closed because the Hiko’s current crosshair is simple and has no center dot or outer lines.

Since you set both Center Dot and Outlines to Off, their values ​​will not affect the shape of your crosshairs. We suggest you try the settings above first, then mess around a bit to see if any other changes feel more comfortable. However, if you want to know more about your crosshair options in Valorant, you can read the best Valorant Crosshair settings.

Heco Mouse Settings

A discussion on, of course Heku’s Heroic Settings It would be incomplete if we did not mention its mouse settings. Especially in the context of first-person shooter games, your mouse is the single most important part of your equipment. The sensitivity of your mouse mainly depends on the movement of your muscles. Therefore, changing your mouse settings can improve or worsen your performance in games.

The important part is to make small changes and see what feels most comfortable. Professional players like Brax and Sack also use custom mouse settings while playing games. Anyway here are Hiko’s mouse settings in Valorant.

Name of the setting Configuration of the Hico Mouse
DPI (dots per inch) 1600
Sensitivity 0.360
Scope Sensitivity Multiplier 1
Polling rate 1000 Hz
Windows sensitivity 6
EDPI (Effective Dots Per Inch) 576

EDPI is a constant value calculated by multiplying your mouse DPI by the sensitivity in your game. EDPI is helpful because now you can have the same sensitivity even if your mouse doesn’t match the DIP heco.

Video settings

Contrary to popular belief, many professional gamers don’t play at high graphics settings because they have better gear. Many players like to keep their settings low to increase their FPS (frames per second). For reference, here are Hiko’s video settings. Try them yourself and see if it helps you in your games. Check if the added FPS makes a difference in your performance.

Name of the setting Hico video setting
Multi-threaded rendering On
Resolution 1680×1050
Aspect ratio 16:10
Display mode Full screen or big screen
Content quality medium
Structure criteria less
Quality of detail less
UI quality less
Vignette Close
We sink Close
To give an opposite title No one.
Anisotropic filtering 1X
Improve clarity Close
opening up Close
distortion Close
FPP Shadow Close

Now the details end. Hiko Valorant settings. However, the debate is far from over. Now we’ll go through Hiko’s gaming setup and gear. Here are the details for players who want to do similar builds and who want to compare their setups.

Heco gaming setup and gear

Hiko during a tournament
Hiko’s gaming setup.

As everyone already knows, you can’t just use any hardware to play games if you want to play professionally. Most professional gamers use special or dedicated equipment to perform in tournaments. Such equipment certainly does not come cheap. Its setup is not easy on the pocket, especially when we talk about a well-known player like Heiko.

Keyboard: XTRFY K4 TKL RGB

Nothing says gamer like an RGB mechanical keyboard. That’s why Hico uses the XTRFY K4. Which is a compact mechanical keyboard, and from a gaming perspective, its keys feel great, and the RGB is a bonus. So if you are into good and compact gaming keyboards with RGB, you should check this out.

Monitor: Alienware AW2521H

A monitor is an important part of any gaming rig. Apart from being the main source of aesthetics in your build, you also need to make sure it provides the resolution and framerate you need. Hiko uses an Alienware AW2521H. It has a 24.5-inch FHD screen with an impressive 360Hz refresh rate.

Headset: JBL Quantum One

When it comes to competitive games like Valorant, your choice of headset matters. Especially for competitive games like Heiko for players who must pull off the craziness in their matches.

Because of this, Hiko uses the JBL Quantum One which is not only advertised for gaming but also extremely comfortable, so you can enjoy your long gaming sessions comfortably. On top of that, these headphones come with a detachable boom microphone which is a big plus point if you use a separate mic and don’t want the default mic getting in your way.

Mouse: Final Mouse Starlight-12

We think it would be impossible to finish a guide on one’s setup without mentioning one’s mouse. This is one of the most important components of a gamer’s setup in their mouse. However, the perfect mouse can be different for different people as it depends a lot on your playing style, hand preferences and hand size.

Therefore, we would suggest you to get a mouse that makes you feel more comfortable. However, since this is a guide on setting up Hiko, it’s important to mention his mouse preferences. Hiko uses the Finalmouse Starlight-12, a great wireless mouse with great and crispy side buttons. Its most important redeeming quality is its weight, which is about 47 grams for the medium variety.

Hence, it is a great choice for players who prefer lightweight mice. Currently, they are all sold out on Finalmouse’s official website, so you may have to check different websites like Amazon for availability. Depending on the style and size, the price may vary, but you can get it for around $190.

That concludes our guide. Heku’s Heroic Settings: Setup and Gear. Please let us know what changes you make to your setup after reading this.

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