Hi-Fi Rush releases on Steam with a 99% positive user score.


Highlights of the story

  • Hi-Fi Rush has a 99% approval score on Steam since launch.
  • The surprise launch has won over fans, who love the cartoonish brawling game.
  • Leaks told us a while back that Tango Gameworks was the developer.

Xbox I was criticized a lot 2022 To no longer release console-exclusive titles. but, 2023 It’s already looking like an even better year with 2 exclusive games coming out on Xbox Game Pass within a week. One of them is Bethesda and Tango Gameworks’ Hi-Fi Rush, and it’s apparently pretty good.

The game has opened on Steam to an extremely positive reception, with 99% Reviews about being good. Considering it has 238 reviews so far, this is a great start for Hi-Fi Rush.

Hi-Fi Rush first caught the eye of fans when ZeniMax filed a Trademark two years ago. Similarly, three months ago, the company officially… Trademarked the logo. of that name, and players immediately got the scoop. After that, a new leak told us that the game is in development at Bethesda.

Hi-Fi Rush
Reviews of HiFi Rush on Steam are very positive.

Last night, there was a surprise launch at Hi-Fi Rush. Xbox Developer Direct Showcase. Featuring a colorful main character named The tea, it’s a rhythm brawl that takes place in a sci-fi world. You have to defeat enemies including robots to deal more damage.

At the showcase, the game’s trailer received positive reception. Now, it looks like it’s added to the reviews too as Hi-Fi Rush is gaining global acclaim. 99% of 238 Steam user reviews Are positive about the game.

So, fans seem to be loving it Tango Gameworks A departure from horror games to cartoony rhythm action adventures. It was directed by John Johannes, who also supervised. Evil within 2, following beat plays is key as you will connect better with your skills. Many of the items were already leaked at Hi-Fi Rush, but it’s great to see them in action.

Oh User Compiled on ResetEra. All leaks about this project on the forum. One of them was a leak of Long Jun Silver that showed us Hi-Fi Rush Design and Art. You can see how it matches the trailer and one user initially spotted the developers.

User Globe Gamer As talked about it 15,848th answer On a megathread about Bethesda and Xbox. So he didn’t get much attention.

He found out that the artist responsible for creating the character designs was outsourced to Bethesda. Simply put, he worked in a company. Impossible whose gaming division mostly works for ZeniMax Studios.

Hi-Fi Rush character art
Character design from Jamie Martin

Jamie Martin The name of the concept artist/designer who works for Improbable’s game division was, Multiplayer group. over it website, the gaming division has listed some of the gaming studios that have outsourced work to it. And, right in front of that interface is the Bethesda name.

Multiplayer Group has also worked with other Bethesda-affiliated studios, according to the website. ZeniMax Online, Arcane StudiosAnd Machine games He has many companions. So, it was a big giveaway that one of its artists leaked a concept art based on ZeniMax’s trademark.

Guessing from Martin’s Art Stationmany assumed that one of ZeniMax’s studios was working on it. Sci Fi A post on the gaming r/GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit suggests that Hi-Fi Rush is actually in development. Tango Gameworks, a subsidiary of ZeniMax. Now that the game is out, we know that these leaks were indeed true.

Long-Jun Silver also hinted in a Reddit leak that it would be a shooter when he responded by saying “Concept design for a sci-fi character, from an unreleased shooter game demo” As we can see in the character concept art, the game gives off a sci-fi shooter vibe. But, that turns out to be partially wrong because Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm brawler with sci-fi elements, not a shooting game.

HiFi Rush Bethesda
Hi-Fi Rush concept art

Some thought the hi-fi rush would be one. AAA open world game, but as we know, this is also wrong. Hi-Fi Rush will be a story-driven game that you can play linearly. The leak that was finally correct was a deleted Reddit post.

That said, the hi-fi rush is one. A rhythm breaker Inspired by jet set radio. As we can see in the trailer, Bethesda is exactly that and takes a lot of inspiration from the game. You can experience the dynamic adventure for yourself as Hi-Fi Rush is available on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

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