Hi-Fi Rush is a wonderful time machine from 2005.


Highlights of the story

  • Hi-Fi Rush is a recently released action game by Tango Gameworks, makers of The Evil Within games and Ghostwire Tokyo.
  • The game is a heartfelt reminder of 2005-era pop culture, from its music to its general vibe.
  • Hi-Fi Rush feels like it’s from the heyday of Clover Studios, with many of Clover’s talents currently working at Tango Gameworks.

Hi-Fi Rush is one of the most surprising releases in recent memory. Released into the wild without any prior marketing campaign, it ended up being a huge hit. While there were many factors to its success, what really helped was the fact that the game is just… seriously good.

The game itself is developed by Tango Gameworks, the talent behind The Evil Within series and last year’s massively underrated Ghostwire Tokyo. The studio is led by Shinji Mikami, one of the most influential figures in gaming history and the man behind many classics such as Resident Evil 1 and 4, Vanquish, God Hand, etc.

Before talking about Hi-Fi Rush, I think it’s important to go into detail about his studio background. Most of the talent behind Tango is from Clover Studios, which itself has talent that worked on many of CAPCOM’s most successful IPs, from Resident Evil to Devil May Cry.

Clover Studios was founded after the GameCube release of Viewtiful Joe. Previously the team was called Vivetifle, now changed to Clover. The studio itself was formed to develop new IPs for Capcom as well as sequels to the first Beautiful Joe.

Clover Studios was responsible for a number of games that were later considered all-time classics for the PlayStation 2, most notably their last two titles, God Hand and Okami.

Both of these games created a wonderful legacy, while Okami was a fantastic Metroidvania and action platformer, God Hand was a phenomenal beat-em-up.

However, due to the poor financial performance of both games, the studio was eventually disbanded, with much of their talent now ending up at Platinum Games and Tango Gameworks.

Return of the Clover

There’s a reason I went for this history lesson, as nearly a decade later, Hi-Fi Rush feels like it came straight from Clover Studio’s early years, a title that oozes originality and style. Packed, a bold return to Clover’s glory days and possibly the best modern action game we’ve had since 2019’s Devil May Cry 5.

After a play-through and a half of Hi-Fi Rush, I can say that it not only feels like a Clover Studios game, but a game straight from the heyday of PlayStation 2-era action platformers.

Hi-Fi Rush
One of Hi-Fi Rush’s best levels has players fighting and platforming through a museum.

Much of Game’s identity is rooted in this particular era, with bands such as The Prodigy and Anazoa chainsaw Its clearly down to the level design of its time.

However, modern tech and hardware allow for much longer stages that would rarely be possible on the PlayStation 2, and plenty of technically impressive moments that remind you that you’re still in for a 2023 release. Playing a modern game.

For example, seamless transitions from in-game cutscenes to animated 2D cinematics will transform your PlayStation 2 into a terrifying god-hand as it catches fire.

It’s a perfect hybrid of modern and classic ideas that melds into one of the most delightfully nostalgic experiences I’ve had in years. A game with all the bells and whistles of a modern game and everything else from 2005.

It’s also a *complete* experience. About half the price of the average AAA game with original post-game content that isn’t sold as DLC or behind a special edition.

An action classic

Given its inspiration, Hi-Fi Rush is the best action game we’ve had since 2019’s Devil May Cry 5. While it is inspired by classic action games like DMC, Bayonetta, and similar games, Hi-Fi Rush, like all great action games, has its own strong identity.

The game uses a ranking system similar to most Platinum games, with a set number of encounters per level, and a certain rank at the end of each encounter, depending on your overall performance in combat. Bandi is found.

Hi-Fi Rush
This was the only level where I could display S-Ranks as I have not been able to get consistent S-Ranks on any other level in the game so far.

Play to the beat and often nail perfect combos and parries without getting hit, and if you mistime your attacks and take damage too often, you’ll rank up a lot. Ratings go from D to S+ which requires you to achieve an S rank in all 3 categories and defeat the competition without taking a single hit.

It’s easy to say, just like the classic action game tradition, Hi-Fi Rush has tons of unique, tough enemies that will do anything to get in the way of those S-Ranks. One of my favorite enemies are the samurai robots who recite haiku before their desperate final attack.

A simple story

An engaging story along with a strong likable main cast elevates what is already a great action game to a whole new level.

Watching Main Main Chai (pronounced “Tea” in Hindi) unfold with an engaging cast along with the game’s 12-hour story makes for a fun ride. My personal favorite character though is the Scottish redhead fighter Corsica.

Hi-Fi Rush Zanzo
One of Hi-Fi Rush’s main antagonists: Zanzo.

The game’s main ensemble of antagonists also stand out in their own way, each introduced with a flashy comic book-style panel to introduce them.

It’s a Kill Bill-style roster of villains, each with a distinct personality, from a villain who’s basically a JoJo character, right down to Crazy Pose, a stylish fashionista obsessed with her fame and public image. up to. In that respect, it’s somewhat similar to last year’s SIFU, a game I enjoyed enough to give it a try. Best Games of 2022


Hi-Fi Rush is the perfect homage to a certain cultural era when punk rock was at its peak, and people were still eagerly awaiting flying cars by 2020. This is a game made by a generation of people who grew up on the PS2 classic and want it. To give a new generation the exact same experience, and it’s just perfect.

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