Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm action game from Evil Within studio, out now on Xbox and PC.


Hi-Fi Rush Tango is the latest game from GameWorks, the Xbox-owned studio known for its horror projects such as The devil within But this project is going in a completely different direction. It was already leaked that the developer will announce a new game at the Developer_Direct showcase today. What wasn’t leaked was that her shadow would be dropped during the show. Watch the launch trailer above.

The game casts players as Chai, a robot-armed “free-spirited slacker” with ambitions to become a rock star. When his music player is combined with the arm’s power unit, the corporate bosses target him as a defective model and send in a robot army to eliminate him.

From the environment, to the scenery, to the battles, everything here goes to the beat, and the better the players can keep up with the rhythm in combat, the better they’ll do. While it’s possible to defeat enemies without sticking to the beat, the game rewards “beat hits” with higher damage and flashier finishers.


Considering the importance of music in hi-fi rush, the developer has brought both licensed tracks – featuring artists such as The Black Key and Nine Inch Nails – and original songs. There is a streamer-friendly audio mode that also disables licensed songs.

This high-energy rhythm action game is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. steam, Epic Games StoreAnd Microsoft Store With a $29.99 price tag. As with all Xbox releases, Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass users also have access. Hi-Fi Rush Now at no extra cost.


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