Hi-Fi Rush: How To Unlock Special Attacks


Hi-Fi Rush is a newly released third-person action game with some of the best special attacks for players to use in their combat. The main protagonist of the game, known as Chai will get a robotic arm that will allow him to perform a lot of deadly combos as well as special attacks. The players will have to unlock the ability first in stage one of the game. 

Key Highlights

  • Special attacks are special combinations and move that the players can perform on their enemies to deal damage in Hi-Fi Rush. 
  • The players will be able to get these special attacks by getting batteries and completing stage one in Hi-Fi Rush. 
  • These special attacks can only be performed when the reverb gauge is full. 
  • The reverb gauge can be recharged by getting batteries in the game. 
  • By performing perfect sync attacks the reverb gauge meter will be filled significantly as well. 
  • For new special attacks, the players can visit Peppermint Hideout after clearing each stage and equip them by pressing the Lt button in the game. 

How To Unlock The Special Attack Ability 

The players will have to progress until they come across the very first enemies in the game to unlock special attacks. Players will have to go to the Battery Production Factory and clear stage one to unlock these attacks. During their journey, they will also interact with the cat called 808.

In stage one, not only the players will learn a lot of combos and attacks but will also be able to perform some special moves against a higher number of enemies. Below you will see a step-by-step process of unlocking the special abilities in the game. 

Clearing The First Tutorial 

When the game first starts, you will see a small cut scene of the main protagonist getting into an island called Vandelay Island. There he will replace his own arm with a robotic arm that will stay with him for the rest of the game. After the cutscene has ended, the players will have to find a way to exit the factory. On your way, you will be able to get all your belongings of Chai and get out of the factory successfully.

Hi-Fi Rush how to get Special Attacks
Clearing tutorial [image Credits: eXputer]

As soon as they are out of the factory they will spot some hostile robots that will attack the protagonist. You will get to fight them using a metal rod in the game. After defeating all the enemy robots, the players will go through a small tutorial on how to sync their attacks with beats.

Doing so will deal bonus damage to the enemies and allow you to clear them faster. As soon as the tutorial ends you will get to fight some more robots to practice your moves and then you would have to go to a region called Rekka’s Territory. 

Going To The Battery Production Factory

There you will be able to interact with a smart fridge called Smidge. The fridge will offer you a refreshing drink after you practice some moves and combos on it. Keep moving forward until you spot some crates lying ahead. These boxes can be broken. After breaking them, you will need to hit a lever located nearby that will lower some platforms. As soon as these platforms come down, jump on them to go up.

Hi-Fi Rush all Special Attacks
Metal rod to fight enemies [image Credits: eXputer]

Here you will also spot a cat that will be surrounded by some enemy robots. You will need to defeat all these robots to save the cat. Then you will find yourself talking to a stranger that will be able to hack the access panel of the gate. Your next objective is to hit a switch. This switch will have Push written on it, and it will open the gate. Doing so, you will be able to make your way into the building.

Jump on the platforms and go inside the building to interact with that stranger. That stranger is actually the cat you just saved, and it is called 808. Now you need to synchronize with the cat, and you will access a short tutorial on syncing a finishing move. Now you need to follow 808 and go to the lift.

Hi-Fi Rush buying Special Attacks
Meeting 808 [image Credits: eXputer]

You will have to perform a lot of combos and sync with the cat on the Gears of the lift. Doing so will allow you to go to the top of the building where there are more enemies waiting for you. Defeat all the enemies here and then you will need to make your way to the QA Center. 

Finding Batteries

Now jump on some platforms there in order to access the building ahead. You need to go straight up and perform a combo or attack the switch in order to release a short bridge. Go straight ahead and make sure to jump on the platforms at the right time in order to get to the Battery Production Factory. You will see a lift there which will allow you to go down. 

Now you will be in one of the battery production factories, and there will be a lot of red lasers there. Make sure to dodge and jump over them in order to avoid being attacked. After successfully dodging all the red lasers, you will be able to collect all the batteries nearby.

Dodging Lasers
Dodging Lasers [image Credits: eXputer]

Doing so will allow you to charge up your Reverb Gauge. This reverb gauge will allow you to perform a lot of Special Attacks in the game. As soon as you charge it you will be able to perform a special attack on your enemies. 

You can try it out by breaking the screen in front of you and going left in order to exit the factory. After that, you will be able to find a bunch of enemies, too, where you can practice your newly learned combos and special attacks. After that, you need to jump on the containers and wait a bit until a crane comes. Jump on the crane, and you will be able to reach the other side.

Unlocking Special Attacks
Unlocking Special Attacks [image Credits: eXputer]

Practicing Special Attacks 

Go straight ahead, and you will see a large gate that you can open in order to get into another battery production factory. There will be a conveyor belt there that you need to jump on and push a specific button to go to the other side. Go straight ahead until you spot an electric machine.

After hitting the electric machine, you will be able to turn the power back on. Press the buttons according to the instructions in the game to bring back the power and progress further. After that, you will be able to make your way into the new area of the factory. 

Go straight along the path, and you will see a big robot that you need to defeat. After defeating it you will need to make your way out of the production factory and go outside. On the outside of the QA center, you will find more robots where you will be able to practice your special attacks.

After defeating the robots and warming up, the QA center will open. You can go inside the QA center to fight your very first boss in the game. The boss is called QA-1 MIL. In this boss fight you will be able to perform all your special attacks and master them and also clear the very first stage of Hi-Fi Rush. 

The first special attack that you will learn in the game is called Power Chord, and you can perform it by pressing the left and right stick buttons at once in the game. 

How To Recharge Your Reverb Gauge 

The players will be able to recharge their reverb gauge to perform more special attacks by two methods. 

In the first method, the players will be able to recharge it by gathering all the batteries nearby. These batteries can be found by breaking the boxes of all the crates in the game. These batteries can also be found lying on the ground and can be picked up. Each of these batteries will fill up a certain amount of the reverb gauge. 

In the second method, the players will be able to refill their reverb gauge by landing the perfect sync attacks during their battles. Not only is it the fastest way to recharge your reverb gauge, but you can also save a lot of time from finding batteries lying around or breaking a lot of boxes and again.

You will be able to sync attacks multiple times after you have gotten the hang of it, especially if you are fighting mobs of enemies in the game. Therefore it is the best method to refill your watch and perform more special attacks. 

How To Get More Special Attacks

The players will be able to obtain more special attacks and learn them by visiting Peppermint. She can be found in her hideout, and you will be able to learn a lot of different special attacks, each with a different combination and power when you visit her. After completing each stage in the game, you will be able to return to the peppermint hideout, where there are a lot of things you can do.

Not only will you be able to unlock a lot of different items and attacks, but you can also learn a lot of special attacks in this hideout. Here you will be able to buy some special attacks from peppermint in the game.

Hi-Fi Rush How To Unlock Special Attacks
Special Attacks in Store [image Credits: eXputer]

These special attacks can only be unlocked if you have the relevant amount of reverb gauge in the game. Therefore it is important to make sure that you have a sufficient amount of reverb gauge before you get another special attack to use in combat. In order to buy the special attack, you will also need gear which is the main currency in Hi-Fi Rush.

After buying the special attack using a certain amount of gear, you will need to equip it and place it in a slot for special attacks if you want to use it in your future battles. Press the LT button to equip the special attack that you have just bought from the store. Now all you need to do is wait for your reverb gauge to recharge, and you will be able to perform your special attack by pressing the left and right sticks consecutively.

Hi-Fi Rush Special Attacks
Buying the attacks [image Credits: eXputer]

All Special Attacks 

If you plan on keeping more than one special attack in your slot, then you will have to get an additional slot from the Shop. After that, you will be able to switch between these special attacks during your battle by pressing two on your keyboard if you are playing on a PC or the Up button in your controller.

Power Chord Special Attack
Power Chord Special Attack [image Credits: eXputer]

 As we mentioned before, all of these special attacks will require a certain number of  Reverb gauges that will be able to increase by various methods in the game. You can get these reverb charges by collecting parts or you can also buy them directly from the shop. Following are all the special attacks that you will be able to perform in the game and what damage they will deal. 

  • OverDrive Slash: This is a frontal mid-range attack that can deal great damage in the game, and you will need to complete the button combination after this attack to land it perfectly. This is one of the best special attacks in the game. 
  • Hibiki: This is also a mid-range attack that will allow you to deal damage from all directions on your enemies. 
  • Holochai: This is an action-type Special attack that will cause destruction. 
  • Steal The Show: By performing this special attack the player will be able to stun all his enemies. 
  • To An Assault: This special attack is capable of dealing frontal damage to the enemies. 
  • Barrier Wall: The special attack will grant the players protection from their enemies. 
  • Double Riff: The special attack will allow the players to deal frontal damage over a long range along with a 2X increase in score bonus. 
  • Rip And Tear: The special attack will allow the players to deal frontal damage over a long range with a score bonus increase of 3X. 
  • Air Guitar: During the attack, the players will be able to deal frontal air damage with a 2X increase in score bonus. 
  • Hi Pitch Punch: It is an airlift attack that works at a close range and deals damage to the enemies. 
  • Guitar Ride: It will deal frontal damage to the enemies with a 2X score bonus. 
  • Pick Slide: It Is a stun attack that works over mid-range on enemies. 
  • Pick Me Up: It is a healing attack that is great for using in mid-battles to regain your strength. 

Summing It Up 

With this, we conclude our detailed guide on special attacks in Hi-Fi Rush and how to unlock them. After reading our guide, you will be able to unlock and equip new special attacks to use in your future battles. Make sure to check out our guide on how long to beat Hi-Fi Rush and all the voice actors in the game. 

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