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If you’re wondering how long it takes to beat Hi-Fi Rush or the overall length of the game, you’re in the right place. The game consists of different. Chapters, labeled As Tracks Each track has different areas that you can explore and many enemies that you can fight. Most of the time will be spent exploring and fighting, so the better you are at each of these, the faster you can complete the game.

Key highlights

  • Hi-Fi Rush is a linear adventure game with 10 chapters called “tracks”.
  • You can complete the main story of Hi-Fi Rush in 8-9 hours.
  • It will take you around 10-12 hours If you complete the main story, and so on the side content.
  • If you want to get 100% completion by unlocking all achievements, this will get you there. 15-20 hours.
  • You can complete the game faster. Skip the conversationhappening around Using the perfect dashor end the fight early Using combos.

Hi-Fi Rush game length

How long to beat the hi-fi rush?
Chai from Hi-Fi Rush [image by eXputer]

There is a hi-fi rush. Not an open world game., nor does it have a large number of collections to occupy your time. Actually, it mostly is A linear game, the only types of customization elements are the different attacks you can buy or the gearboxes you can collect to buy more upgrades. Also, you go from level to level, kill bad robots, and move on. This is why it shouldn’t take you long to beat the game.

The main story

The main story consists of you fighting against different groups of robots in arena-like areas. And sometimes, at the end of a chapter, you might get one. Boss fight. However, not every chapter has a boss fight, so some are shorter than others.

But eventually, you can expect to spend. 8-9 hours if you focus on completing the main story. This means you’re not trying to break every box and collect every upgrade hidden in secret areas. If you’re taking things super slow or plan to play on a higher difficulty, you can expect to hit the 10-hour mark. But for most players, 8.5 hours is average..

Main + Sides

If you’re trying to do all the side content in Hi-Fi Rush, it won’t take much longer than trying to complete the main story. This is because the game is linear, and it doesn’t take long to explore any area.

Additionally, there aren’t exactly that many side quests. Most of the sideline stuff is collecting certain items, like graffiti, or helping a robot get rid of some pigeons. So, if you’ve taken it, let’s go. 8 hours to complete the main storyit can take you. 10 hours to complete main story and side content. But average players have taken. 10-12 hours to do main + side content.

100% completion

If your goal is 100% completion By getting every single achievement in the game, then it might take you a bit longer. There is 61 Achievements To unlock, and some require a lot of grinding, such as getting enough gear boxes to buy every combo and partner attack. You may even need to do more than one run. So, you can expect to spend 15-25 hours If you are trying to get 100% completion.

Hi-Fi Rush Chapters

Tea and cat
Tea and Peppermint from Hi-Fi Rush [captured by eXputer]

are about 10 Chapters Or, as the game likes to refer to them, Tracks In the game they all take you to different divisions of the corporation and have their own enemies and battles. Every track has a trend. Courseswhich are basically arenas where you will face various robot enemies.

You won’t encounter any enemies outside of these arenas or courses. The length of each chapter/track may vary depending on the number of courses covered. The shortest chapters take 20 minutes, the longest chapters take over an hour. Here is the complete list of tracks in the game and their number of courses.

  • “Track 1: A New Beginning” – There is 8 coursesand you can expect to spend. 40-60 minutes On the chapter
  • “Track 2: Power Up” – There is 10 coursesand you will likely spend. 60-70 minutes On to the second chapter.
  • “Track 3: (Volcanic) Trial by Fire” – Only 6 coursesbut you will probably spend. 45-60 minutes.
  • “Track 4: Low Budget, Big Problems” – Again, 6 coursesbut you will probably need to. 40-50 minutes.
  • Track 5: Breaking Out6 courses” and estimated time of 40-50 minutes.
  • “Track 6: Lift Me Up” – One of the shortest chapters with 3 courses And 20 minutes To complete.
  • “Track 7: Climbing” – with a relatively long chapter 10 courses And 60 minutes To complete.
  • “Track 8: A History Lesson”9 different courses and estimated time of 70-80 minutes Completing due to tougher enemies.
  • “Track 9: Take the Stage” – Only A courseBut it requires more exploration, so you can expect to spend. 15-20 minutes On this chapter.
  • Track 10: A master plan” 10 courses and estimated time of 50-60 minutes To complete the chapter.
  • There is a final process that takes place. after the Track 10, which is essentially the final and is not marked as a track. It can take you around. 60 minutes To complete.

Tips on how to speed up the game

Game length and how long to beat hi-fi rush.
The scene of the Hi-Fi Rush explosion [image by eXputer]

If you’re trying to finish the game as quickly as possible due to time constraints, there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re not fasting any time. Here are some tips that can help you complete the game in minimum time.

  • Read the dialogue and leave.: Much of the hi-fi rush The dialog can be exited by pressing “A”. on the controller. If you turn on subtitles, you can read most of the dialogue and move on. That way, you’ll know the context but won’t have to sit through a slow conversation.
  • Skip the cutscenes.: It is not recommended that you skip the cutscenes, especially if you are playing for the first time, because Hi-Fi Rush has a great story. But, if you’re playing for the second time or don’t really care about the story at all, you can skip the cutscenes to complete the game faster.
  • Dash in harmony: Chai doesn’t exactly run fast, mainly because you can’t sprint. But, if you synchronize with the rhythm of the background music, you will be able to perform. Three perfect dashesWhich are much faster than regular walking.
  • Use Combos.: If you want to complete the courses/fights very fast, you need to use combos instead of aimlessly killing. Compatible combos Tends to deal more damage and can be useful for taking down individual enemies more quickly.

Hi-Fi Rush puts you in the shoes of a “future rock star” who tunes into his music player and gains the ability to sense the rhythm of everything around him. In the super stylish rhythmic game, you have to take down an evil corporation while matching the rhythm of everything that happens around you.

With this, you all know how long it takes to beat Hi-Fi Rush and the overall length of the game. In general, the game isn’t as long as some other titles out there, mainly due to its linear design. But the game still offers a lot of content and many memorable moments!

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