Hi-Fi Rush: Best Combo Attacks [Top 10]


Hi-Fi Rush is all about remaining on the beat and landing perfect blows to deal as much damage to your enemies as possible. Besides just landing perfectly timed hits, you can actually use combo attacks to deal significantly large amounts of damage. This is why we’ll be discussing the best combo attacks in Hi-Fi Rush that you need to have in your arsenal.  

Although you start off with some very basic light and heavy attack combos, many combo attacks can be bought later with the in-game currency; gears. And as you progress further in the story, more combos will be available for purchase.

Key Highlights

  • Combo attacks can be bought from Peppermint and later on from Macaron using Gears
  • Combo attacks combine light and heavy attacks, and some end with a Beat Hit for extra damage.
  • Chai’s Arpeggio Stab and Harmonic Beam are great ground-to-air combos, while Gain Tornado and Directional Parry are great charge-up and Parry attacks. 
  • Some of Peppermint’s and Macaron’s combo attacks use up Reverb Gauges and increase cooldown time, but Switch Kicker and Double Bass Drop are worth using up a single bar. 
  • Cannon Spike for Peppermint and Gravity Well for Macaron can be used by holding the Partner Action button and can be used even without Reverb Gauges. 

Best Combo Attacks For Chai

You can purchase combo attacks from either Peppermint (or Macaron if you’ve got him unlocked) back at the hideout, or you can purchase them during the missions at the terminals which Peppermint hacks.

Regardless of where you buy them from, we’ll be discussing combo attacks that are available during mid-game. Of course, more attacks will be unlocked as you progress further in the game. But it’s best to choose and practice certain combo attacks by mid-game so that you can land them more often and take them all the way over till the endgame.

We’ll mostly be referring to the Xbox controls while describing combos. But if you’re on PC, here’s a helpful key table:

Move Xbox Controls PC Controls
Light Attack X Left Click
Heavy Attack Y Right Click
Dash RB Shift
Partner Action RT Left ALT

Tune Up

hi-fi rush best combo attacks
Tune-Up Attack Description [screenshot by eXputer]

Perhaps one of the earliest combos available to you will be the Tune-Up. It costs 6,000 Gears and is a great combo considering all you need to do is use the light attack with a pause in between. The combo goes like: (X, X, Pause, X, X, X).

Near the end of the combo, you’ll need to perfect time an attack (press the attack button when the two circles overlap, also known as Beat Hit) to send the enemy flying. It is great for following up with another air combo or simply creating space between you and the enemy. What’s even better is that if you do land the Beat Hit at the end, the attack can spread out and hit multiple enemies, sending them all flying.

Stomp Box

stomp box combo attack
Stomp Box Attack Description [screenshot by eXputer]

Stomp Box is quite costly as it requires 10,000 Gears. However, it is such a simple yet effective combo to pull off, only requiring three inputs. The combo requires you to press: (Y, X, Y). It lets you jump in the air and land a Beat Hit which performs a 360-degree area attack. The move is great if you’re surrounded by many weaker enemies, as they’ll all get affected by the little explosion at the end of the move.

Furthermore, you might come across Golden Vandelay Statues that drop extra gears if you perform successful combos on them. The Stomp Box is one of the best combos to use against the Golden Statue if you want to acquire the most gears from them.

Arpeggio Stab

strong combo attacks in hi fi rush
Arpeggio Stab Attack Description [image taken by eXputer]

Although the combo requires slightly more inputs, Arpeggio Stab is great for targeting single enemies without worrying about being interrupted by surrounding enemies. That is because you can start the combo on the ground, but then it lifts the enemy into the air and ends with a multiple-hit slash. The combo is as follows: (X, X, Y, Y, Y). It costs 12,000 Gears.

There is no Beat Hit at the end, but you can easily follow up with more attacks on an enemy after the combo. Arpeggio Stab is great for not just regular enemies but even the stronger and bigger enemies, which might have Z-Shielding at the start. To make the combo even more effective, you can call on Peppermint while attacking in the air to deal extra damage.

Pickup Crash

alternate moveset
Pickup Crash as Alternate to Arpeggio Stab [Captured by eXputer]

Pickup Crash is basically an alternative to Arpeggio Stab. The button combination is quite simple, and it is effective at launching enemies in the air. For the combo, you need to press: (Y, Y, X, X). The combo costs 8,000 Gears, so if you don’t have enough for Arpeggio Stab, you can always just buy Pickup Crash and sell it later on for 90% of the price.

At the end of the combo, there will be a beat hit that will launch the enemy far into the air. You can continue the combo by using your Magnet Grab to close the distance. Once in the air, you can deploy any other follow-up combos, such as the Harmonic Beam.

Harmonic Beam

best combo attacks in hi-fi rush for most damage
Harmonic Beam Attack Description [image by us]

If you’ve got Arpeggio Stab, then Harmonic Beam is the next best combo that you can add to your collection. It can be performed immediately after Arpeggio Stab as it is a pure air combo attack. Harmonic Beam combines light and heavy attacks to damage the enemies in the air and then sends them back down to the ground with a powerful beam attack that can even damage surrounding enemies!

Harmonic Beam isn’t cheap, as it costs 10,000 Gears. But it is quite similar to Arpeggio Stab, so if you can master one of the combos, you can easily use the other one as well. The combo is: (X, Y, Y, Y). If you can successfully pull off an Arpeggio Stab and then follow it up with Harmonic Beam, almost every low-leveled robot will get destroyed.


shred combo attack in hi-fi rush
Shred Attack Details [screenshot by eXputer]

Sometimes things get so chaotic that you can’t think of any combos and just want to button mash. Well, Shred is the type of combo that, even when you’re button-mashing, you might pull off by accident, which makes it worth having. The combo is: (X, Y, Button Mash Y), and it costs 8,000 Gears.

You need to spam Y after the second Heavy Attack lands. That will cause Chai to unleash a fury of quick attacks. There will be a Beat Hit at the end, but it won’t cause any extra damage. Instead, it’ll gain you Batteries from surrounding enemies, allowing you to fill up your Reverb Gauge much quicker so that you can use your Special Attacks.

Staccato Launch

staccato launch move
Details about Staccato Launch attack [screenshot by eXputer]

A combo list wouldn’t be complete without a charge-up attack. Surprisingly, you won’t get the combo until a bit later, around Track 4. But it is extremely effective to pull off, especially after the end or in the middle of a combo. All you need to do is hold down X and let go on the beat to deliver a powerful charge attack. Chai will rush in to land a single blow which will knock over the opponent. It costs 8,00 Gears.

Gain Tornado

hi-fi rush best combo attacks moveset
Full description of Gain Tornado Attack [Captured by us]

Gain Tornado is similar to Staccato Launch but works for the heavy attack instead of the light attack. In fact, it is even more effective as it can target multiple enemies at once but also requires a longer build-up. Holding down Y will charge up Chai’s magnetic abilities and pull in metallic junk to create an ultimate guitar.

The longer you hold down Y, the more powerful the attack will be. As soon as you release the button, a multiple-area attack will be unleashed. If you release the button on the beat, you will deal additional damage. The move costs 10,000 Gears.

Quick Beat Hit

quick beat hit moveset
Quick Beat Hit attack description and inputs [image by us]

If you’re struggling to remember long combos and just want something extremely simple that can create an opening for further attacks, then Quick Beat Hit is a good option. The move is fast, doesn’t require complex inputs, and knocks down weaker enemies in one hit, allowing you to follow up with anything you want. The combo requires you to press (X+Jump) and then follow it with a Beat Hit for an effective strike. The move costs 8,000 Gears.


There are three main parry moves which you can unlock: Steal Counter, Air Parry, and Directional Parry. The regular parry will already be available to you; the additional purchasable moves mostly expand on that. However, the thing with parries is that the window for performing a successful parry is quite small. And while you’re waiting to parry an enemy, another one tends to land a sneaky attack on you.

That is why it’s usually more effective to simply Magnetic Grab (grapple) around the field rather than trying to parry attacks. This is especially true in cases where there are multiple enemies. There are a few enemies that absolutely require parrying, such as the Robot Samurai. However, only the Directional Parry is useful against the samurai; the other two moves don’t apply as he moves away after being parried.

Because of all these reasons, you’re better off either not purchasing any of the parries, especially if you struggle with parries. However, if you really want to purchase a parry move, the Directional Parry is useful due to the added stun bonus.

Best Combo Attacks For Peppermint

peppermint animation
Peppermint combo attack showcases Hi-Fi Rush [screenshot by us]

You can also purchase different attacks for your support partners in Hi-Fi Rush. There are multiple support characters in the game, such as Peppermint and Macaron. You’ll unlock a few more, but they’re tied to the story and come later on.

Each support character has a section in the purchasable attacks section where you can buy more useful moves for them. Some of these moves require Reverb Gauges, while others can be used anytime during the battle.

Switch Kicker

During mid-game, you’ll have two different attacks available for Peppermint that require Reverb Gauges. One is the Switch Kicker, while the other is the Master Blaster. They both cost the same, 10,000 Gears, and have similar effects, but Switch Kicker is the better option because it’s easier to use.

Master Blaster requires your target to already be in the air, which means you’ll need to spend more time setting up for the attack. Whereas Switch Kicker requires you to land any ground combo, and on the Beat Hit, rather than pressing an attack button, press the Partner Action button, RT (Left ALT on Xbox). That will bring Peppermint into action with her blasters, and you’ll perform a Jam Combo.

It can launch even the larger enemies into the air if they don’t have an active stun gauge and is great for following up with any other air combos in your possession. The only possible drawback to using Switch Kicker is that it costs one Reverb Gauge.

By midgame, you’ll likely have three Reverb Gauges, so you can still use a Special Attack that uses two Reverb Gauges and the Switch Kicker with a full Reverb Gauge bar. But, you likely won’t be able to use any of the more powerful Special Attacks that require all your Reverb Gauges.

And considering Special Attacks can be used without having to land a Beat Hit, it might not be a worth-it exchange to opt for something that is slightly more complex to pull off.

Cannon Spike

Cannon Spike is a must-have for Peppermint as it lets you perform a charged attack with her blasters. You can charge up by holding down the Partner Action Button, RT, and letting it go when you’ve charged up enough. If you charge up for four beats, you’ll be able to land a more powerful attack which can even destroy stronger barriers that would’ve usually required three different hits to break.

Best Combo Attacks For Macaron

macaron fighting animation
Macaron Attack Combo Attack Showcase Hi-Fi Rush [image by eXputer]

Macaron is essentially your heavy-hitter of the group. He has powerful attacks that are essential for breaking through Z-Shielding, which many of the stronger enemies tend to carry with them. However, some of these enemies require you to land at least two hits with Macaron before you can break their shielding. If you use one of his purchased attacks, you’ll break through with a single attack! With that said, here are the best combo attacks for Macaron in Hi-Fi Rush.

Double Bass Drop

Just like with Peppermint’s purchasable attacks, Macaron also has two primary attacks that use up the Reverb Gauge. The first attack is based on ground combos and is the Double Bass Drop. The second attack requires you to perform an air combo and is called the High Strung.

To perform any of these moves, you need to carry out a ground or air combo successfully, and during the Beat Hit, press the Partner Action button, RT, to carry out the full attack. Both the moves cost the same, 10,000 Gears, and have equal opportunities at the end of the combo. The main difference is in the setup.

The ground-based combos are much easier as you can even perform them on the bigger enemies. That is because you’ll need to wait for to drain out the stun gauge meter of the bigger enemies before you can launch them in the air. That definitely isn’t possible with those that have Z-Shielding, until you first remove their shields, which also requires Macaron.

Due to all these reasons, Double Bass Drop is the best option. The only other thing that you need to worry about is the fact that the combo uses up a Reverb Gauge and also increases the cooldown time for the partner. Macaron already has a longer cooldown than Peppermint, and in situations where there is more than one enemy with Z-Shielding, you might not want to risk increasing the cooldown if you want to remove every enemy’s shield.

Gravity Well

Gravity Well is Macaron’s move if you hold down the Partner Action Button. It is more of a defensive and opportunity-creating move rather than a pure offensive move. Macaron essentially creates a field around an enemy and immobilizes them for a bit. You can then follow up with any attack of your own. It’s quite useful to hold off larger enemies while dealing with the weaker ones to gain extra health.

With that, you know about some of the best purchasable combo attacks in Hi-Fi Rush! Of course, you can get far without using a single combo, but if you want to finish fights faster, reduce your chances of dying, and get S ranks in all of your choruses, using combo attacks is essential!

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