Here’s how to view CPU usage, battery health, and memory usage in ChromeOS Flex.


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Most Chrome power users know that the browser ships with a bare-bones task manager that lets you track CPU and memory usage, and it also carries over to ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex. But, did you know that in ChromeOS Flex, there’s a slightly more powerful way to monitor CPU and memory usage, as well as see your laptop’s battery health? In this guide, I’ll show you how to access these slightly hidden tools.

ChromeOS Flex Settings Menu

To open these tools, open Setting App and move forward in ChromeOS or ChromeOS Flex. About Chrome OS Under the left pane. From there, open appraisal In the center of the window. Here, you will see three sections, Battery, CPUAnd memory. Each of these sections also displays additional information and buttons to run the corresponding test.

ChromeOS Flex Settings Menu

In the battery section, you can see how full the battery is, information about battery health, cycle count, and current. Under CPU, you can see your CPU ID, graph tracking usage of each processor core, current usage, temperature and current speed. Finally, in the memory section, you can see how much memory has been used and how much is available.

ChromeOS Flex Settings Menu

Hopefully, these pointers will be useful for those who have a new Chromebook or those who are testing ChromeOS Flex for the first time and wondering where these important tools are. Accessible from Task Manager More tools Useful for closing problematic tabs in the browser but not very good for giving an overview of system performance. Hopefully, with these diagnostic tools, you can better track your system’s performance.


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