Here are all the new features Microsoft added to Excel in April 2023.


Microsoft constantly adds new features to Excel, which makes sense for it to be one of the most widely used spreadsheet software, especially for organizations that are already part of Microsoft’s tech stack. Take advantage. Every month, the company publishes a roundup of all the new capabilities it has added to Excel, and now, He has done the same in the month of April 2023..

Microsoft Excel is open on Windows 10.

Starting with Excel for the web, the Chart task pane now supports various changes to data such as changing axes, chart range, and removing series. These options can be accessed. Data or Format Tabs Microsoft says this is a highly requested feature.

Additionally, Excel for the web users can add hyperlinks to comments and take advantage of faster and more refined filtering when cells have unique or duplicate conditional formatting rules. There is also a new feature that reduces the unwanted chunk of conditional formatting rules, Microsoft describes it as:

When a workbook is opened, this feature will merge scattered conditional formatting rules that are the same, within a contiguous range of cells, and with unchanged priority order. It does not include rules whose evaluation depends on selection limits such as above or below average, unique or duplicate, gradients, etc., and rules in PivotTables.

Meanwhile, Excel for Windows users can enjoy the same reduction in unwanted clutter described above, along with a built-in ability to display the Quick Access Toolbar by default. Microsoft says the latter was a highly requested feedback item and that users can also customize the Quick Access Toolbar to host their most-used items.

Finally, there’s only one new feature in Excel for Mac this month, and that’s the reduction in the unwanted distribution of conditional formatting rules, mentioned several times above.

If you have feedback about Microsoft’s current capabilities or would like to add new capabilities, Notify the company through the dedicated feedback portal here..


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