HBO Max will change to Max on May 23 and add a new $19.99 premium plan.


Maximum streaming service

As the highly anticipated, Warner Bros. Discovery Max announced., its new streaming service that will combine content from its two existing services, HBO Max and Discovery Plus. The Max will be officially launched in the US on May 23.

The service includes HBO, Discovery Plus, and other Warner Bros. Discovery will include a library of movie and TV show titles. It will also be home to a number of Max original series, including Penguina spin-off of the 2022 film Batman. It will also host new spin-off shows based on the service. the big Bang Theory And Conjuring. Max will also be home to a new series based on the Harry Potter novels, adapting one of the fantasy books each season.

There will also be a new one. Rick and Morty series, but in a Japanese anime art style, which will debut on Max. Besides that, Tiny Toons Loony UniversityA reboot of Tiny Toons AdventuresA dynamic is well on its way. Gremlins Series

There will be three pricing plans for Max. The ad-supported plan will continue from HBO Max for $9.99 a month with HD resolution and two concurrent streams per account. The ad-free plan will also remain at $15.99 per month, but will be limited to HD resolutions and two concurrent streams, as well as a limit of 30 offline downloads.

The third plan is called the Ultimate Plan. It will cost $19.99 a month and will support 4K resolution with four concurrent streams and 100 offline downloads with Dolby Atmos audio.

If you’re already an HBO Max subscriber, your app will either automatically update to the new Max app or you’ll download the new app. Either way, existing HBO Max profiles, account information, and more will automatically migrate to the new Max app. HBO Max subscribers will be able to keep their Max subscription at the same price for at least six months after May 24.

If you’ve signed up to use HBO on your cable or Internet TV service, you’ll still be able to get Max at no extra cost. Max will launch first in the US and expand internationally in the coming months. Discovery Plus will be a separate service from Max.


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