Harada incidentally confirmed Tekken 8 to feature crossplay and rollback netcode.


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  • Tekken 8 is an incredibly anticipated fighting game that is slated to release sometime in 2023 or 2024. The franchise saw its first release in 1994, thus creating a legacy of iconic fighting titles to this day.
  • While the game looks exceptionally next-gen from a graphical standpoint, no further details regarding the gameplay of the title have been revealed yet.
  • However, Katsushiro Harada, Bandai Namco’s frontman and director of prominent fighting/action games, has casually let it slip on Twitter that Tekken 8 will feature both crossplay and rollback netcode.
  • Cross-play functionality means players on different platforms will be able to play together online. Rollback netcode is an innovative gameplay feature that encourages high-quality online matchups by reducing latency.

Didn’t really expect it to come, but Katsushirou Haradathe long-time producer and current director of the Tekken franchise casually let it slip on Twitter that the upcoming Tekken 8 will feature. Cross platform games And Rollback net code. Both of these features are highly desirable, given how they improve the quality of online matchups and make the overall experience feel more inclusive.

Responding to an avid fan who inquired about the possibility of crossplay in Tekken 8, Harada-san replied in the affirmative. He also said how he tried for the feature to be part of Tekken 7 as well, but things didn’t come to a mutual conclusion at the time. Still, it’s nice of the fighting game community to acknowledge the issue, considering how Street Fighter 6 is following suit with crossplay as well.

The next confirmation also comes in the form of a tweet (never mind the follow-up part though), where Harda refers to the rollback netcode as “Already installed it.“Again, this is nothing but pure satisfaction from the developers. This functionality is designed for intuitive implementation of online play, where there are countermeasures to prevent lag and lag from ruining the overall experience. are

There are two main types of netcodes that players have become familiar with over time: delay-based netcodes and rollback netcodes. The former is a relatively dated mechanic that many games no longer apply to their endings. Rollback, however, is the next upgrade in line that handles the concept of latency differently. It predicts real-time input to balance out any reasonable lag to the game.

Tekken 7 didn’t start out with the feature right off the bat and eventually received a downward spiral. However, that particular point is causing concern among fans in the community. Not many people criticize Tekken 7. in fact With rollback netcode, seeing how the game exhibits typical pain points associated with latency-based netcode.

This is why many people, although happy, are still expressing their concerns over the implementation of rollback in Tekken 8. One comment says, “That’s great and all, but still waiting to hear if there will be a rollback, not a ‘rollback’ of the T7.The way tech and hardware are evolving in the industry, I think it’s not asking for rollback netcode and crossplay to be a part of every fighting game going forward.

In other news, Harada revealed key Tekken 8 details in December while sitting down with Michael Murray — Harada’s translator and part of the Tekken development team — TWT 2022: Twitch Live Stream of the North American Regional Finals. They confirmed that Jun Kazama will be returning in Tekken 8. Recently, the character was officially revealed a week ago.

Tekken 8 doesn’t have a solid release date yet but is heavily speculated to release in 2023. In the past, an excerpt from Bandai Namco’s financial report has mentioned this year as being the title’s official launch window, but don’t hold your breath. On this front. The game is likely skipping the older generation consoles and will only come out for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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