Gun Blood Cheats & Level Codes (January 2023)


This post provides all available Gunblood cheats and level codes. Gun blood is a western shootout gunfight game Android It is now also available as a browser game. You can use Gunblood cheats to unlock invincibility mode, unlock infinite ammo, increase your firing rate or improve your aim.

Using these cheats will allow you to beat opponents more manageable, but also take the challenge out of the game, so use them wisely.

For those who love browser games, you can also play Gunblood in your browser Crazy games. If you’re looking for something new, check out our list of the best gacha games available right now. If you’re looking for ways to unblock GunBlood, check out our list of the best unblocked gaming websites.

All Gunblood cheats

Below you will find all available cheat codes:

  • Fastfire: Click and shoot faster with this code. As a result your firing rate will increase exponentially.
  • Moremmo: Enter this code to activate unlimited ammo mode. However, you need to shoot the assistants in all the bonus rounds to play more games.
  • Nohit: Use this code to activate invincibility. You can still lose if you fail the round’s objectives.
  • Pointer: With this code, you can add a laser pointer to the gun. You can aim easily this way.

Gun blood level codes

Using the codes below, you can directly play any Gunblood stage:

  • Level 1: LEVEL1
  • Level 2: LEVEL2
  • Level 3: LEVEL3
  • Level 4: LEVEL4
  • Level 5: LEVEL5
  • Level 6: LEVEL6
  • Level 7: LEVEL7
  • Level 8: LEVEL8
  • Level 9: LEVEL9
  • Bonus Stage 01: Bonus1
  • Bonus Stage 02: Bonus2
  • Bonus Stage 03: Bonus3
  • Bonus Stage 04: BONUS4

How to use Gunblood Cheats & Level Codes?

How to use Gunblood cheat codes
You can use GunBlood cheats in the character selection screen
  1. To use cheat codes you need to start the game first.
  2. You can then select your character from 10 preset options on the character selection screen.
  3. Below this, you’ll find an input text field with the word cheat written next to it.
  4. You can copy any cheat code from the lists above into the text field.
  5. After clicking the cheat, you can activate all the perks and increase its unlocks.

GunBlood Beginners Tips

You can improve your performance without using Gunblood cheats by keeping a few simple things in mind:

  • It doesn’t matter if you take a bullet, it can happen anytime during the battle. You can win the round if you fire back by inflicting more lethal wounds on your opponent.
  • In a death match, you lose and have to start over, but in a draw game you don’t lose. Despite your low score, you can proceed to the next round.
  • It is best to aim for the chest, which is a large target. If you get hit in the chest your enemy will fall and if your shot is too high, you might get a headshot.
  • If your opponent seems to be on the verge of falling, be ready for him/her to fire. You have to keep shooting the body until the timer runs out and you’re sure you’ve won.
  • In the bonus rounds, you can score points, but don’t shoot the assistant who throws bottles your way (or carefully aim to shoot the bottles from the assistant later in the event).

This is everything you need to know about Gunblood cheats and level codes. If you’re looking for more video game cheats and codes, check out our other video game cheats guides as well.


What is gun blood?

Gun Blood is a western shootout gunfight dueling game. In Gunblood, you can become the most feared gun wielder in the land by defeating all who stand in your way. Gun Blood pits your reflexes against nine computer opponents in western gunfight battles.

Try to become the fastest cowboy gunslinger in this western shootout game. GunBlood puts your reflexes to the test against nine computer opponents in one-on-one gunfights and features four bonus rounds. High scores are tabulated after each round based on accuracy, speed and your life.

Who created Gunblood?

GunBlood is a game created in 2010 by Andrew Wolff’s Wolf Games.


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