Google Voice gets the ability to flag suspected spam calls.


Google Voice is labeling the call as suspected spam.

Google Voice, the service that provides numbers for making domestic and international calls from your web browser and mobile devices, has gained an additional feature. The company says it will now flag spam calls by adding a ‘suspected spam caller’ label to your device’s incoming calls screen.

In a ___ Blog postGoogle mentions that you’ll have the control to either mark the call as non-spam when you pick it up or let the app detect it for you.

For example, when its service suspects that a call is spam, it will add a ‘Suspected Spam Caller’ label that will appear both on the call screen as well as on the history list. The end user can then confirm the suspected spam call or mark it as non-spam.

Suspected spam caller

A call marked by you as not spam will prompt the service not to mark any calls from that number as spam again. There is no admin control for this feature and suspect spam labeling is automatically displayed when the Voice Spam Filter setting is in the off mode. You can change it by going to Setting, And to choose security > Filter spam.. When enabled, all calls that Google identifies as spam will automatically be sent to voicemail, and call entries will be placed in the spam folder.

Google also notes that the feature will determine call authenticity using the same advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system that helps it identify billions of spam calls every month in Google’s calling ecosystem. Recently, it demonstrated the power of its artificial intelligence system that can translate doctors’ prescriptions into readable text.


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