Google reveals latest Chrome benchmarks, says it’s 10% faster


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Google said it has made various under-the-hood changes to improve Chrome’s performance on macOS and Android. It says the browser is faster than ever and has recorded a 10 percent improvement in Speedometer 2.1 benchmark results over the past three months.

The set of changes includes better HTML parsing, better pointer compression, better caching, and better memory management among various tweaks. Google said that some of the internal changes it has made may also make it to Apple’s WebKit engine. You can read the company. Blog post For more technical details.

Google Chrome on Speedometer 21

In the case of Chrome for Android, Google says it targeted high-end devices with “a version of Chrome that uses compiler flags designed for speed rather than binary size.” These Chrome versions provide up to 30% better performance on the Speedometer 2.1 benchmark when running on capable devices.

First launched in 2008, Google Chrome holds the largest browser market share globally. According to StatCounter data For March 2023, Chrome leads the race with 64.8% market share followed by Safari with 19.5%.


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