Google Pay gives users free money thanks to a bug


Google Pay logo on moneyUsers are reporting that they’ve been receiving unexpected cash in their Google Account balances through the Google Pay rewards program since earlier this week. Users on Reddit have reported they’ve received funds of up to $1,000, and are allowed to keep them if they’ve already spent or transferred the money, Google says.

Dogfooding is a term used to describe the process of internally testing pre-release software, in which developers discover bugs while using their software in practice and releasing it to a wider audience. fix them before , however, the fact that the term was used in this context suggests that it was intended only to refer to internal Google accounts.

Customers who received cash received a message from Google confirming the error that had credited the funds to their accounts, and that the issue had been resolved and, Where possiblewas withdrawn from the credit account.

This is not the first time that money has suddenly become available to members of the public due to an issue or problem with the software, malware has also been a factor in the past.

Source: TechSpot


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