Google merged its two AI teams, Brain and DeepMind, to create Google DeepMind


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Google is finally merging its two AI teams into one group. Google’s internal brain team, which was part of the Google Research division, is merging its operations with DeepMind, which was founded in 2010 and was acquired by Google in 2014.

I A blog post todayGoogle CEO Sundar Pichai said that Brain and DeepMind will now be one group, called Google DeepMind. He stated:

Their collective achievements in AI over the last decade include AlphaGo, Transformers, word2vec, WaveNet, AlphaFold, sequence-to-sequence models, distillation, deep reinforcement learning, and distributions such as TensorFlow and JAX for large-scale expression, training and deploy ML. Covered systems and software frameworks. Models

Combining all of this talent into one focused team, backed by Google’s computational resources, will significantly accelerate our progress in AI.

DeepMind leader Damis Hassabis will now be the CEO of Google DeepMind. Jeff Dean, now the former head of Google’s AI division, will now be Google’s chief scientist and report to Pichai.

Google has recently been catching up with Microsoft in terms of AI innovations. In March, it announced its chatbot AI called Bard. However, its launch was not without controversy, and a new report this week claims that Google rushed Bard’s public launch against the objections of some employees, including many on its AI ethics team. Is. Google is also working on its own AI art and video generators.


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