Google lets users share and control others’ access to files on Meet with new changes.


Sharing files on Google Meet

Last week, Google introduced Google Meet and Zoom interoperability to improve the experience on the platform. Now, it has announced new improvements for Meet users when sharing files.

Google has made two changes to provide easier access to content sharing on Meet. First, the company will let users present and share content with meeting participants, such as people on a calendar guest list from Google Meet. Second, whenever a user shares a link in the chat box, they adjust access from the “file access dialog” and add the file to the calendar.

Floating controls on Google Mate

When a person is presenting in a meeting, they can share the desired files from the recommended feature in Meet Chat or by clicking the floating action menu on their screens. When a file is submitted, participants receive a notification and a link to the file in the meeting chat.

Floating controls on Google Mate

Google wrote a An explanatory blog post That feature helps keep the audience engaged. He added:

“By allowing sharing directly from Met, you can seamlessly share content without having to go to another window to provide access, which can be disruptive. This allows meeting participants It makes it easier for them to follow your presentation, find and reference your content later, and keep working on meeting action items.”

There are no admin controls for this feature, and it will be available to end users by default. The feature will roll out gradually on Rapid Release domains starting today, while, for Scheduled Release domains, it will be available from February 14. .


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