Google introduces interoperability between Zoom and Google Meet for meetings.


Interoperability between Zoom and Google Mate hardware

Two-way interoperability between online platforms Zoom and Google Meet, which Google announced in October last year.

With the feature, users will be able to join meetings on Zoom through their Google Meet hardware devices and join Google Meet meetings through Zoom Rooms. However, it’s important to note that some features like Pool, Wired Present, and dual-screen support won’t be available to users joining Zoom through mate hardware devices and vice versa.

Nevertheless, interoperability comes at no additional charges to users and is a built-in feature. Additionally, users can access joins via meeting code as well as “the ability to configure no-knock joining (lobby bypass) in any direction”. Interoperability is like that. Google Meet and Cisco Webex And Pexep for Google Mate. Google explains it by stating:

“Similar built-in interoperability is already available between Google Meet and Cisco Webex on relevant devices on each platform. And Pexip continues to integrate Meet meetings with the widest range of third-party video conferencing hardware. , including older devices that may not support built-in interoperability.”

To access the Zoom Interop on Google Meet capability, admins will look for the default option on their Google Meet hardware. They can choose to disable it through the Workspace Admin Console at the OU level. Devices > Google Mate hardware > Settings > Device settings > Built-in interoperability. Administrators have the option to configure the feature before the option rolls out, so they can toggle the feature until January 25th.

In the case of end users, admins must enable the Interop feature after which they can join a scheduled meeting by selecting the “Join or Start Meeting” option from the dropdown on the Touch Controllers or by adding a room to an event. can join the meetings. With Zoom meeting details. The Mate Interop option will be disabled by default on the Zoom Room and can be enabled through the Zoom Admin. Once the feature is enabled by an admin, end users will be able to join a meeting from their Zoom Room controller by simply typing in the Google Meet meeting code.

Detailed steps for Zoom interoperability and Mate interoperability are given. below:

Zoom interop on Google Meet hardware

  • Admins:

    • Zoom Interop on Google Meet hardware will be available on devices by default and can be disabled at the OU level in the workspace admin console at Devices > Google Meet Hardware > Settings > Device Settings > Built-in Interoperability.
    • Note: This admin setting can be configured before the feature rolls out, so you’ll be able to toggle it before January 25, 2023.
    • To configure no-knock join for Zoom meetings from Mate hardware, create a token in Account Management > Account Settings > Meeting > Zoom Admin > Allow my organization’s third-party conference room systems to join my Zoom meetings as Add authorized user and paste it. Admin of Google Workspace at Devices > Google Meet Hardware > Settings > Service Settings > Built-in Interoperability Direct access.
  • End users:

    • When enabled by your administrator, you can join a Zoom meeting from a Google Meet hardware device:
      • Join an ad hoc meeting by tapping “Join or start a meeting” on your touch controller and selecting Zoom from the drop-down options.
      • Join a scheduled meeting by adding a room to the event with Zoom meeting details.
      • Note: Calendar events originating outside of Google Calendar must be manually duplicated and populated with room details, or copied and pasted their zoom join details into the new calendar event description field.

Meet Interop at Zoomrooms.

  • Admins

    • Meet Interop on Zoom Rooms will be off by default and can be enabled from Zoom Admin under Room Management > Zoom Rooms > Meeting > Google Meet Web Client Meeting Support on Zoom Rooms. Visit the Zoom Support page for more information.
    • To configure no-knock join for meeting meetings from Zoom rooms, create a token in the workspace admin console at Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Google Meet > Interoperability tokens and enter it in the Google Meet Interop Token field in Zoom Admin Paste. Support Google Meet web client meeting at Room Management > Zoom Rooms > Zoom Rooms.
  • End users: When enabled by your administrator, you can join a Meet meeting from a Zoom room by:

    • Join an ad hoc meeting from your Zoom Room controller by entering the Google Meet meeting code
    • Join a scheduled meeting by adding a room to the event with Google Meet details

The feature will roll out in the coming weeks with Mate Interop available on Zoom Rooms on January 26. Admins will be able to access Zoom Interop settings starting January 19, while end users will experience gradual availability starting January 26.


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