Google Contacts adds a new Highlights tab for Android users.


Google Contacts app

For all Android users, Google has added a new Highlights tab to its contact management service – Google Contacts. With this change, the Contacts app has become a three-tab app that includes the Contacts tab, the Highlights tab, and the Fix & Manage tab. Moreover, these three tabs form the items of the main list view.

Located at the bottom of the Contacts app screen, comfortably between the Highlights tab Contacts tab and Correct and manage. On switching the tab to it, you will also find a dedicated section for it. Favorite And Recent.

Google Contacts Highlights tab

As the name suggests, Favorites lets you mark some of your frequently used contacts as important by searching them through the search bar and then adding them to Favorites from the top right corner.

On the other hand, Recent includes contacts that can be placed in two separate tabbed lists, ie Recently viewed. And Recently added.. Both provide access to your recent contacts so you can quickly find them instead of scrolling through the entire list of contacts.

Google Contacts Recently Viewed

Also, if you are not familiar, you can use Google Contacts app To back up your contacts and sync them across all your devices. It helps you keep your contacts organized and up-to-date.

Source: 9to5Google.


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