Google can now decode doctors’ bad handwriting thanks to AI.


Google Executive is demonstrating the technology.

Google wants more people to embrace digital technology. His latest project involves developing a technology that can translate doctors’ prescriptions into readable text.

Often, a doctor’s prescription can be illegal. Therefore, an assistive technology capable of converting such handwritten medical notes into easily readable texts with the help of humans such as pharmacists is needed.

For this reason, the search company announced that it is working with pharmacists to find a solution to the problem of reading a prescription – an instruction written by a medical practitioner that would allow a patient to be dispensed a drug or treatment. Is. This announcement was made 8th annual. Google for India event.

Google already has the technology to interpret text from images, but what makes text difficult to read is its unstructured form in shorthand. It is full of clues that only experts like pharmacists can understand. However, Google’s new machine learning model, which is based on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, claims that it can also identify and highlight drugs in handwritten prescriptions.

In a prototype, a Google executive demonstrated how anyone could take a picture of a prescription and upload it to the Google Lens app to process the information and highlight the drugs mentioned in the notes. could

Source: Tech Crunch


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